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•Young Jae
•Full Name: Yoo Young Jae
•Nickname: Brain
•Position: Lead Vocal
•Birthday: January 24, 1994
•Height: 178 cm
•Weight: 65 kg
•Blood Type: AB
•Trainee Time: 4 years
•Matoki: JoKoMato
•Fun Facts:
•In “Ta-Dah! It‘s B.A.P” he is the “Brain” of the group (thus his nickname) and believes that they can take over the world por being respectful [Which Bang adamantly disagrees with]. He holds a grudge against any member that shuts down his ideas, and during his free time he loves to go to the electronic store.
•Has an older brother
•Admires the artist Musiq...
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Slide mostrar of members of bap !!
amazing pictures
and más
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