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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

My corazón that has passed its expira date
Was colder than any winter
You cheated me until the end
The amor that was supposed to be eternal turned into a nightmare

I try meeting other people but my corazón is trapped in a fence
I can’t trust anyone, now no one is por my side
I only look at the passing memories
I really hate tu so I throw them away
I hate girls’ lies

Get away Get away Get away
Don’t say my name
I hate this crazy love, crazy

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you...
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2012 Korean debut. In 2013, their Japanese debut with “Warrior”! Having strong individualistic sounds and powerful live performances is their charm; a 6-member group that’s popular in London, Paris, LA, NY and other places too. Their member’s daily fashion shown on tour and such are stylish and has a high standard score ♡


Born on 1994, January 24. 178cm. A main vocal with a mellow voice as his charm. With the same-aged Daehyun, they’re nicknamed “Daejae” and loved por fans.
“I want to sweetly invite her to a fecha like “let’s play~♥” and go for a drive!” -...
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posted by mitsuki963
•Young Jae
•Full Name: Yoo Young Jae
•Nickname: Brain
•Position: Lead Vocal
•Birthday: January 24, 1994
•Height: 178 cm
•Weight: 65 kg
•Blood Type: AB
•Trainee Time: 4 years
•Matoki: JoKoMato
•Fun Facts:
•In “Ta-Dah! It‘s B.A.P” he is the “Brain” of the group (thus his nickname) and believes that they can take over the world por being respectful [Which Bang adamantly disagrees with]. He holds a grudge against any member that shuts down his ideas, and during his free time he loves to go to the electronic store.
•Has an older brother
•Admires the artist Musiq...
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English Translation:

After tu left, I lost control
I become drunk every night and stumble around
Spit out curses because I think of you, who was cold
I feel dirty
I overflow in anger, and scream
Your face that appears in the cracked mirror
It seems like our amor that’s broken into many piece
I stand at the end of this tiring cliff, and
rip apart the memories I had with you
I don’t have it

What can I do What can I do
I get lost in a maze and stay in that spot
What can I say what can I say
It’s becoming blurred
I can’t see your face

I can’t mover in the darkness
I can’t feel anything
Tears fall...
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English Translation:

Legendary B.A.P (Ya Ready?)
Live On Earth, Let’s Go!

Whut’s Poppin’ (Wussup!)

Errbody Whut’s Poppin’, now the time has come
My body line is different from all the girly guys
Go Get’em Rockerz, Hardcore Rider
I will never close my mouth over your cockiness whoa

Warrior, Power, No Mercy & One Shot
Worldwide tracks, this style is world pop
The same ole guys put on a kiddie show
It’s not pleasing to the eye
All the rooted pop music, just stop

Whut’s Poppin’
Feel it with your entire body, BPM 82, We Gon’ Rock This
Whut’s Poppin’
If tu wanna,...
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English Translation:

Yeah return to battle field
Pay attention everybody

Hey my fellaz take a look around
Everyday strugglin’, ready to rumble

Ay ladies and gentleman
Follow the leader BAP

Hit it yo bring it on
There’s nothing that tu should give on up, because tu lost your way
Small scars are just gears to me
Get down
I scream at the parte superior, arriba of life
Round the clock
Realize it
I stand up again
I’m the Ijak-do Mountain that even ignores curses
King kong
Everyone attack me, I’m still strong

Through the eyes that are looking at me
Erase those worries
I won’t fall down
I won’t mostrar any cracks

Err Err...
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posted by Fitch
Skydive link
MelOn Premiere link

B.A.P MV Skydive link

16/11/10 link
16/11/11 link
16/11/12 link
16/11/13 link
16/11/15 link
16/11/16 link
16/11/18 link
16/11/19 link
16/11/20 link
16/11/22 link + link
16/11/24 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/26 link
16/11/27 link
16/11/29 link
16/11/30 link
16/12/01 link
16/12/01 link (no background music)
16/12/02 link
16/12/02 link
16/12/03 link
16/12/04 link
16/12/23 link
16/12/24 link
16/12/29 link
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English Translation:

Listen babe,
I’ll dedicate this song for you.
A really happy you, who is siguiente to me
I waited for today, your birthday

Your smile that looks at me oh
It’s really, really bright
I want to pick those stars for you

Happy birthday to you
My beautiful love
Baby, only for you
Because you’re here, I’m happy
Happy birthday to you
Just like today, forever
Baby, only for you
We’re going to be together

From when I open my eyes till I close them,
I only think of tu for the whole day
It’s lonely, a night without you
You, who is like the sunshine that shines through the window
You wake...
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The wind wailed
As if the sky was breaking apart
Amidst endless hardships and tests
The world was not
As we wanted it to be
As we thought it would be
We held hands again
The six of us together all on both feet
So no one would fall
We got ready to run once again
Young Wild and Free
In the end the world is made up of our stories
Everyone says because we are young
The struggles we suffered Will turn into blood and flesh
(TN: tu will gain the fruits of your labour)
The autumn wind that tried to bury us in oblivion
Leave, return to the sky
Now, harshly, like crazy
We’re still alive
Now come on, follow me
We are Young Wild and Free
Answer me
Who dares to represent us in this world?
We made it back
We’ll tell everything as it is, ALWAYS in our own way
This is the monologue of youth
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

trans cr; tima @ baptrans
Himchan dicho not only him, but all the B.A.P members has a secret amor with someone.

Himchan dicho he can’t say who are those “girls”, but they call them por using a nickname … “Baby”

Yongguk was actually born in Incheon. Leejakdo was where he lived in briefly before when he was younger and he moved back to Incheon

Yongguk has had fun using Busan saturi lately, he’ll call Jongup like “Moon~Jong↘Up↗ee!”

Last year, Yongguk watched a movie called “World Invasion” with Himchan but he ended up with sleeping

Himchan older sis is taking too much interest in B.A.P. One time,she said....
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Along with the lights that turn off one por one
The hope in my corazón disappears slowly as well

In this world where everything has stopped
When I feel like I’m alone, I think of you

You protected me in this sad darkness
When tu smiled brightly
Because of you, I’m here
I will protect all of you

Forever With tu (With tu With tu With You)
I’ll be por your side until always

Forever With tu (With tu With tu With You)
You’re not alone
Hold my hand
I’ll be with you

With tu With tu (With tu With You)
With tu With tu (With tu With You)
With tu With tu my baby
With tu With You...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Every día is the same
It feels so suffocating
I want to escape the eyes on me

Don’t care so much about this and that
Throw away all of your worries

BANG! BANG! Everyone jump
BANG! BANG! Go crazy
BANG! BANG! We gone party rock

Scream and don’t stop
Tonight, you’re a rock star
Lift your heads high to the sky
And shout out to the world

Why are things so complicated?
I’m getting tired now
Throw away all of the burdensome things

Don’t care so much about this and that
Throw away all of your worries

BANG! BANG! Everyone...
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posted by teentop449
 3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
Don’t frown with that pretty face
If you’re not mad, don’t kill me
Don’t just say you’ll understand and that it’s fine
Don’t be mad, I want tu to smile

You can do whatever tu want in front of me
You don’t have to be coy with me
So please don’t get mad at me

Tell me, this isn’t right, this is too much baby
You get mad, then amor me again
Why do tu go back and forth, why? (oh baby)

You might get upset at me and resent me at times but
I want to tell you, who gets mad so easily

Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this
I’m getting annoyed, I’m getting mad – I amor you...
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 One shot album cover
One shot album cover
English translation

One shot, Let me tell tu something that tu already know.
You just get the rock to me.
You know what I mean?

There’s only one chance as tu walk on this dark path
Shine the light like Martin Luther King
Get your mind outta the gutter
It’s too early for failure, you’re still young
One shot, one chance
There’s no segundo chance, don’t lose it, get ready now
Hell yeh, challenge yourself, spread your small self out, just do it

One shot!
Are tu gonna give in? Are tu gonna be caught por the surrounding traps?
Only one shot!
Don’t run away, turn around and face your faces
Even if...
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All día keep tu my thoughts
I try to forget tu but I can’t do that girl
I try to hide my feelings
But it keeps mostrando up girl
When I see tu Shy always Shine
You’re dazzling oh my girl
Why don’t tu know my feelings like this
Now I’ll confess
I amor only tu My Girl
Be por my side My Love
I promise I’ll always protect you
You’re my shining star
My words of wanting to always protect you
Are all lies
After seeing how can I
Hide my feelings and become sensual
Your bright red lips
You sweet fragrance every thing
Makes my corazón flutter...
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posted by Ieva0311

I slowly follow you
I quietly match my steps with you
Aww I just look at you
I hide myself in case tu find out how I feel

You’re hidden under a veil veil veil
So I wanna get to know tu more
Why are tu eyes like that?
They don’t leave me alone, tu keep provoking me

(SPY) Don’t look anywhere else from now on (Yes)
(SPY) Tonight, I’m your S.P.Y

Ah (ah) Come to me right now, feel me
You don’t know my name
I’m SPY SPY (wuh uh)
Ah (ah) Don’t go, fall into me tonight
I know who I am

To the left
To the right
Turn around

Yes I’m a SPY, wandering on the streets
In the end, I found...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Turn the lights off
Sit back & Relax your mind
If you’ll be mine, I don’t need no more
We just ride tonight, come on!

Don’t be nervous and get comfortable baby
Tonight tu are special, sexy lady
My corazón (you hear me? come on)
This ringing (can’t nobody stop me)

Your beautiful silhouette takes my breath away
Your deep ocean-like eyes that look at me
I’m falling for tu (slow), I’m getting sucked into tu (slow)

I really want your body
Even your corazón that revealed the hidden me
I want to check your love
This feeling that you’re giving me

Very slowly, with great detail...
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Boy group B.A.P made the set of MBC Every1`s 'Weekly Idol' explode in laughter several times on the August 22nd brodcast.

Member Bang Youngguk reminisced with MC Jung HyungDon on his pre-debut appearance on MBC`s 'Lula-Lula',when he was teased for his lack of experience of TV shows.He also almost fell for the misceláneo pregunta from MC Defconn,"Do tu amor Secret`s Ji eun?" referring to the duet they performed last year,'Going Crazy'.He was forced to say force to say "Yes,I amor her"after being jokingly grabbed and threatened por Jung HyungDon,who hugged the poor idol after with his forced answer....
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Just throw it at me
Watch the rocks hit me and roll
Say that I am stupid
Hey see who flies the best
Huh I’m a bird that looks far away
The bird that flies the highest
In the end who ends up the best here
Be embarrassed, that territorial behavior
Don’t interfere, just please me alone
It’s suffocating All día Your nagging NO
Everyone Hurry Up Hurry Up Fly away
I’ll just (go) my way this way Ye Yi Ye Eh
Even if they ignore me here and there it doesn’t matter any
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Up In the sky
(I) will be the bird that flies the highest
(I) will be the bird that flies until the end of the blue sky
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B.A.P – WARRIOR Lyrics

Romanization :

[Bang] Warrior Is Back
[Zelo] We Gonna Rock This
[Bang] Uh-huh
[DaeHyun] Oh~No~WoahWoah~
[Bang] B-A-P

[Bang] What’s Your B?
Matso ssaulkke i gorie yonghondeureul wihe Whoa
What’s Your A?
Seroun hyongmyonge sijakjom magaboltemyon magabwa nal
What’s Your P?
Akhan DNA virus
Urin jonsadeureul da irosso
Once Again
What’s the name
Of the game?
Da iroso

[YoungJae] Kkeut omneun jonjengeun nugul wiheinna
[JongUp] Bang, Bang bigophage da
Geude dwieso moril gyonunda
[DaeHyun] Geude deure wisoneun yongsobadeul su inna
[Himchan] Bomb Bomb odun gamyon sogeul da
Get it...
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