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posted by StarWarsFan7
Pinkie Pie curls up in a ball and weeps until Discord comes to comfort her.

"It's all right, my dear." He reassures the rosado, rosa bride.

"Let's just... Continue the wedding."

Pinkie nods and Discord helps his fiance up from the ground. He leads Pinkie Pie back up to the alter.

Doctor Whooves, the pastor, clears his throat and turns to the page he left off on in his book to continue.

An hora has passed and the wedding is near the end.

"May we have the ring and bracelet?"

Pinkie's pet baby alligator, Gummy walks down the red carpeted aisle holding a small purple almohada in his toothless mouth. On the pillow...
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I wanna do this before Rockstar creates Grand Theft Auto 6. I don't know if they'll consider doing that when tu think about how popular Grand Theft Auto 5 has become, but I'm not taking any chances.

Here are the lista of cars that will be available in the game.

2015 Alton Genji: link

2016 Alton NSX: link

2002 Alton Sparkle: link

2020 Bender Benderna: link

1960 Bender Spoon: link

1957 Canterlot Captain: link

1968 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1980 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1986 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1965 Canterlot GMO: link

2002 Canterlot Montana: link

1955 Chevronet Belair: link

1956 Chevronet Belair: link

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Want to know my lista of my parte superior, arriba 10 MLP couples? Well know tu will.
10. Rariluna: Okay, so since I don't exactly ship Rarilight, I needed another pairing with Rarity to fill that gap and what better one to do that than Rariluna. Granted yes, these two have the same voice actor, but I still ship them either way.
9. Celestiashy: Yet another princess and mane six pairing that I ship to an extent.
8. Cheerilight: Call me strange, but I ship Twilight with Cheerilee.
7. Sombralight: I've always liked the idea of this couple.
6. Twicord: I'm sorry to say, but I like this pairing with Discord far better...
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-With Nashgear's Team-
Nashgear said, "Is everypony okay?" Everypony nodded. "Good."

"Where are we", asked Vanilla Twilight.

Everypony looked at their surroundings.

"I think we're in the Canterlot hedge maze", dicho Pheninox.

"We can just fly our way out", dicho Amber, flapping her wings.

"But what about Smiley and I", asked Nashgear.

"Oh, right", dicho Amber.

"How about one of us flies over head and they rest can stay here and follow", dicho Pheninox.

"Great idea", dicho Smiley.


"I'll fly over head", dicho Constance as took off in the air. "Follow me, everypony!" She flew straight ahead.

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posted by shadowknuxgirl
 "All done!" The filly snickered.
"All done!" The filly snickered.
"What are we gonna do first, what are we gonna do first?" Applebloom asked rapidly, unable to wait any longer. "Let's see here,..." Twilight said, opening a "Sleep-over" guide-book. "How about a make-over?" Twilight asked. "Make-overs? Hmm..." Applebloom stated as she began to think, "OK! But tu go first!" Twilight got some make-over supplies out from the closet and brought them over to Applebloom. "Alright!", Twilight said, "Make me look prettier than Rarity!" After a while, Applebloom finally finished her "masterpiece". "All done!" The filly snickered. "Take a look!" Applebloom couldn't...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
When Fluttershy is first introduced in the series, she barely manages to tell Twilight Sparkle her name out of shyness, going so far as to be reduced to whimpering in fear. However, she becomes very conversational when she notices Spike the baby dragon, and implores him to tell her "everything" (which he does), all the way to Twilight's residence.

She is terrified of full grown dragones and repeatedly freezes in place when she and her friends go on an expedition to confront a dragon in Dragonshy. Twilight Sparkle encourages her and tells her that her understanding of animales will come in handy...
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This will be another article by me! :D I'm sorry if any of the following offends you, but this is my opinion. The order will be from 6{Least favorite} to 1.

6.) Applejack
I don't want to say anything bad about Applejack. For your sake. But, I think of Applejack as someone who is obsessed with something. And that's apples. Don't get me wrong, I like Applejack but she's kind of annoying when she's talking about apples. To get off topic, Applejack is an honest pony and treats her friends like she would want to be treated.

5.) Rainbow Dash
At first, I loved Rainbow Dash! She was my...
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posted by StarWarsFan7

Applejack possesses the element of honesty. As aguardiente de manzana, applejack tries to save Twilight Sparkle from hanging over the edge from a long drop, she tells her to let go, much to Twilight's surprise. aguardiente de manzana, applejack says that if Twilight will trust her and let go, she will be safe. Twilight does so, and mid-fall, she is caught por arco iris Dash and Fluttershy. Her spirit was symbolized por her oro collar with a citrine shaped like her cutie mark.



Fluttershy's element is kindness. When the group encounters an angry manticore, they decide to fight it in order to get past it, but Fluttershy...
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Well this is it. After 9 wonderful years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is saying goodbye in less than 30 minutes. I’ve been part of this wonderful journey since a mes o so after the mostrar premiered, all the way up to its fourth season. Sadly, I’ve been behind on the mostrar since the end of the segundo season. I’ve managed to catch up with seasons 3 and 4, and the first five episodes of season 5 before falling behind once again (I hadn't picked up from that last episode). I don’t have the right words to explain how I feel about the mostrar ending, since I have no idea what’s happened...
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posted by Jade_23
I don’t want to be friends. I want to be more.

We’ve been friends since we were foals. Sunburst always knew what to do in troubled times. He was my only friend as a filly. I was terrible at magic, and all the other ponies in my class would laugh at my dullness.. Except him.. I found it strange. I found it strange how he talked and interacted with me. I found it odd how he was willing to help me with magic. It puzzled me how happy I got when he talked to me, whether it was about how he discovered teleportation, o simply complaining about the noise his neighbors made. I felt strong and confident...
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Now, there is this one animator on youtube called Tiarawhy. The guy’s pretty famous, who’s videos get vistas por the millions. He sounds like a legend….. But, let me remind tu something. All those bad fanfics I read are legends in their own way. Legendary disasters, that is. So, I will be talking about at least ten of Tiarawhy’s work and see if he is legendary in a good way.

Devious Plot - Now, if tu know me, tu would know that I am not a fan of shipping. And I am not a fan of trends. So, when tu merge the two together, tu know what that means…. It means I get a pounding headache....
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posted by Canada24
I know this is Windwakers thing.
And he probably already reviewed this.
But I 'also have something to say about it.


I mean.
Espically the begining parts.
One of my favorito! moments is found on my perfil pictures. With JappleAck giving a death threat when someone asked if she's considered vegetables.
But the begining also getting angry at the sight of a pera instead of apple.
Choosing death if an naranja o a plátano were her only comida opinions.
And abusing AppleBloom for literary every reason possible.
Including peeing in her manzana, apple cider..

Anyway. The series is known for becoming...
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What do tu get when tu take the scariest games of all time, Silent Hill, and cruzar, cruz it with one of the greatest animated shows, My Little poni, pony Friendship is Magic. Not only do tu get a scary fanfic, but tu get one of the best in fanfic history.
So, this has many different fanfics, but I am going to talk about two of the best. First, Silent Ponyville 1. It starts with Pinkie have horrifying dreams. They happen every night, but then goes to Twilight and asks her to use her música to help with those dreams. So, Twilight does it, only for Pinkie to end up in a horrifying abandoned, scary looking...
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posted by windwakerguy430
ciruela, ciruelo Jerkum: (Dials number) Shot
Shot Glass; Hello
Plum Jerkum: Shit, we got some serious problems
Shot Glass: tu can say that again. All our pals are dead and were stuck trying to kill that Cunt Puss ourselves
Plum Jerkum: Its worse then you'd think
Shot Glass: worse then now. How
Plum Jerkum: Cut bolso, monedero just asked me to kill you
Shot Glass: he WHAT!?
Plum Jerkum: Yeah, and he dicho if I don't, he's going to get all of his men to kill both of us
Shot Glass: Fuck that. I say we kill him ourselves
Plum Jerkum: Where could he be
Shot Glass: Well, I did follow one of his shipment trucks to his office building...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The train arrives at Appleloosa, and the Flim Flam brothers get out.

Applejack: *Watching* Ok, let's go. *Exits train*
Braeburn: *Follows*
Flim: *walks into saloon*
Flam: *Walks into saloon*
Dexter: *Walks into saloon*
Applejack: What do tu suppose they're up to?
Braeburn: I ain't sure. We better get back to my orchard.

So they did, but inside the saloon.

Dexter: *grabs paper, and pen* Alright. What am I writing?
Flim: A letter! We've gone over this 5 times already in the train.
Flam: Here is what we want tu to write. tu ready?
Dexter: Ready.
Flam: Dear Applejack. tu have made us cruzar, cruz for the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Two police officers walked to the police cheif. Buddy was near getting a cup of water

Cop 1: Sir, we need to talk to you.
Cheif: What is it?
Cop 2: What those seven up's did was not how we do police work.
Cheif: tu two bastards have been saying that for the last 23 times now. Give it a rest.
Buddy: *walks to cheif*
Cheif: Ignore them Buddy, tu did fantastic.
Buddy: Yeah. They're just jealous. *goes to seven up's room*
Sigmund: Hey. What's good Bud?
Click-Clack: I don't understand how he lives in Manehattan, but likes the Oakland Raiders.
Buddy: I'm telling you, they're the best football team in...
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posted by austinhaynes
dear mlp animators and voice actors my name is Austin Ryan Haynes and i am12 years old i live in the u.s.a in north Carolina my life had been ruend por my parents until mlp came out.your mostrar helped me stay away from me killing myself and hurting me. i just wanted to say maybe one día i can work with tu guys in hasbro. people use to call me gay and it hurt. now that i know that there are más like me in the world i am standing up to them pease if tu can try to contact me i might have some pointers. your fan AustinHaynes
posted by Magicalgirl12
"It's ok Twilight" Princess Cadance dicho as she was so weak she fell and her magic that protected the Crystal Empire had faded away.

"Twili" Shining Armor dicho as he gave a frown. The Crystal Empire was no longer protected. And darkness and evil soon came around The Crystal Empire. King Sombra started to turn everything gray.

"This is not good" Shining Armor dicho while upset. Twilight knew she had to find the real crystal corazón before King Sombra destroys everything. She will not let everyone down. Even Princess Celestia. She was demanded to protect The Crystal Empire no matter what it took.

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posted by Canada24
Our story begins near the end of Ask JappleAck. Were Prime Twilight and prime AppleJack finally helped her find a portal back to HER world.

Jappleack kindly thanked her prime self, for the amounts of kindless, apparently unknown in her world, before traveling into HER ponyville.


SwagDash woke up in a hospital bed, greeted por Twilight Sparkle, Flutters Shydale, Pinkie Pie, Spike Dragonowitiz and Rarity.

"Rainbow Dash! tu were absolutely wonderbar out there!" Twilight cried happily.

"You were positively fabulous darling, and I'm not just being generous" Rarity cried happily.

"Hey, hey.. You...
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Scootaloo and her two friends were forced into a mysterious carriage.

SCOTALOO: I still can't believe we failed! And even más can't believe how angry Dashie was.


Rainbow angry flies over to Scotaloo after learning she failed the test.

RD: *intimidating the Pony.Mov series* What did I tell y'all about failing that TEST!


ORION: Oh come on.. I'm sure she'll get over it. It's arco iris Dash we're talking about here. She'll ALWAYS amor you..

SCOTALOO: I guess.

ORION: She IS your segundo mother after all.

SCOTALOO: True, true.

UNNAMED DRIVER: *rudely* Would tu three shut the hell...
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