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Have tu guys ever wondered about the meanings of each number the girls wear when they perform "Oh!"? If not, now's the time to find out what they're all about (if so, lucky tu because I found out!! LOL)!!

Taeyeon chose 9 as it is the number of SNSD,
Sooyoung chose 24 as she wants to be with the fans 24/7,
Seohyun chose 11 to be number one in everything,
Tiffany chose 01, but while printing, an error occurred, leaving out the 1, and giving her the nickname "Team's Hole" with the number 0.
Jessica is turning 22 this year, so she chose the number 22,
Yuri chose 21, as it was her age at that time,...
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I know that everyone loves the Power of Nine but honestly is it function for the group. I like relatively everyone in the group however there are a lot of people and someone publicado a pregunta that has got me thinking. "Is Nine Really Too Much"?

As an American, its not in my culture to watch variety shows to appreciate my "idol", tu watch idols perform and their mvs and call it a day, but not SNSD. Half of their popularity comes from them being on variety shows o else no one would no anything about them because tu can't see their personality in their performances o in their mvs and to me...
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