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posted by TakTheFox
This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will lista off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the comentarios for what tu want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage o sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri o Yao, in roleplays, stories, o pictures. This club has already gone through a mes of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, o if it’s just TOUCHING...
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I’m not here to argue the entire moral spectrum of Nudity, but I am going to make a statement about what kind of nude pictures are tolerable, o can be tolerable. The following is a lista of completely nude female characters that do not require censorship because, while they are nude, they do not reveal private body parts.





Now I don’t know about everyone but I don’t remember being told por someone that the nude pictures I’ve drawn of my characters were sexual. Never once have I been told to remove them either. In the same way, characters like Sally Acorn, and Barby Koala,...
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posted by NoctusLynx
Okay, so this is not meant to b some kind of parody of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, but I just thought I'd name the articulo like that. This articulo is, in fact, regarding a muro post I made earlier. If tu haven't seen this post, I suggest tu go see it now.

So, this is how I believe such a game might work:

Classical Sonic:

There will be a lot of rings, and a lot platforming sections while maintaining a high standard of speed nonetheless. This will have the classical ring system, whereas, if tu have so much as one ring, tu can survive a survivable hit; being crushed ot falling in...
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posted by unknown99
Alexandrite is usually shy to new people, but she is a cheerful girl. She likes helping other people. Born in the City of water she mostly also likes and enjoys swimming. She had a happy family. She also had a lot of friends. At the age of 6, she was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy. In her dormitory, she met her roomates, Snow the Cat, Yuki the Hedgehog, and Natural the Hedgehog. Just then, another girl was behind her.
"Can tu mover on please?". Alexandrite suddenly lost her foot grip, jumped and landed on the floor. The girl was Mizu the Hedgehog. Alexandrite continues to make friends...
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That rhythm... there was some kind of a rhythm in her step, in her fighting style. It was almost as if she fought alongside music, keeping beat as she fought, be it with a step, a dodge, a punch... but if a puñetazo, ponche from her opponent was not on a beat where she would act, she did not know what to do until her action beat came.

Her face was bloodied, and she also suffered from hyperphilia, o uncontrolable bleeding. Without medical assistance, she might be feeling the first stages of hemorage. A female in the male boxing division. Who'd've thought it...

On the flipside, her opponent looked half...
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So I’ve been looking around for “What character would be your girlfriend” in personality cuestionarios but I almost NEVER find any, so I thought I’d make one myself.

Note: For this I did not add any future-tense characters like Saber, Sissy, o Relm, but if tu guys want I can make one about the future characters some time too.

Question one
What is your personality in a nutshell?
1.    Fun-loving, random, energetic.
2.    Calculating, aggressive, prone to anger issues.
3.    Friendly, patient, very outspoken about my beliefs.
4.    Anti-social,...
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Sonic fan Character perfil Creator


If character has one, REAL name:
Reason for Name:

Age currently
Age at beginning of story:



Primary Color (Main fur/skin):
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.):

Other Eye-details:

Does character have hair?:
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:
Style of hair:
Does character have this type of hair often?:
If not, what other types/colors are there?:


Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):

Distinguishing marks:

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.)

If so, how long?:
If so, how many?:

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posted by AceRider
Reon Sai Leonardo is a 17 año old mahogany lion from Icarus Island. Reon grew up in a rough part of Icarus where there were a lot of gang members lurking around. His father, Leone, was worried about his son every time he walked to school, thinking that he was going to get attacked por thugs and killed, so he taught Reon how to do tae kwon doe so that he could defend himself. It took years to perfect it, but Reon managed to learn tae kwon doe. With his newly found techenics, Reon beat up every single thug and gang member that came his way. However, he started to abuse this techenics at school,...
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