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la elección de los fans: Sweden and Finland
la elección de los fans: Romano aka Mr. Bipolar :D
la elección de los fans: CRAZY
la elección de los fans: Estonia
la elección de los fans: PruHun
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Sacred_Dawn dicho …
WELL HOLY SHIT. So for those who MIGHT remember, I was the original Belarus on here, SacredDawn (I think LOL) Yall dont realize how much I miss this LOL. publicado hace más de un año
Sacred_Dawn comentó…
i came here EVERYDAY after school to talk to tu guys. Thank tu for everything. I think I was a sophomore in high school which made this chat what, almost 7 years old? I'm freaking 22 now. It's so embarrassing just amazing seeing this group. I travel all around the country now, and I wish we could all get together and talk about all our stupid chats again. <3 hace más de un año
LunaShay dicho …
me and dark are the biggest fans of this club u can all go inicial now u #fakes publicado hace más de un año
trainofdoom82 dicho …
What a beautiful family we had. publicado hace más de un año
trainofdoom82 comentó…
I can't express how sentimental this page makes me. I can't express how grateful I am to those who participated for making it such a fun experience. I can't in general. Now, almost 4 years later, looking back on this makes my corazón hurt. And it makes me feel SUPER secondhand embarrassment for my old self lmao. I could sit and read these logs all day. They were so much fun. Idk if anyone comes here anymore just to check o anything, but if tu do, here's to you. Liz loves you. hace más de un año
Pastaluver comentó…
Itako loves tu too <3 hace más de un año