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What's that racket? What's that clatter?
We're under attack! It's a life o death matter!
I was in a deep sleep maní, cacahuete dream.
I heard what I believe to be a scream!
That wasn't me, that was Bada.
He, yo, I was just STARTLED!

But what is this light?
In the middle of the night?
You have it in your sight, it's behind me right?
What the heck is that?
What the heck-is that?!

Check out that mook, in the starry night sky.
Gimme a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
You're showy and glowy and armed for combat!
What the heck is that?

Hey, wait! Does something seem quite wrong?
Oi, Joey's breaking out in song....
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Author's Note: So, have NOT done a blooper in forever! I hope tu enjoy it! :D


Waiting: Take 1

Kowalski: “So, twenty questions?”

Skipper: “Shoot.”

Kowalski: “Is it a person, place, o thing?”

Skipper: “Thing.”

Kowalski: “Is it bigger than a pan de molde, pan box?”

Skipper: “Yes. And no!” >:)

Kowalski: :/

[scene shifts to RICO and BROACHES]

Broach 1: “Deal ‘em, Bromeo.”

Rico: :D *hacks up roach* O_O “That’s not right...”

Everyone: O_o

Broach 1: “Hey, that’s my brother, Steve.”

Steve: *horrified* “The things I have seen...”

Waiting: Take 2

[scene shifts to RICO and...
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I sighed and did a facepalm. My least favorito! subject!
"Oh! Oh! I'll go first!" Becky exclaimed, waving her hand in the air. "I like the beavers! They're so hot!"
"Yeah! So hot!" Stacey exclaimed.
"I thought tu were just friends?" Michelle said.
"Well, yeah! We're friends!" Becky exclaimed.
"Boyfriends and girlfriends!" Stacey cried.
"Do they even know that?" Marlene asked. 
"Um, uh. Who wants to go next?" Stacey said.
No one raised a hand, paw, o flipper.
"How about, Shelly!" Becky said.
"Eh, okay. As tu all know, I have my-" Shelly started.
"It's Rico, I knew it!" Darla cried. 
Michelle blushed....
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posted by Private1sCut3
My story begins here: inside a crate, in the back of a van, on the very busy roads of Manhattan. Uncle Nigel told me it was time I moved on, and I could only presume the scribbles on this letter he had dado me dicho I was going to community college. But alas, no matter how overwhelming this change felt, it was too late now to turn back; the Central Park Zoo was expecting me. It was time to say goodbye to Texas.


The zookeeper left me alone, atop an icy platform surround por water: the pingüino, pingüino de habitat.

My tummy growls in hunger very loudly, and I'm sure glad nobody is around to hear...
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Private: Do tu have the ring?
Skipper: Yes I do
Private: Marlene do tu have the ring?
Marlene: Yes. . .
Private: Skipper, will tu take Marlene to be your lawfully wedded wife, to hold and to care, to amor and to nourish, til death do tu part?
Skipper: I do.
Private: Marlene, will tu take Skipper to be your lawfully wedded husband, to hold and to care, to amor and to nourish til death do tu part?
Marlene: I do.
Private: tu may kiss the bride.
Skipper and Marlene: *kkkkkkkkkiiiiiiisssss*
12 hours befor wedding. . .
Private: Skipper what are tu doing?
Skipper: Seeing if I have enough money for a ring....
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Day 6

(Eve’s POV)

I had Skipper called up again. I need some layout. I gestured for him to go into an examination room when Briana and Daniel caught my eye. They were looking at me giggling. I rolled my eyes and went into the examination room, shutting the door behind me.

“Alright Skipper. Anything I can use?”

“Well…The fence around the courtyard is about 30 feet high topped with thick coiled barbed wire. From the middle of the courtyard tu can see a watch tower approximately 100 yards away from the fence at the northeast, east, southeast, and southwest directions. The hallway from the...
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posted by queenpalm
And tu thought I gave up on this story.

Once Rico had found his way onto the boat, he knew he had to hide from the human. He remembered his mother's advice, "When hiding from predators do something they can't do."
Since humans can seem to do anything, this seemed impossible. But, Rico had come this far, he wasn't turning back. He thought really hard, then he remembered, humans can't fly! 
Penguins couldn't fly, either. Was there even a chance? Rico thought of más of his mothers advice, "Humans see the world less detailed, so hide in complicated...
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posted by Amberpet
We see the penguins doing whatever they usually do in their room when Julien comes in)
Julien: Hi silly penguins. Why is there a big present in my kingdom, but tu have 3 presents up there?
Private: What?
Skipper: Let's take a look.
(They go up and look)
Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: We have 3 transfers from the Hoboken zoo and I will bet my left flipper thats the one in the lémur, lemur habitat is too.
Private: I wonder if they are girls.
Skipper: That is highly unlikely.
(The penguins inside break down a side of their crates)
Tiggie: Girls! We're here!
Princess: Neat. I wonder if there willl be unicorns...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I had this idea...it festered, it made characters, it implanted itself into my subconscience, and now, I bring it to you.
Skilene, but not too much. Has Oc's.
Prolouge:The Mystery
The sky was blue reds and browns and yellows began to commandeer the green of the leaves, yet summer was fighting back with it's greatest weapon; heat.
Too much heat, in fact, than even the madagascar and Africa faring penguins could take. Standin on thier "iceburg" they waved to the few visitors, exhausted. Even taking a dip in the pool wasn't helping, the cooling units had broken in the heat, and all the "cool" had...
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posted by EmoCupCake
I had SOO much fun escritura this chapter! I hope tu have just as much fun lectura it! comentario please!!!!


"Ugh," Kowalski instictively stretched out, before realizing he was no longer in a crate. He lay on a cold powdery substance. Snow? Kowalski put some in his mouth, then spit it out. It was Fake.

Standing up, he brushed of the flakes and looked around.
There was fake ice and snow covering the landscape,
with stone slabs set out in an area of salt water. If the snow wasn't real then...was this a habitat? Kowalski searched the perimeter for his mate,...
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posted by TheRatKing1
Author's note: yes, i realize this story may be far-fetched, but this was one of my best ideas at the time, and i'm happy with the way it turned out despite my having no knowledge of how the actual voice actors act in real life, nor how they'd behave in a situation like this. This is my version of them, and my take on the show. I'm just here to tell my stories and do my own thing. if tu don't like it, shaddap and don't say nuthin'. but if tu like it, por all means, comment! I hope tu enjoy this!

-Adam (AKA @NumismatistNut on twitter)

Tom McGrath's Point of view (Skipper's voice actor, in case...
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Julien sat there on the ground screaming and crying....staring at Maurice's lifeless corpse...he was all alone...he didn't know what to do...the loud cracks is all he heard besides his screaming...why he thought...why did Maurice kill himself!!

Suddenly...a zorro, fox with glasses came in the bathroom...she was wearing glasses as it seemed...and she had these pescado eyes that startled julien when he saw her...

Julien:w-what do u want?!

???: your friend is dead it seems...

Julien:a-are u trapped in this school like me...?

???: yes...but I'm already dead...I died a while ago...


???:my names naho...and...
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All four of the penguins looked worried and frightened....who was he gonna use it on?...jimmy looked at all four of them with great observance....he started to walk closer to all four of them...which one was he gonna use it on!!


Jimmy grinned and proceeded to walk towards skipper...

He leaned in and had the needle ready to use...

Kowlaksi:NO!! SKIPPER SHUT UP!!!

Jimmy got near his face...

Jimmy:I wouldn't want to kill u off now...no..I save the best for last...heheh..

Jimmy then stood up away from skipper...and walked over to kowalski...

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Skipper and the others were getting weaker and weaker por the minute, they knew if they even stopped for one minute, they wouldn't mover on, it felt like they've been in there for weeks, they were all starving, and thirsty, skipper wanted to ask private why he smelled like pee, but he felt as if private was trying to hide the smell, he didn't want to talk about it.

Rico: ugh! Well never find her body!

Marlene: don't give up! We're so close! She's got to be around here somewhere...

Julien: maybe we should just give up....well never get out of here...

Skipper turned around and grabbed julien

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posted by spmana123
i was standing there, siguiente to ricos corpse, tears coming down my cheeks, knowing that ill never see him again, never see hm smile, o do anything with me anymore, and i couldnt get here in time to save him, kowalksi and private were sitting siguiente to his body, crying out loud. i snapped, and started running towards blowhole.

skipper:ILL KILL YOU!!!!

he dodged my attack and ran straight to the door, along with his minion, and locked us in so we couldnt get out.


i was banging on that door as hard as i could, hoping to get...
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posted by Skiparah
I shut my eyes, expecting death, only to hear the sounds of men shouting and feet rushing into the room. pistolas clanked and a familiar voice shouted, "Captain Blowhole, you're under arrest!" I lifted my head. The blurry image of Leeland wafted from double leelands to just one, then back again. Leeland was alive! I wanted to spring up and fight at his side, but I could hardly move. I was too shaken. Suddenly a flipper grabbed my own and pulled me up to my feet. He threw my flipper over his shoulders to keep me from collapsing to the floor again. I looked over to see who it was, "Hans!" I exclaimed,...
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 Movie Poster
Movie Poster
Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many fan fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my fan fictions. In a good way.

So I was lectura up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the mostrar where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up escritura this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was escritura it down. So here we go!

The Penguins...
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“I just wish I knew why they couldn’t schedule this meeting until after Christmas,” Marlene dicho with a heavy corazón as she and Skipper walked through the airport.

“Don’t worry, Marlene. I’ll be back for Christmas. This whole thing was situational. It isn’t something that can wait,” Skipper replied.

Marlene hugged herself. “I hope so. navidad wouldn’t be the same without tu guys,” she said.

Skipper smiled and came to a stop, sitting his suitcase on the ground siguiente to him. “Come here,” he dicho taking her por the waist. He looked into her chocolate-brown eyes. “I promise...
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Here's a characterization sheet I wrote the other día after seeing the movie. It's helpful for any fanfiction writers who want to use the North Wind in any of their stories.


Name: Classified
Species: Wolf
Expertise: Leader, Mission maker, Boss
Traits: Loyal; Scaredy-cat; Quick to change emotions; Convincing
Other: Doesn't really want to work with the penguins
Wear: Belt


Name: Eva
Species: Snowy Owl
Expertise: Intelligence; Computer Expert
Traits: Doesn't take sarcasm; Serious about job; Loves to fly
Other: Not a scientist; amor interest: Kowalski
Wear: Headset

 Short Fuse
Short Fuse

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who needs a Lema when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book o Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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