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It is nighttime in New York City. Something glows from afar in the trash can. A green cube-like creature jumps out, glowing and growing in little time. It is Jiggles!!!


As the sun rises, morning light shines like a gem in the Central Park Zoo. In the pingüino, pingüino de habitat, a large explosion awakes everyone. The explosion lets Kowalski flying in air, landing in the water. Skipper comes outside in rage, while Private and Rico comes out to watch.

"Kowalski! Have tu been up all night again?" yells Skipper.

Kowalski replies, "Yes Skipper. My...
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They were on different sides while it was burning. Both unable to see the other's face, they had tears slowly crawling out of their eyes, not just from the destruction of the bridge, but from the fact that there's no way they can be back together again.

The Distance
Kowalski's busy in his room escritura on his clipboard and although he felt tired, he couldn't take a nap. Everytime he closed his eyes, all he could see is Monique sitting siguiente to him and turning her head to see him. The bad thing about it is that it reminds him that she's no longer with him. He finished his escritura on his clipboard,...
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- Knock Knock Jokes -

Private is laying in his bunk like a sack of potatoes, bored and lazily watching the clock.
Private: 1:00 P.M.... still two más hours until they mostrar the Lunacorns...
Skipper: Private! For one día can tu please not watch those ridiculous moonhorns with their hippie caring powers?!
Private: Aww! But why, Skippa?
Skipper angrily gazes at Private.
Skipper: Private...
Private: Ok, ok! (Sigh)....... ooh! I have an idea! Knock, knock!
Skipper: Who's there?
Private: Vampire!
Skipper: Vampire who?
Private: (Giggle) Vampire State Building! Ahahahaha!
Skipper looks at Private with an "I'm...
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