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Amy is with scourge and it's a sad story
Prizes: :3 sonic fc sketch, bragging rights, this cookie, and my respect. :'D Boredom killed 030'
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 Ivory the hedgecat
Ivory the hedgecat
The end of the world began with a dream. I knew it was a dream because, unlike most humans and Mobians, my REM state, usually predicted the future, painful encounters, and sometimes even angry hordes of killer cows. (Long story)
    But back to the dream. The smell of corrosive flesh was prompted. Flames crackled along the base of the scraggy mountain, trapping me and my worst enemy in a towering prison of smoke and ash. The scorching heat did not bother me though; the only thing that disturbed me was my enemy. He would have disturbed anyone....
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I then stood up and looked around. I was expecting the worst, but nothing seemed to be around at that time. I took a step forward, then heard a voice.
"Who are you, and why are tu here?" it had asked me. I turned to face where the voice had come from, seeing a human in a golden outfit, unlike anything I'd ever seen here on Mobius... "Well? Are tu gonna answer me?" he had asked again. "I...I am Cyber the Echidna of Green colina Zone, and I'm here looking for a blue zorro, fox named Alpha and a small infant, a yellow echidna like myself, named Topaz." I replied to him. "Green colina Zone...? As in, Green...
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i made some cool new sonic people. names are flash,blaze, and jade. never miss me o blaze o dead is ever one lectura i will never kill jus pla fuck fuck i amor sonic people if i kill our are dead i killl m fuck in shi moher fucker ui im enfriador, refrigerador no one miss win me our i kill sorr im a indoied fuck i fuck i fuck fuck fuck fcuk jda fmjezsb cl/djfioaksdgfbkjahgdsfvbjksfdrhfjsdjfljorheiufgsdhkvnjrjfhudsjbvnlkhrfguhbdsjkvfhreufhbm,djcnejwgfbjcxkncjkwegjfkdsnijhsmenclksdjfkmwenf.ildwfkjsd.c,kwejfjsdlefhckksdmnbufhbedfjewjkhf hfkj fuck
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