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Heart's POV
As I was looking over the parte superior, arriba of a building I wonderd,Is this worth it?The answer I came up with was yes.I quickly paloma off the edge of the building feeling the wind in my fur.The rush and adrinalin felt amazing.Before I hit the groun I spread my wings to fly.But alas,no succes.I pumeld into the ground barely breathing.That girl is me.Heart the Foxgon.Short for zorro, fox Dragon.Before tu say something I dont breathe fire,I can barely fly,I have claws,fangs,and horns.Not to mention super strenght.But what did that matter?

Kyuu's POV
"Breaking news.A comet crash right...
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Cyrus Daniel unleashes his growth powers to become a giant!
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 Shadow & Rouge; Night and día Difference.
Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
“… There might have been a time when tu actually thought about others, but now it’s just become, ‘Get the villain out of the way and be proclaimed as a hero once more!’ I just don’t want tu to become something that tu don’t want to be.”Lil the Cat from “The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul.”

Do tu remember the first time tu ever drew your fan character? When tu created him/her, tu had thought everything out; who they dated, what they wore, and if they had any powers. Believe me when I say that fan characters are the best characters in the world. Their stories...
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This character/characters DO NOT belong to me. Credit belongs to its original creator. Link: link YouTube video creator: Mary Bloom Enjoy! ~_^ Mary Bloom
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