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 A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
Characters Full Name: Tataka Rakshasi
Reason o meaning of name: Tataka is the name used for a Rakshasa.
Nickname: Carcass
Reason for nickname: She is usually around the dead bodies of the recently deceased
Birthdate: ROC era 84
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Age: 16 years old
How old does she appear: 16 years old
Eye Color: Dark grey/black
Hair color: Black with red, yellow and green streaks fading in and out as her hair grows
Distinguishable hair feature: Grows quickly
Type of hair: Fine
Typical hairstyle: Two long pigtails reaching her back with her hair usually covering one eye naturally.
Height: 170 centimetres...
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(Finally decided to go with this. (*・v・)ノ Don't kill me yet.)

Name: Juliet
Last Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Has no real nicknames.
Age: Fifteen
Species: Bat
Skin Color: peach-ish
Hair/Fur Color(s)(Can Be Spit In Two Categories): brown
Eye Color(s): blue
Alignment: Good, doesn't do anything bad without a dado reason.
IQ: Has never attended a real school and has only learned from old books. Very slow paced, although she's about average o less.
Height: 90 cm
Weight: 11 kilograms
Occupation: Jobless. Has a hard time keeping a job.
Martial Status(Married, Single, Dating, etc): The single life
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i don't care about sprites
blah blah blah
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siguiente on the Game Grumps lista is "I PUT A WHOLE IN THAT"
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