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I walked into the house. Everything was quiet. A creepy calm was bestowed in the rooms. I walked through the whole inicial with my phone in my hand making sure no one was in there. I came to my room last. The horror of everything was still stained into the walls, like a horrible scar. The sheets were messy from when he shoved me on it. Cigarette buds and cans of cerveza littered the room. I looked up at the painting of the lake my cabina was on. The paint meshed together, making the water look so real it makes tu want to touch it just to see if it is. It reminded me of Prince. I took...
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(Anna's Point Of View)

After playing with Blanket, I went into the kitchen. Katherine was talking to my mom. I walked out the kitchen. I saw Prince coming downstairs. I smiled when I looked at him. I felt my corazón melt. He smiled back at me. He stared at eachother until Blanket came running up to me. "Want to go in the pool with me? We can race!" Blanket insisted. "Sure!" I said. I went upstairs to get on my bathing suit.

I got dressed and went downstairs. Blanket was really excited. I went outside with him. We jumped in the pool. "Why don't we have a race?" I suggested. He nodded yes....
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The doctor - who is facing manslaughter charges after being accused of administering a lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol to Michael Jackson prior to his death on June 25, 2009 - reportedly plans to call Prince Michael, 13, and 12-year-old Paris to his trial siguiente year.

He is dicho to believe the late 'King of Pop's offspring will reveal their father had long-standing addictions, and had been ill for months prior to his sudden death.

An insider explained to the News of the World newspaper: "If they back him it will work well in the eyes of a jury."

A preliminary hearing - which will see prosecutors...
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Prince must've seen Sammy and Paris,too. He jumped out of the pool and ran towards them. I was right behind him. When we got to the fence, i saw Kylie and Adrianne holding Kansas. He was yelling. Sammy and Paris we yelling at Kylie and Adrianne. I went to the gate to open it. Prince, Paris, and Sammy where right behind me.

"How did tu get here?" Prince asked angrily.

"Your Grandma let me in." Kylie answered.

"Why did tu bring Kansas?" I asked.

"Because he has to tell tu something." Kylie answered.

"Nicole, I have never liked you. I have always liked Sammy. I was using you. Now that Sammy is...
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The fotos being "leaked" of the Jackson children were PRIVATE fotos from our visit that were emailed ONLY to Grace for the purpose of them being shared with Paris, Prince, Omer, Taj and Ms. Katherine. As when we were together on our visit, my camera had fotos of all of them (from iFly, etc...) and I told them I would correo electrónico ONLY Grace the copies as I did not have their correo electrónico address. Grace’s correo electrónico account was hacked the same día the first foto came out! (This too was publicado on Graces facebook page when it occurred.) Grace also had NOTHING to do with any of these leaks! Whomever wanted...
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Thalia's P.O.V.:

"I just .. I want tu back !" Prince dicho taking my hands and holding them.
What. The. Hell.
I pulled away my hands and said, "Prince .. No. Stop. First of all, tu NEVER had me. And second, I'm dating someone, and oh, so are you! Lastly, if tu really wanted me, tu would have asked me out a long time ago, not when I get a boyfriend!"
"Bu--" Prince started but got cut off por someone knocking the door.
"Shh ! I'll get it, and tu stop talking non-sence" I whispered.
I walked to the door and opened it.
"Hey," Paris said, "Oh, Thalia, I didn't know tu were here ! What are tu doing...
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As Many as tu know Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Michael Kathrin Jackson are now attending the Private Buckley school Witch such stars as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian attended. the coast for the two children to attend is Rumerd 3000 American Dollers, While The youngest Child of Michael Jackson Prince Michael Jackson the 2nd A.K.A blanket remains inicial Schooled i want to know what all tu guys think so please leave a comentario remeber all mean comentarios will be removed.also if tu liked this then please comentario and i will write more, also i might be making a written Dramma on the Jackson kids if i get más than 5 comentarios then ill make it
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Carlee's POV:
Aunt Sabrina was leaving for the airport after she dropped me off at Paris's House. This time she was going to some where in the Bahamas. I asked if I could go...but the same answer as everytime...No. I grabbed my bags and got in the car. I insisted on driving, But my smart Aunt Sabrina knew I would drive to Jayla's to crash for the summer. She gets to go to the Bahamas all summer, and I'm stuck at Paris's house? Don't get me wrong I amor Paris *As A Friend*, But Prince always is on me trying to get me to go out with him. Ick. I have a boyfriend...Well in my head. It's Jayla's...
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Katherine: So how did tu guys sleep?
Blanket: good
Paris: kinda
Jaafar: same
Prince: good morning (all sleepy)
Katherine: Prince tu look sick, are tu okay dear?
Prince: yeah i'm fine, thank you
Paris: maybe he'll look better if he didn't stay so late practicing ballena language!
Jaafar: haha
Katherine: ballena language?
Prince: can tu stop it Paris?
Paris: grandma, I'm really not hungry (gets up and lives)


Paris: jaafar! can i tak to you?
Jaafar: yeah sure, what is it?
Paris: I just can't stand her!
Jaafar: who?
Paris: The short culo mermaid!
Jaafar: Niki?
Paris: yeah,...
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Diana's POV

I sat back down. Prince glanced at me and then at stared at his cell phone.
"Something wrong?" I asked. He shuddered a little.
"No." He mumbled. I sighed.
"Something has to be wrong. Your acting... weird."
"Am not."
"Yes tu are! What is wrong?" I asked jokingly.
"Nothing. Trust me!" He answered.
"Fine." I sat back in my chair and stared at my lap, copying him. Prince sighed.
"So, who was that guy in the mall yesterday?" He asked. I was confused but then remembered.
"Oh. That is Craig." I replied. Prince raised an eyebrow.
"I heard that name being groaned in the backround when we...
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His cousin Royal is TWEETING via paris' twitter. :O, he says that pp are at school
which its true cause its 10 a.m
(didnt go to school today lol)
he says stuff like hes qonna play xbox with prince when he comes bk from school
and that he loves deedee and lexci.

and dat

its so
i think he doesnt know
that gen dicho o thinks that they havent got a twitter account
and thinking about it i think thats qonna be a problem with her family. :(
Miles got hacked por SOFIA?


not rude comments.
peace. xxxxxxxx
We told y’all about a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson who came out of the woodwork claiming to be MJ’s seed. Well, Diana Ross’ sister came adelante, hacia adelante and dicho MPJ is crazy and she don’t even KNOW that ho*!

According to TMZ, the sordid Jackson family story is even más crazy than we thought.

A woman who claims to be Michael Jackson’s illegitimate amor child — conceived when MJ was a minor — has filed legal documents claiming there was a diabolical plot to cover up her existence … involving murder, abduction and Diana Ross’ sister.

The alleged MJ spawn — Mocienne Petit Jackson...
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Gianna's POV

After class, I lingered in the halls looking for Jordan. I looked down the hallway to my left. He wasn't there. Then somebody put a hand on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Jordan.
"Hey." I said. A small smile came across his face. I thought he hated me.
"This girl named Val told me what happened." He explained. I smiled. Val always fixed things for me. Then Adam came over to me.
"I am going to pick tu up tonight for Jessica's birthday bash." He explained. I nodded and turned back to Jordan. But he wasn't there.
"Yeah. I will see tu tonight." I said. Adam nodded. I had...
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Michael Jackson's two oldest children -- Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12 -- began their studies at a traditional school last Wednesday -- their first experience outside of homeschooling. But before they could hit the libros like "normal" kids, Prince and Paris had to first win over their skeptical grandmother, Katherine.

A family member close to the situation tells PopEater that Paris and Prince's legal guardian protested the idea of sending the sheltered kids to school, feeling their father would have disapproved. However, one of Jermaine Jackson's sons stepped in and encouraged Katherine...
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"Nicole!" Sammy ran up to me with Blanket in high persuit. They slowed down making sure not to hurt me. They hugged me and Jaafar soon joined. Prince stayed back, probaly because i didnt 'do it' with him. Boys. Always wanting those things. The door campana rang.

"I got it!" Paris came out of nowhere.

(Paris' POV)

I can't wait to see Nicole's face when she sees Hannah! And no, it's not Kylie this time. It's the real Hannah, her friend before Sammy. I opened the door and told Hannah to be quiet. We walked back over to the living room.

"Hey Nicole!" Hannah dicho happily.

(Prince's POV)

Nicole looked like...
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(prince's POV) *next day*

Nicole came upstairs at 12:00AM.

"Are tu always like this?" Donte asked.

"If i'm lucky." She answered. I went over to kiss her. I dont trust any guys. I held her close.

"Babe, I need my pancake." She said. I let go but stayed close. She sat down at the table. Donte went to one side and Omer on the other. They beat me! I sat across from her. She kicked me and winked. I kicked her back. She kicked harder. Each time i kicked, she kicked harder.

"Are tu to okay?" Omer asked.

"No." Nicole answered sarcasticly. Omer rolled his eyes.

(Nicole's POV)

I think Omer's kinda cute....
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Alex Point Of View -

Prince came in and apologized but, I owe it all to Paris for explaining what REALLY happend.I am so stupid for almost falling over when Prince kissed me,but I was más embarrased this time because Paris was there.I forgave him,but how can I not forgive him.He's so sweet.Now there talking about some bet.I wasn't really paying attention when they started talking about first.Until Prince tried to make Paris take me outside...then started to push us to the door.Okay something is up because when Paris has that expression on her face that means there's something that...
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When I went into Paris's room I knew she knew somthing was up. I want to tell her everything but what if she gets mad at me for liking him...and going out with him.She's my best friend and she deserves to know i'm just going to tell her.

"Hey, Paris I need to tell tu somthing"

"Okay what is it Ali"

"Um, do tu promise not to get mad at me?"

"Ya ofcourse, your my best friend"

"Okay I- I kissed Prince!" I dicho with a squeel

"You what!"

"I kissed Prince, well, I didn't really kiss him he kinda kissed me" I dicho turning red.

"O-Okay tell me EVERYTHING that happened"She dicho with a smile.

"Um okay, well...
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april 3, daddy was carrying prince to the car running as fast as he could. then he ran back inside and got me and put me in the car. when we were all in the car daddy dicho miss debbie is at the hospital getting ready to have your sister pairis. when we got there daddy ran into the room where debbie was. daddy told me and prince to stay with the bodygarud. when daddy came out of the room he had the baby in his arms. he yelled thank tu debbie. he told the bodygarud to grab me and prince and run as fast as he could so we can beat the press to the car. when we got outside daddy pushed his way...
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thank tu so much funnychick95 this one is for you.

im skiping ahead one más time so let me fill tu in on whats going on. it is december 1997 and close to navidad and im almost four prince is almost one and debbie is preganant with number 3.

dec 12 1997, daddy was waling por princes bedroom and when he looked in prince was standing up all por himself playing with his train table. daddy ran and got the video camara and asked one of the neverland staff to video tape prince. daddy kelt down a few feet away from prince and held out his arms. he dicho prince come see daddy come here. prince walked...
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