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Mickey & friends introduce A Whole New Sound, an album featuring a selection of Disney’s greatest hits covered por iconic alternative, rock and pop-punk bands. registrarse Mickey & his friends as they explore their interests in fun new ways.
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música video por Vincent Labelle performing The Gospel Truth (From "Disney Speedstorm"). © 2024 Walt disney Records
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 Even though Fantasia isn't on the list, I thought this image would be perfect. Night on Bald Mountain is such a dark sequence.
Even though Fantasia isn't on the list, I thought this image would be perfect. Night on Bald Mountain is such a dark sequence.
#10. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad
The reason I put this one so low on the lista is because it's mainly dark because of Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I mean, sure Wind in the Willows may have it's moments but it's Legend of Sleepy Hollow that makes this film as dark as it is. Okay, they were both single shorts before even being squeezed together in one package film. So, I may be kinda cheating here. But I couldn't think of any other movie that could beat this one to the #10 spot. So, anyway, yes, Legend of Sleepy Hollow is quite a dark short. I mean, come on! The main character gets killed...
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I've been planning to make this articulo for a while but I haven't had the time because of college but better late than never. In my opinion these are the most beautiful disney Channel girls in my honest opinion. Some might disagree but if tu don't like it tu can make your own lista and put it into an article. Anyway please comentario but be polite and respectful. Enjoy!

10.Hilary Duff
I know I'll get a lot of hate for this because from what I've gathered she's considered the most beautiful disney Channel star. Anyway she's absolutely stunning in my opinion. She has beautiful hair, gorgeous...
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This is my opinion on my favorito! disney heroines, these are the ones that I love. I like all the disney heroines except Ms. Callaway(Home On The Range), Captain Amelia(Treasure Planet), and Esmeralda. I don't hate o dislike Callaway o Amelia, just a neutral feeling but I do hate Esmeralda. Besides those three I like all disney heroines but these twenty I'm amor to death. I will also include a quote that the heroine has dicho o sung. I will only be including hand drawn animated heroines, not compuuter animated ones. Please leave a comentario on what tu think and don't just make it one of those...
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 I amor this poster, don't you?
I love this poster, don't you?
Hi guys, I had watch both versions of this timeless classic and here are my review, opinions and comparisons on both films.

The Story-Line

Both films are faithful towards the original story por J.M. Barrie, the 2003 version has scenes especially with the Darling brothers. The part where they chanted 'I do believe in Fairies!' is really catchy, and I wish that it was part of the 1953 version too!
The only difference is that at the end, the Darling parents adopted the lost Boys in the 2003 version. It was also sad that Wendy never saw Peter ever again! (2003 Version)

The Characters

I absolutely...
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The Lion King
Hi everyone, this is my segundo articulo about The Lion King. Only this time, I'm going to comparing to another non-Disney movie called The Land Before Time. Are tu ready?

The Land Before Time

While watching this movie after so many years, there was a character name Rooter, who ironically is the narrator of the movie. Actually told Littlefoot about the great circulo, círculo of Life shortly after the tragic passing of his mother, I thought for a moment that the Lion King estola this line! But I guess that I was wrong in the end.
Littlefoot's relationship with his mother and grandparents are like those of...
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Recently I've been making character countdown encuestas dedicated to each disney movie, this is the countdown info for "The Princess and the Frog"

11. Lawrence

10. James

9. Eudora

8. Big Daddy

7. Mama Odie

6. Dr. Facilier

5. rayo, ray

4. Louis

3. Lottie

2. Naveen

1. Tiana

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