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8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
I know what tu all are thinking, "What did 8 spend that money on I wonder?" (no one was thinking that lmao)
was it
A) Lolita
B) art supplies?
Well guess what we were all wrong 'cause I bought shit to make youtube videos with.
We all done been bamboozled. publicado hace 3 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
Lmfao hace 3 días
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
Make porn videos for me ;) hace 3 días
CokeTheUmbreon comentó…
I hope your YouTube channel goes well :) hace 1 día
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
NVM guys I'm not getting Lolita I'm gonna get retarded stickers from Redbubble instead. publicado hace 10 días
8theGreat comentó…
8theGreat comentó…
I just want dumb stickers hace 10 días
TheLefteris24 comentó…
What a twist !!!! hace 10 días
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
In case y'all were wondering I'm like 80-90% sure of getting Lolita instead of art supplies with dicho money from last post 'cause I'm pretty content with my current art supplies since I got my gouache. Maybe I'll spend a little on some papers o copic refills but most of it is probably gonna go toward Lolita.
If anyone was doubtful o cared. XD publicado hace 11 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
*raises eyebrows* Nomy stop bullshitting tu know tu were gonna get lolita stuff vs art supplies. 80 to 90%? más like a 100% hace 11 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
I was legit never doubtful lmao hace 11 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
@Mauser mainly because it's not my shtick. I wear graphic tees and jeans most of the time. Plus apparently lolita is for girls and boystyle is for guys. Not something I could see myself really lol. But it's chill to look at nonetheless. hace 11 días