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8theGreat dicho …
If anyone wants to contact me outside fanpop that doesn't already have me on FB just message me with your facebook o other social media.

Got most of the active people but there's still some that I don't have. publicado hace 1 día
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
It's día 1 billion of my Shin Ramyun addiction. publicado hace 1 día
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
No surprise there hace 1 día
8theGreat dicho de misceláneo
>be me
>fall in amor with red packaged Shin Ramyun spicy instant noodle
>basically all I've eaten all week
>running low on spicy ramen supplies
>go to store
>they're out of stock
>now my kokoro is brokoro
>rip publicado hace 12 días
springely comentó…
>when your mg in sodium intake exceeds your actual calorie count hace 12 días
8theGreat comentó…
^tru tbh hace 12 días
TheLefteris24 comentó…
So, Fanpop's ramen is out of Ramen? Then, I suppose some donations are in order? hace 11 días