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 Princess Ariel, mulan and Pocahontas fondo de pantalla
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Please, do not re-upload this one in somewhere else, I'm seriously. However, I made this one for ARIEL-RAPUNZEL as a birthday gift. ;)
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This princesas de disney fondo de pantalla might contain ramo, ramillete, ramillete de flores, and ramo de flores.

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NOTE ♥ These are not necessarily my personal opinions but the results of a countdown in which an approximate amount of 45 users voted per round.

7. playa Rags

Big surprise. The outfit that is clearly meant to be a joke comes in last place. Do I really need to go into any explanation on this one? Although I vaguely remember a few randos saying that they thought it was cool. Why do I get the feeling those kids were the ones who ate glue and got stuffed into lockers in middle school? Moving on...

6. rosado, rosa Ballgown

What was that little perra Carlotta thinking? I bet she's jealous because...
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Disclaimer: I know the disney Princesses' have modelos who perform actions so that the animators can define how to draw that particular movement. However, I also believe that the animators draw inspiration from their voice actors. Also this articulo is just focused on the character's non-singing voice actor in the case that they have a separate one for when they sing.

1. Snow White: Adrianna Caselotti

Her features all in all are nearly identical to Snow White's. She has dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She has a simple nose, and is always smiling, which is also similar to Snow White. In fact,...
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Source: Note sure. But credit to whomever did this. It's outstanding in my opinion.
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 Oh it's been so long
Oh it's been so long
Sup! Some of y'all may not even know who I am and some of Y'all may remember me (I was a jerk and I want to say I'm sorry and I want to fix any relationships and try to become friends). But I'm princecatcher93 o Linnea. It's been about a few years since I was last here and last time I was here, Moana wasn't out yet (God it has been so long) so I have an updated ranking lista (do people still do these?!?). I don't remember my old order but who cares! This is all personal so my reasons may seem strange to tu but I'm a strange person.

14) Anna
 I'm Giving tu One Last Movie to Impress Me Again
I'm Giving tu One Last Movie to Impress Me Again...
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fanmade video of Part of Your World
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part of that world
part of your world
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