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Netflix CAN be a lie sometimes...

Okay, so I'm watching Death Note on demand this morning and I'm about to switch to Episode 12. The WHOLE point of Netflix is to watch cine and shows INSTANTLY on demand, right? I was going to Episode 12 in Death Note on my Wii Console, and itcame up with an error message saying: "Sorry, tu can't watch this movie instantly. Please try again later o watch another movie." Does that make sense to you, when it says tu can watch cine INSTANTLY? I thought this was kind of funny. I ran into my room and laughed my corazón out after I got the message. Give me your honest opinion about this.
ok first of all it does that to me to but that is because it can not catch up so do not say netflix can be a lie sometimes and por the way this is not a pregunta
sunnyday2 posted hace más de un año
 Sonicishot posted hace más de un año
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jlr_ said:
tu may have gotten this message because tu have a US Netflix account but are out of the country, o indeed, if tu have a Netflix account in your inicial country and are traveling. The same thing happens to me when I use my US Netflix while traveling in Canada--it is very frustrating, and they (or intrepid hackers) definitely need to figure out a way around it.
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posted hace más de un año 
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