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1.Tears-I have to admit this song is not popular but it's amazingly beautiful its from their first album GIRLS GENERATION,it's a sad song,their voice are amazing with such a young age,so u guys should listen,it's beautiful

2.Promise-This song is from I GOT A BOY album,it has such a beautiful melody,the song shows that snsd has improve a lot,the song fits snsd voice and the song is just amazing...

3.Mistake-I fell in amor with the song,I amor their voice in the song,I already amor the song before i know that Yuri wrote the song,and after i know it I amor it more,the song is so awesome!

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I remembered that I occasionally did these for the members, and this is no exception, dado the current situation. Let's begin!

Ah, Jessica. While I'd like to say that I amor her as much as the other members, I can't. Don't get me wrong, I still amor all of them, but some are just higher than others. No big deal, but I'm speaking the truth when I say that I don't amor her as much as the rest. Out of all the members, she's the only one that never became my bias, which is surprising for me since I thought I could relate más to her, since we had lots in common.

The reason why I thought I could...
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