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Life update for everyone from 2011-2012 fanpop

I still hate the number 7 he is evil and a meanie pants. publicado hace 1 día
BlindBandit92 comentó…
lol hace 1 día
TheLefteris24 comentó…
No symmetry !!!! hace 1 día
ArcticWolf comentó…
good to know hace 1 día
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apoyo for being the only person on here who agrees with me that older anime art styles are más appealing publicado hace 3 días
BlindBandit92 apoyar por mí a my comments
tu know what I take back what I dicho about cuteness. I like things that are stereotypically cute but I never perceive them as being cute. I am only view them as: "Interesting" "Cool" "Awesome". I don't believe I get the D'awww feeling of cuteness. Maybe that's why I disconnect with term/concept. If I see for example a few days ago. A sealion (I believe) was holding their trainer's hand after being rubbed on its stomach. I thought wow this is therapeautic to watch it as a gif. publicado hace 7 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
And i watched it over and over again because I like the camaraderie among them. I guess those things somewhat make me smile but I never see them as being cute so maybe its semantics plus disconnection? hace 7 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
But it's not all cute things though. However. I don't know honestly. hace 7 días