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It's been a "11 año run " for me as a rosado, rosa Freak. I became a fan with "M!ssundaztood," and now this coming October is "Beautiful Trauma." So... P!nk released her first stand alone single from an upcoming album. It's been five years. Last time she released an album, I was in grad school. This will be my last semester of nursing school. Best timing ever!

And rosado, rosa makes me proud of her, in a way that extremely few celebridades ever achieve. The new song is powerful rosado, rosa as always. <3 publicado hace 8 días
wavesurf comentó…
Edit: actually tack on another 5 years, making it 16 years of me being a fan. Fandom dies hard. hace 8 días
disnerdtobe comentó…
I haven't listened to P!nk for a while, since I'm just kinda in the mood to listen to just disney música recently, but I enjoyed her song, F*ckin Perfect very much. Also, congrats on finishing up on nursing school! :) hace 6 días
wavesurf comentó…
^Thank you, hon!! hace 6 días
And speaking of general randomness on Fanpop.... I know my sum total of fanpop gold: 36 coins. I wasn't even bothering it, nor earning any más ( out of boredom). But today, my total spontaneously increased to "501" coins. I don't get it.... Has anybody else's oro total suddenly increased like that? That's a glitch. publicado hace 28 días
wavesurf comentó…
Mmm. What Mallomar dicho is undeniably true. What happened to Mallomar just happened to me. Glitchy, glitchy. hace 28 días
wavesurf comentó…
^Yup. lol. hace 27 días
Mongoose09 comentó…
Aw I miss my fake 501 oro :( lol hace 26 días
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