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posted by jason74633
s Like Yours" Ringtone to your Cell
"Eyes Like Yours"

Oh, tu know I have seen
A sky without sun
A man with no nation
Saints, captive in chains
A song with no name
For lack of imagination
Ya he...
And I have seen
Darker than ebony

Ya he Ya he Ya la he

And now it seems, that I
Without your eyes could never be

My one desire, all I aspire
Is in your eyes forever to live
Traveled all over the seven oceans
There is nothing that I wouldn't give
Came from Bahrein, got to Beirut
Looking for someone comparing to you
Tearing down windows and doors
And I could not find eyes like yours

Came from Bahrein, got to Beirut
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*It was late in the morning in Jasper Park Alex which is me was getting ready for the most dangerous war in Jasper ever his friend paloma wanted to help but Alex had other things on his mind because the enemy pack would arrive in about 2 months so he had to think fast his pack leader Winston was very ill so he couldn't registrarse the fight so he put Alex in charge why? Because he was a Valiente lobo and he knew how to defeat the enemy pack so he walked out of the guarida, den after escritura in his journal he had Humphrey and Garth sit por the Jasper's protective Gate in case any enemy lobos tried to sneak in. *I...
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I woke up Early. Still dark outside. I climbed down my ladder and walked groggily to the bathroom with my jeans, T-shirt, hairbrush and deodorant.

After I got dressed and was ready to go I went back to my room to get Bret, BJ, and Britnee up.
“Wake up now!” I yelled and BJ and Bret sprang up and ran tot the bathroom but Britnee lye in the cama unmoving.
“Wake up now!” I yelled right in her ear. Then I didn’t want to do this but I tapped into her mind and woke her up.
“Hey! That’s not fair! I was having a great dream!” She yelled sleepily.
“Britnee! Be quiet tu yelled louder than...
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posted by VictoriaaWolf
Hi there! I'm back!
I don't know if any of tu remember me but it's VictoriaWolf, i used to be a member here but then i quit. I decided to come back! So hello to those who remember me and hi to those who don't know who the hell i am. It looks like most of anyone i knew here has left , but if tu haven't good to see tu again!

Well here is some info on on me if tu dont know me.
Status: I'm back! Yipee!

Mood: Happy

pelaje, piel Color: Black

Gender: Female

Crush: X

Mate: X

Pups: X

Rank: Alpha

Country: Canada

Eyes: Red

Personality: Fun,bubbly and seductive ;)
daddy dicho we had a run, mommy dicho later on life comes and goes, daddy told me stay 'n go to bed; dream 'n think gold..
now its coal.. nightmares turned into dark wholes. thought of daddy's big día tomorrow, and mommy's día with me... daddy never camed back home. mommy didn't either, they dicho we be in a better place, i know you'll miss her, but now i dont cause i see her being distinguished 'n body burns, happy thoughts never crossed my mind,
daddy dicho don't let it touch tu as he held my thighs, birthday wish.. wish mommy back to be alive, stead daddy bought me an xbox.. got hit cause i tossed...
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im goin under control rage mode see my marks, take my soul, now in every piece is apart so knowthis 'no' (alright)
I'm only human to fight, but only beats are what i BEAT to keep it contolled over night,
see yet, my sunset is over heights when im overdozed.
why? Why am i still so cold?
i don't know but see how its fighting me to get me off my feet down the whole!
devil saves my asiento (hey i wan b a rapper take my soul) 1, 2, 3! another one sold!
oh no but he's been dead, maybe i can give him another chance no it aint odd, NOPE! i ain't his savor god.
his whole life wasted! math he aced it! now in...
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posted by usedtobe2
The four of us were alarmed, looking in every of their body movements thinking where to go for.
Adol was ready, but he had that same fear all over his face.
If he doesn’t straightened up he’s gonna face another scar on him.
‘C’mon! I wanna mostrar these cowards who they’re dealing with!’
Mark shouted, the other one (Joseph) had that crazy look in his eye.
Adol stuttered his breathing; his body was as still as ice.
Adol’s paralyzed.
‘Adol, what’s wrong.’ I questioned him.
I already know why he’s paralyzed- I just have to hear him spit it.
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The drips of pellucid water dripped on continuously all día and night, m right ear flopped and buzzed almost half an hora o so.
I stretched and yawned while I was still laying on the ground.
I rosed with an ache, popping my neck sideways.
The sun was barely rising as its heat started flowing inside the cave.
Damn it made me feel drowsy, wanting to go back to bed, well…in a cave; though what’s the difference.
I twisted my body to get a good glance over at Tesla, but she wasn’t there; neither her cover nor journal.
I forgot, she volunteered as a(n) councils apprentice which...
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Her Father Okari, a dark male lobo about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female lobo about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene.
Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to.
Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help.
Just standing behind the window made me feel...
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Kate was sitting at the edge of the guarida, den looking down on the moonlite park. The breeze blew through the trees and the sky was bright and clear. Kate had a lot of things on her mind but there was just one thing she had to get straight? For the past week o so KIMs powers were very weak and she wasnt sure why? KIM was always keeping quiet about it and would never really tell her anything? "I think tonite is the night I find out why? Kate stood up and walked to the guarida, den and saw KIM lieing inside with her head tucked away underneath her arms. "KIM... she whispered." KIMs head rose, as she let out...
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two months after the group buried Austin and the other two zombies, the group got weaker Eve is weak , Winston is about to be weak, Humphrey is limping badly but still strong , and Salty died from lack of water as for now Hutch, Garth, Kate, Lilly, Cando, and Shakey are the only fully strong ones Hutch:"hows our Water and comida supply Cando?" Cando check both Water and comida containers, Cando:" uh the water is low but we got plenty of food" Hutch:ok all we need now is to get más water so we don't end up like Salty" Cando:" right but where do we get más water most of the water pumps are shut...
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posted by Tikanni
One morning,it was as quiet as usual. Tikanni the Arctic lobo living her life until she thought to herself.*Alex walking down the forest* Tikanni thought,(maybe it'll be funny if i pull a prank at him )Alex:Hmm that looks like Tikanni's guarida, den because who else i don't know with a golden chainsaw hanging there?*TIkanni shouts and chases Alex with a chainsaw* Tikanni:AAAAHHHHAAAAHAHHHAAAAA! Alex:AAH what the heck?! Tikanni:LOL I was bored. *Alex runs away*.At night... Tikanni:zzz zzz zzz zzz *heres loud bang on parte superior, arriba of den* unknown wolf:LALALAHAHAHAHA Tikanni:Aren't you?..... Darknight? Darknight:Yep...
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Sup guys thanks for the friendly comentarios on the first chapter Tikanni will appear in this chapter. *It's morning in Jasper* Lilly: Come on Alex wake up I want to go home. Me:*still sleeping * Lilly:I didn't want to do this but it will be funny. *Lilly pours extremely cold water on me getting me soaked and wet* Me:HO MY GOD COLD. Lilly:*laughs her head off* Me:Not funny what was that for? Lilly:For not waking up when I dicho to get up can we go home? Me:*shakes water off my fur*Awww can't we explore a little? Lilly:fine I'll explore upstairs tu explore down here in the that room. Me:OK. *finds...
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posted by humpherywolf34
(Enjoy the final chapter, and a good song for this I listened to would be battle scars por Lupe Fiasco with Guy Sebastian, enjoy)

"So Western perros we are here we aren't leaving until we win." Brian growled keeping his eyes on Humphrey. "You want take are territory not if I can help it. You'll have to take it from my cold dead paws!" Kate growled back as she squinted her eyes ready to attack at any moment. "I want the Eastern mut, but where is he." Yuri dicho to hisself. "Looks like we'll just have to take the territory from tu little girl." Joe snarled flashing his sharp teeth at Kate and the...
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Its may fifth and its not in stores not mentioned on tv etc i'm starting to get frustrated and I can't take it the release dates extending. The release dates get later and later will be going to siguiente año so i've heard when I wish these so called informants stop doing this to us I want proof I don't see proof i'm sick of hearing fecha after fecha after fecha voice actors storylines that truly may not exist tu know that entertainment weekly trip has a plot actors and even a fecha supposed to be read on the site so i investigated to find no such articulo it angers me if this guy knew this why not...
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Note: I'm new and this will be my first series ever and I'm thanking about a new series, if tu think there should be a segundo series of a different story (Alpha and Omega related story) Please feel free to comentario and enjoy Chapter 5, Thank you.

As Garth arrived at Winston and Eve's guarida, den with Lilly lying helplessly on his back he peeked his head in the den. "Winston, Eve are tu guys in here?" Garth questioned in a very upsetting tone. "Yes Garth what's wrong?" Eve answered back in a her lovely voice before noticing Lilly had blood pouring out her chest. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DAUGHTER GARTH!...
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posted by Country_Wolf
*Flashback* 5 months earlier

P.O.V: Humphrey

It has been two weeks since Kate and I got married. Winston and Eve had retired from head alphas of the western pack and past the rank of head Alpha to me and Kate. Tony did the same and past his rank in the eastern pack onto Garth and Lilly when they got married a few days later. But of course they still hung around to make sure we were making wise decisions when it came to the pack's future. But being an omega that is married to an alpha has a few drawbacks.

Since I was still considered to be an omega, I was put in-charge of all things concerning...
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(WARNING! Read at your on will, it has violent content)

3 in the morning
Southern territory
(Yuri's POV)

"Hmm, what can I do to really make the East and West mad, maybe I could kill one of their civilian wolves. Maybe, no, I got it I'll wolfnap the Eastern dog's wife, he got real mad at me just por chasing her so this should be fun!!" I exclaimed with a devilish smile. As he left the guarida, den he rapidly sprinted to the Eastern territory leaping over rivers, logs, human sized rocks, and other stuff until he arrived at the Eastern territory. "Aww look at them they look so cute when they sleep, shame I'm...
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posted by ben14delas
*Scene starts out in Jasper park it's Night time me and Lilly are chatting*Me:So Lilly how are tu and Barf I mean Garth doing? Lilly:Can tu stop calling him barf were did tu get that name anyway? Me:Humphrey told me he's a great friend he is funny. Lilly:Well me and Garth are doing good he is always out hunting he never spends much time with me.*Lilly tears up a little * Me:He should spend más time with tu you're a beautiful wolf. Lilly:Aww thank you. *Lilly blushes and does a tortuga joke*Lilly:What am I? Me:I don't know? Lilly:A tortuga who can't get up. Me:That's a good one. Lilly:Thank...
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As the Southern pack were on there way to the Northern pack. Yuri's stomach started to growl, he walked faster to catch up to Brian who was up front. "Sir, it's a ten mile walk up there can we atleast kill a caribou?" he asked rubbing his stomach. "No we are not stopping! We don't want the East o Western packs to spot us, I trained tu better, shame on tu Yuri." He growled at Yuri. "Sorry sir." Yuri kept thinking about his stomach. "If your hungry go eat some berries." Chadley whispered to his self. "Ha, yeah." Thomas laughed. "Shhh, cut out the chatter we have entered in enemy territory...
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