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Ok. now idc what side your on o why tu choose your side. but i read a few remarks on edward not being a true vampire because "he acts girly" and someone used the f-- word (rude word for gay) now, if thats your `reasoning' then your fricken seeing the sky falling. im not hating on straight people but if tu think saying edward o even the book itself is "gay" so it MUST suck then heres a little fun fact for ya. if Harry potter was gay would tu still read it? if tu hate gays fanfreakin-tabulous. but heads up rob pattinson is a straight man. do reaserch.
being gay doesnt make tu lesser then any straight person. sorry for bringing out some gay equality article, but seriouly those who know theyve dicho this grow up, defending H.P por hating on twilight because tu think edward is gay doesnt serve tu well...uts a desgrace to H.P making tu guys look bad. try saying why tu think harry is better instead of playing the gay card. comentario if tu agree
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Regulus Black, to Sirius Black
"I tried to do what tu would have done, in the end"

Peter Pettigrew, to James Potter
"I wish I could take it back"

Gideon Prewett, to Arthur Weasley
"You take good care of our Molly, tu hear"

Merope Gaunt, to Tom Marvolo Riddle
Grow up strong like your father, Tommy. But learn to love.

Dobby, to Harry Potter
Harry Potter is seguro now, sir. Dobby has repaid him.

Quirinus Quirrell, to Sibyll Trelawney
Travelling will bring great peril, indeed. I’m sorry I laughed.

Cedric Diggory, to Amos Diggory
I won, Dad. Aren’t tu proud?

Colin Creevey, to Dennis Creevey
I died like a...
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As tu probably know, the Twilight vs. Harry Potter spot is a debate spot. We come here mainly to debate over which series is better and why, o to discuss why we like one series better than the other, then others can, if they wish, debate the points made in the other persons arguments.

However, there is a difference between debating and fighting.

When tu debate, tu are willing to see both sides of an argument. tu have to understand why the other person is saying what they are saying before tu debate against their point. Understanding does NOT necessarily mean agreeing. It means "I see why...
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Continued. :D
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