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Hello. publicado hace 21 horas
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
Kind of bummed. Recently my sister got married and we went to a place for alterations that also made custom clothing. The two ladies that ran it were already vague admires of Lolita fashion and had made some Lolita-inspired pieces in the past.
But a couple of days ago, they permanently closed up shop.
No custom pieces for me, I guess. publicado hace 1 día
8theGreat comentó…
Fuck it I'll learn to sew. hace 1 día
BlindBandit92 comentó…
That.. really sucks. I know that feel. hace 1 día
SilentForce comentó…
That sucks hace 1 día
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
TFW Your cat is the most adorable thing and tu just want to snuggle her but tu put an essential oil blend on a rash and those are really bad for gatos so tu can't snuggle her for her own good BUT SHE'S TOO CUTE UGH
This is true pain. publicado hace 7 días
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
Your cat is cute, but not quite as cute as tu hace 7 días