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posted by shinju-chan
 "People build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." (*☻-☻*)
"People build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." (*☻-☻*)
A is for absolute.

B is for beautiful.

C is for confusing.

D is for decisive.

E is for equal.

F is for forgiveness.

G is for generous.

H is for hope.

I is for impossible.

J is for jokes.

K is for kisses.

l is for laughter.

M is for marriage.

N is for new.

O is for outstanding.

P is for perfect.

Q is for questionable.

R is for respectable.

S is for silly.

T is for truthful.

U is for unconditional.

V is for Valentine

W is for Wonderful.

X is for 'X'treme.

Y is for yes.

Z is for zoo.

There are different types of love. amor can be a zoo. Not crazy, but in varieties.
posted by MineTurtle
Just to let tu know, this is NOT mine. I found it on another website.

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. Psalm 139:1

I know when tu sit down and when tu rise up. Psalm 139:2

I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
Matthew 10:29-31

For tu were made in my image. Genesis 1:27

In me tu live and mover and have your being. Acts 17:28

For tu are my offspring. Acts 17:28

I knew tu even before tu were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5

I chose tu when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12

You were not a mistake, for all your days are...
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posted by shinju-chan
 Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades
Two days ago,

Three birds were sitting on a branch.

A fourth one came flying in and asked,

"Do tu have five worms?"

"No, not even six." They replied,

Shaking their heads seven times.

Eight days later there were just two.

A robin with

nine más days to live,

And a paro, chickadee with ten days until they die.

The robin asked,

"Will tu be the queen of my heart?"

The paro, chickadee replied,

"Only if you'll be my king for the rest of my days.

They had a small chick named Jack,

And he filled their hearts.

But it was too soon.

Kids found the dead bodies and beat them with clubs,

And I found them and buried them with the spades.

I used diamonds as the gravestone.

Looks like amor can come from a broken heart.

Not even the Joker can make me laugh now.

But an ace of cards told me this story.
posted by shinju-chan
Ten Wishes-

The tenth is for peace around the world,

The ninth is for the sad, lonely girls.

The eighth is for the amor I'll never have.

The seventh is for mom and dad.

The six the is for this world to be real,

The fifth is for three filling meals.

The fourth is for beauty and grace,

The third is for a shatter less day.

The segundo is for my personality not to be a drooper,

And the last is for the man I amor named Cooper.

I wish for these at least. If you'd like some more, consider these.

The eleventh is for a less twisted soul,

The twelfth is for some sopa in a bowl.

The thirteenth is for a longer life,

The fourteenth is to be his wife.

The fifteenth is for a laugh from his mouth

The sixteenth is for hope he won't go south.

The seventeenth is for his emotions and happiness,

The eighteenth is for him without sadness.

The nineteenth is for a inicial with him,

And the final for our amor filled to the brim.
posted by Eternalmike
There was this boy who was in high school.He never had a girlfriend and he's very lonely.He sits alone in the lunchroom and has zero friends.One día when he was getting to chemistry, it all changed.

Karon was on his way to chemistry. He had his chem folder and notebook in his arms.He was ready to get through chemistry.But just he was near the classroom, he bumped into a girl."Oh I'm so sorry" The girl dicho picking up his chem folder and notebook."It's ok" Karon said. Then Karon suddenly gazed into her beauty. She had luxrious curly waist length dirty blond hair. Her skin was a bit lighter...
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"He was soooo cute!" I told my firends. sad thing is, I can't even remember what he looks like. But something feels special about him. Something makes me feel like I shouldn't care....

I would never of thought I'd be waiting por the phone. Most of the time i just think "Well if a guy doesn't want this, he can't have it." But something is amking me feel like I want him más than anyone else. Something is drawing me towards him. something makes me feel like if anyone's corazón will be broken it'll be mine. And I just met him! Wait....I don't even know his name!

While Luna was worried about that....
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posted by rangarajvignesh
On my back, I lie, squinting at the twilight,
As splutters of rain drops fall on my cheek;
Light cold breeze strikes and takes me off-guard,
‘Cause it felt like your breath,
Slow, but fast and weak, but strong.

I close my eyes as a thunder tears open the sky,
But, in stead of blackness, I see you, your smile;
Come alive, my five senses,
To gaze at her beauty, to get a whiff of her scent,
To devour her lips’ taste, to hear her encantada voice,
And feel the delicacy of her skin.

The first drop of my tears roll down my cheek
And mix up with the everlasting rain,
As I remember your face tilting to the other...
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 from the darkness tu saved me
from the darkness you saved me
There has been darkness in my life.
Misery, pain.
I felt like I could never laugh again.
People laughed about me.
Guys cheated on me.
My parents saw me as a kid and nothing more.
I've been hurt so many times.
I had a couple of friends helping me.
You were one of them.
A very special friend.
You read a poem written por me.
I was talking about suicide.
It made tu sad.
Together with another friend tu cheered me up.
Tried to give advice.
It helped a lot.
For a while.
You saved my life.
We started talking more.
I talked to tu and your best friend.
I amor both of tu guys.
But in a different way.
Your friend was like...
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posted by Sephisis17
Ok... I know u guys will probably think this a ltttle... well... let's say... stupid and lame idea, but i think its a way to allow all fanpopers to let those special people know how they feel. My idea was to make a fanpop sentimental ofice where people kan share their sentimental probs with me. Trust me. Im a good listener and I dont mind lending 5 minutos of my life to help someone. Or, if u wanna dedicate something to someone but u're like, VERY shy, u just tell me what u wanna send and i'll send it to whoever u want. I wont tell the names of the people who send me messages, those will be kept private. The reasons why Im doing this? Easy to explain:

1st: I think amor has no borders.
2nd: There's people who r not as luky as me and dont have as good friends as I do. There for, nobody to talk to about their feelings.
3rd: I like to listen to people stories and as I dicho before, Im a good listener!

Hope U guys like this Idea (probably Not)!
posted by emo_grl_4eva
If only tu knew all the things I'd do
I'd fight for a way to shield tu from my past mistakes
I'll be there to pick tu up when the world is against you
I know I've got too many troubles
But i'll brush them off to make room for you

In my life I see a vision of tu standing there siguiente to me
I've got a feeling we're gonna make it through the heartbreak
Even if it takes forever
I know that tu and I we're mean't to be

I'm holding back my emotions to be there for you
I'll hide the scars from my past if it means keeping you
I find it hard mostrando you
That I'm dying inside just to keep tu sane

In my life i...
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posted by RobinFan360
I amor the way tu laugh. I amor how your eyes shine when tu smile. I amor the way tu move. I amor the way tu get embarrassed. I amor how tu can make me smile no matter what mood I'm in. I amor how tu respect me. I amor how tu respect others. I amor that you're so honest. I amor that I can see right through you. I amor how tu get nervous when tu even touch a girls hand. I amor how tu haven't dado up on being a gentleman like everyone else seem to. I amor the way your hair spikes up when you're too lazy to brush it. I amor the way tu get mad when someone does something wrong. I love...
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posted by rangarajvignesh
All alone, I stand waiting for something, I don’t know.
Something to heal my wound, to make me pure;
My corazón throbs wildly under my chest,
As I look at the sky, feel the sun burning.
Cold, my corazón is, still!

Like a lightning from the clear sky, tu turn up;
And I feel the warmth licking my heart.
My lips tremble with joy, for it was the first time,
Your eyes met mine!

The same eyes, blue eyes, looked into mine yesterday,
And dicho those words which I was not sure, from her lips.
‘Let’s break up!’
And, those eyes broke the contact with mine,

With enormous difficulty, came the truth, crashing...
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posted by Alyssa2903
I can't stop the moon from rising
And the sun will set exactly where it should
I can't stop the rivers from running
God only knows I'd stop tu if I could

From not seeing me how tu used to
From walking out the door
I can't stop tu from not loving me anymore

I can do nothing if your mind's made up
No matter how I feel it's not enough for the both of us
So don't lie to me cause there's no need
I have fooled myself for too long
Cause you're still here but you're already gone

Spring time will come after winter
But the winter seems to last the whole año long
And I know, I know you're just trying to make it easier
While I'm sitting here trying to be strong

tu can say tu amor me
It won't sound right anymore
Cause it's written on your face
So what are tu waiting for?

Your coat's still in the hallway
My heart's still in your hands
I don't want to face the truth right now
But that's not who I am

No that's not who I am
posted by rebaj2010
okay so i just changed schools this año and im making new friends and everything. but there is this guy i worked with all summer and he just asked for my # and he goes 2 the same school. we just told each other that we like one another, and we r gonna hangout sometime. but idk what 2 do, because all my new friends think i like this other kid(who i did kinda like). but now i rlly like this other boy and idk how they r gonna think of me, o how im gonna balance having a boyfriends AND making new friends. Will they think im a hoe? will he think im más worried about making friends then being with him? help me plz:(
Night spend in the dark
Wondering where it all went wrong
Not sure who tu are
No one to belong to

Try to live a life
But you're so un alive
If tu can only make it through another day

It's just a heartbreak away
From another love
Soon you'll release all the ghosts of what was
You've been damaged to the core
Afraid to feel once more
But tu never know love
Just may be a heartbreak away

Sometimes all it takes
Is time for memories to fade
Soon all that remains
Is prove that tu have made it

Through the restless nights
Back into the light
I promise tu it's worth the wait

It's just a heartbreak away
From another love...
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 iunyasha and kagome
iunyasha and kagome
In the spring
of the year
i walked
the road
my dear
the trees
were black
where the bark
was wet.
i see them yet
in spring
of the year
He broke
me a bough
of the blossoming
that was out of
the way and hard
to reach.
in the fall
of the year
i walked the
road beside
my dear
the rooks
went up
with a
i hear
i walked
the road
my dear
i hear
he laughed
at all
i dared
to praise
and broke
my heart
 iunyasha and kagome
iunyasha and kagome
posted by SaitoSaturno
He was a boy. At a young age, he was just the thing to give tu cooties. I, at the time, actually hated him. He was popular and a boy and he never noticed me. And there are very few people I'll ever hate.

But one día in the fifth grade, I was in class with him and a few other kids. We were working on a project; er, supposed to be working on a project, rather. Instead, this boy and I were having a "Yo mamma" joke challenge. He won, because, of course he was much más familiar with that sort of thing.

But something inside of me didn't care about that. I was seeing the REAL Carson Daniel Alsup...
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posted by gublerlover1
i sting with a longing to see u again
to see the light in your eyes
to hear the beating of your heart
to feel your soft lips against mine
to take in your taste and the way tu smell

with tu i feel like were floating in air
and are bodys are lost in the sands of time
i can see tu smill as i see u cry
and with u the día will never die
your touch is light as a feather
that from the graceful wing of a bird

the night is ours
and the moon is full bringing light to our eyes
we fall to the sweet scented grass
soft and wet with teardrop dew
we lay there hand and hand
pulse to pulse

no matter what the night brings
i know that i can put my corazón in your hands
never to regret my choice
for u are the one soul on earth that it belongs to
and u put urs in mine
and i see in ur eyes
that what is true for me is true for u
posted by ShadowYJ
This is just something i made while i was bored-hope tu like it!

amor is strong, stronger than a typhoon
amor is friendship, It shall never die o fade away
amor is death, tu would risk your life for the person tu amor
amor is a drug, so hard to get rid off
amor is chocolate, sweet and pleasant
amor is champagne, so bubbly and bright
amor is sunset, dim and peaceful
amor is special, unique and remarkable
amor is super-glue, so tight and permanent
amor is spring, fresh like flores
amor is music, melodic and beautiful
amor is a kiss, seeing fireworks behind your eyelids
amor is butterflies, roaming madly in your tummy
amor is your inner-voice, telling tu to go for it
amor is your body, aching all over for that person
amor is life, from beginning to end to paradise
Lastly: amor is love, the thumping of your heart.
posted by halunik
I didn’t allow it to do that, but it felt, like my hand is living her own life, without my mind. The darkness was doing something to me.
The movie was great, but not only because it was interesting and fun, but because I had a great company. I didn’t like to talk during the movie, but this time it was really great to share some funny comentarios with Paul and to listen to his jokes, that he was whispering into my ear. Every time he did, I felt like thousands mariposas all around my cheek and neck. And his scent filled the air around me. The scent was fresh and sweet in the same time.
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