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-In case no one understands this: Italics are the charicters thoughts-

One date...One fecha will not hurt me Brian thought muttering to himself inside of his dimly lit room. His room was darkened por picures of obscure creatures, that he hand drew, he is an outstanding aritist, all of his work is so detailed, if he drew a indow, with scenery behind it, you'd actually think it was one, tu might make a fool out of yourself por tring to open it o clean it....but thats how good he was. He can't get her off his mind. Luna and Brian were about to go on there fist (planned) date. Suprising, Brian, being...
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There's guy number 1, guy number 2, and guy number 3.

Guy number 1:

It was dicho a few months back that he has a crush on me. He has freckles all over his face, we insult each other a lot. He's funny, and he's awesome at bowling.
I crushed on him once in 3rd grade, but that was it. It only lasted like 1 day.

Guy number 2:

He's really cute, almost every girl in the class is crushing on him. We're pretty good friends, when I used to crush on him, I'd slip-up a lot, but I learn from my mistakes.
He has really good grades, all A's.
We both know how to play chess, but he always beats me.

Guy number 3:

We're pretty good friends, and we discovered two years hace that we're both left-handed. Which I think is really cool. Sometimes he'll sing songs made por rappers, and I'll get an interest in that and ask who wrote it.
Most of the time I don't get his jokes, but I pretend to laugh anyway. This is the guy I just got over 2 days ago, but I'm still not sure.
This was written por a long-lost friend of mine who was dreadfully heartbroken por a guy she was certain was her Prince Charming. It gets to me every time I read it, so now I'm turning it over to you. I'm what this articulo is saying the truth? Will true amor forever be a myth? comentario and let me know.
Love, the definition is a tender affection for someone o something..but does the true amor thingy ACTUALLY exist? Sure, the family and friends claim to love, but how would anyone know it is a TRUE love? We are all still individual people...
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beeing heartbroken is really bad one of the worst feelings

_ tu cry a lot
_you are listening to sad songs
_keep thinking of the good memories tu have with the hearbreaker
_maybe escritura poems o songs
_prefer to be alone
_hate when someone starts asking preguntas about this

here is a way to stop beeing heartbroken o feel better

STOP beeing alone
talk to someone express your feelings
keep saying to yourself ''i can overcome him\her i'm strong
keep the feith
start hanging out with your friends when tu can
stop thinking about him\her think about something else that makes tu happy

tu will see that u'll feel better :)
I walk on the golden, silk like sand that warms my toes.

I find myself looking out to the shimmering, esmeralda green sea.

Wishing, just wishing tu were here with me.

I zone out, for what feels like hours on end, but is really only a few minutes, but someone brushes their hand onto my shoulder.

I snap out of my trance and look into the persons eye's.

Warm, chocolate brown eye's that look so inviting, i literally drown in them.

"My amor for tu grows everyday sJs, tu know that, dont you?" the voice that belonged to the person with those gorgeous eye's mumbles into my ear.

It sends shivers down my spine...
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posted by gublerlover1
i sit looking out at the midnight black sea
the moon with bright comforting rays
smiles down upon me
i hear the shuffle of feet
as people walk by
couples hand and hand
mothers and fathers swinging their children
will someone come and save me

the smell of blood and death surrounds me
year after year
time goes by
but i never do
sitting and waiting for someone i can trust to come along
will it finally be tu to come and save me

as i sit there looking across the world
like i have done many times before
i hear u come up behind me but i do not move
i feel your touch and i shiver
your skin is soft and caring
and i know...
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posted by lalaland101
1. true amor never dies.It's only get stronger with time.

2.i feel lucky every día i'm with u

3.when i met corazón skipped a beat.the sun became the moon & cold turn into heat. rosas weren't red. violets weren't blue. All because i fell in amor with you. is the closetest thing we got 2 magic is a game that 2 can play and both win

6.i want 2 be the only hand u hold is like a mountain hard 2 climb, but once u get 2 the parte superior, arriba the veiw is beautiful is like a blazing flame, golden and full of warmth

9. anyone can catch your eye,but it takes someone special 2 capture your heart

10.true amor is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have ever seen

11.the best thing in life r unseen, that's y we close our eyes when we kiss, cry and dream takes a millions of people 2 complete the world,but it only takes u 2 complete mime
posted by UchihaYuki
Okay, so.. I'm gonna start posting my amor story's on my new fanpop account called "ForbiddenPro" link[click the link to get to it]
mainly i wanted it to be ForbiddenLoveProductions
but it was too long, so i went with ForbiddenPro.
but anyways, here's my new story.
Comment and tell me what tu think<3
P.s i think i mite add another chapter, but I'm not sure.. what do tu think?

I sat on the little bench under my window, and pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on them, then I wrapped my arms around my legs to keep them up.
Then I looked up at the moon and thought to my self...
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posted by twilightlova13
My corazón weeps
My eyes sting
From the tears that want to escape
I feel so empty
So hollow
That my body wanted escaped
Now i am left hollow
The tears want to fall
To mostrar the pain
But they dry up
I get angry that I can't cry
Over something so heartbreaking
She talked me into it
I thought only somewhat about it
I thought about other people
Not about my heart
I made a mistake
I don't know if i can live without you
I guess i have to try now
But please promise me
That i will always have a piece of your heart
For me to love
And tu to amor back
posted by sshannahmontana
1:Only u
2:There is no 2 person
3:This is not my third word
4:I obey u.
5:Come into my heart
6:It feels dry and hallow
7:I wanted to know I miss u all week.

Sky is blue.
My amor is true.
Leaf is green.
My amor is clean.
Rose is red.
My amor for u never ends.

Like rose u smell nice
And like sky u seem nice and cool
Like a leaf u r smashable and breakable so I just don't want to break your corazón o your feelings.

Wh poems

What did u do to me?
When did I first met u?
Why did I fall in amor with u?
How did I have a crush on u?
What time did I first met u?
How long did I have a feelings on u?
How far that u and my corazón goes?
How old that u and me are different?
posted by asinlove
well, amor is a feeling we can't help having. its like this big bright hole that tu suddenly find urself falling into.the light is blinding your eyes and tu can't see anything. tu feel like everything has changed. and then your eyes adapt and so do you. tu open your eyes and suddenly this whole new place pops out. everythings the same but different. suddenly the parking lot in front ur school looks like heaven. the stpid lamp post tu used to kick so often looks like an angel, the gods messenger. love, the slight touch of it changes everything.. tu find urself smiling alone, soñar despierto a lot even fantasizing.. it makes tu a better person.. although i'm not saying that amor is a necessary boon for us. all i can say is tu need to drop into the hole to find the light...
posted by halunik
I was just 5 minutos on foot to my dancing class. When I left inicial 20 minutos ago, I didn’t expect, I would be raining. But it wasn’t just raining – it was going to be a real storm. It was the middle of July and I was wearing a dress with the short sleeves. The rein was becoming heavier with each minuto while I was walking down the street. Unfortunately there was no comprar o bus station close for me to hide from the storm, so when I felt my dress all wet and drops in my hair, I couldn’t do anything but stopping under the tree. The calle was desert – apart from one car standing in...
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posted by Michelle-Bieber
Dear ____,
You don't now how much it hurt when I heard tu say"yea, im going out with___". While tu dicho those words my corazón broke, I felt like i'd been slaped in the face. All I could do was leave because if I stayed I know that I would've broken down and cried with tu standing there. tu know what hurted the most though? It wasn't that tu had forgotten what i had told tu the día before, about how much I liked tu and how if tu asked again we could give it a try, no that was part of the pain.What hurt the most though was that tu saw the hurt and anger in my face and tu just didn't...
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Since amor is the main reason why many people lose their mental stability, the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to preserve our mental health and help us develop the human side of our conscience, sends us many dreams with real information about the person we love.

Predictions are part of the necessity to prepare the person to face the various obstacles that may appear.

So, even though tu may want to predict the future only because tu care about the person tu love, the unconscious mind gives tu all the information tu ask for in order to protect tu from losing your...
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posted by diregrove4
Ok I've dated a guy named Ross lynch but our relationship didn't end well...........but that was a año and a half hace but he doesn't remember me I think...been long time since I talked to him but heres the story

* my phones rings *
Me: hola Ross how are you?
Ross: I'm fine cho how are u?
Me: great!
Ross: good um cho would u like to meet me at the skateboarding park?
Me: yes, I would amor too.
Ross: cool meet u there.........bye.
Me: bye.
I asked my mom to drive me over to the park
Me: * walks around and waits for ross*
Ross: * runs to cho ( me ) *
Me: hola Ross nice to see u * hugs ross *
Ross: tu too,...
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posted by trizytrix
Boys Friend: hey, he likes you, tu want to go out?
Girl: um.. no. sorry.

8th grade:
boy: i like her and i want her to know..will tu tell her.
boy's friend: sure

Boy's friend: he likes tu and he wants to go out with you.
Girl: no i like someone else.

That Summer:
Boy: i like her and i want to tell her.

Boy: i like tu and i want to go out with you.
Girl: no i just want to be friends.

few days later:
Girl: He likes me but i don't like him
Girls' friends: i don't think he will bother tu again. i dare tu to go out with siguiente guy to ask tu out.
Girl: ok

The siguiente day:
Boy: i really like tu will tu please...
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This articulo was written por fanpop guest contributor Trina G.

Every now and then we get into relationships that start out awesome but then dwindle into something less than perfect. While it’s perfectly normal to not be perfect, tu have to know when it’s time to let go and mover on.

Sometimes people change…and sometimes they drag tu into an endless abyss of whiney ooze and greedy goo, where tu trudge along desperately hoping to escape the insanity. Here are 10 signs the madness won’t end and that it’s time to dump that chump.

1. He Abuses You

If a man abuses you, either physically...
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posted by lalaland101
A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage. They were a loving couple and the boy was the manzana, apple of their eyes. When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open. He was late for work so he asked the wife to gorra, cap the bottle and keep it in the cupboard. The mother, preoccupied in the kitchen, totally forgot the matter.

The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle and, fascinated with its color, drank it all. It happened to be a poisonous medicine meant for adults in small dosages. When the child collapsed, the mother hurried him...
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 Why would I want a hero like this?
Why would I want a hero like this?
He's my hero

Though he's not a superman
Not having incredible powers
Though he never fought in a battle
Except for at his playstation

What a hero is to me...
Is not a guy being the most famous and popular
Is not a guy who fought dragones and thieves
Is not a guy who knows how to handle a gun

My hero is
My boyfriend
Because he's the strongest
He never fought a dragon
But he spent 36 hours all alone on a bus to see me
For standing that tu need to be strong

Because he's the bravest
He never ran out to save the world
But he is the most honest person I know
For being honest tu need to be brave

Because he's the most...
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Pre read notes:
Well since I'm a fan of yaoi, (boy's love) im making a boy x boy story! And there isn't anything too mature going on, so mature general audiences can read!

Well gay and lesbian couples are extremely adorable to me, and they shouldn't hide in the dark, they should express their amor to the world!

And people shouldn't judge gay and lesbian people just because they are normal, so I am dedicating this story to all gay and lesbian couples!



I have hapheophobia.....

The fear of people touching me....

I get so scared......

I throw up, and sometimes even faint.....

So I can't...
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