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posted by Rockowolf123
Runt slowly got his sences back he did not know were he was
he smelled blood,drugs,and sick people
he found that he was in the hospial
the pack had advanced alot in technology
runt couldent feel his arm
your ok" stinky exclamed
what happend"runt asked
tu um tu lost your arm" stinky studderd
what"runt dicho looking at his arm
he saw a steel arm were his used to be
there is some one who wants to see you"stinky said
it was tasha runts girlfreind
Runt your ok" Tasha said
yeah if ok is a missing fucking arm" runt dicho getting up
um Tasha i wanna know if um" runt lost is words
what is it" tasha dicho in her french accent (she was french not like marcel i meen real french)
will tu um marrie me"runt dicho the thing he wanted to say sence he met tasha 4 years hace
yes i have been waiting for tu to say that" tasha said

the end for now
its really short but it is important
posted by Kitsune32
Here's Part 4. Mood roller-coaster is ahead so keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Enjoy.

Princess' POV

I woke up that morning in a bad mood from yesterday's events. It made me feel awful yelling at Hutch even though he didn't do anything to deserve it. The frustration of him telling me to talk with King just made me snap at him. I wanted to say I was sorry to Hutch when he woke up.

Realizing that a walk might help me clear my mind, I decided to head out of the den. I was parched so, I decided to head to the pond for a quick drink. The scenery sort of helped me relax, but I still...
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posted by Omega90
It didn't take long for us to hold off the Snow Wolve's counterattack, they had been unorganized and un-coordinated. "That'll mostrar them!" Exclaimed Humphrey as the Snow lobos retreated. I had not seen him until now, so I approached him to talk. "Uh, hello there, tu are Humphrey right?" I asked, I had to be sure because, it's messed up to say but, grey lobos look really alike sometimes. "Yes, that's my name, don't wear it out!" He answered in a giddy tone. And that told me that he must be in a good mood. "I'm new here, names Connor. But I think tu must have heard about me from Kate, and...
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"Why are we cowering away with out tails between out legs mom!?" Anders growled turning his anger towards his mother, and then Kate pinned Anders to the ground for this response.

"We don't have time for tu to be like this Anders! We need to get everyone as far away from here as possible! Now tu better change your attitude so we can get out of this mess and come up with a plan to stop them! Do tu understand me!?"

Anders hesitated from the seriousness in his mother's voice, but soon nodded. Kate then got off of Anders and began to give orders to everyone.

"Right now we need to meet Garth and...
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"This is madness!" One lobo thought as he ran through the dust. He heard screams all around him but couldn't see where they came from through the dust. As he ran through the dust he was looking for someone from his team, then, another lobo came from behind and tackled him to the ground They both began to wrestle each other until the attacker pinned the lobo with great strength. The lobo then bit his attacker's leg and held it until he could oscilación the attacker around and slam him against a rock, then pouncing and driving his shoulder into the attacking wolf. He then grabbed the attacker's neck...
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posted by alphaGarth
I am Orion, leader of the western pack, this is a story of what happened during the war......

'Mommy! they're coming!'
The mother quickly grabbed my young sister; Angelina, and quickly hid under the bushes from the woods.
I slowly crawled near them, only getting my pants dusted with a few scars, we were quiet, Angelina was frightened por the helicopter boom sounds, the choppers were flying way above air, the sounds of the chopper blades rushed and moved the bushes rapidly we had to curl, just to be unexposed.
I felt my sister's tears running down, meaning to go back home....we couldn't. The choppers...
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posted by alvin33355
Dear lobo pack, I have enjoyed my short time here. Unfortunately, my parents have decided to send me to a boarding school halfway across the country. It is an internet-free facility, so I won't be stopping by. I will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. Its gonna suck serious @$$. tu have been a great pack lots of fun (u listening katelover14?). tu will all be missed greatly.

If im lucky, I will say Hi on December 20th o 21st. Thats when navidad break starts. I will see the new Hobbit movie, say hi, and build a shelter for the apocalypse (lol just kiddin).

Anyway, don't message me o write...
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"Oh I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle, JINGLE JANGLE!, as I go riding merrily along JINGLE JANGLE"

Humphrey sang after the breakout at the prison he had went back to the u.s. he was in Nevada, got thrown off the strip and was walking torwards primm he slipped his hand over the detonator and the new Vegas freemont calle exploded behind him he smiled happy as a almeja and slid down the visor over his head hutch wasn't far behind

"So Humphrey got any water left?"

"Damn doesn't get any better than this!" He dicho sarcastically

URA URA URA! Humphrey heard as a Chinese bombardeo, bombardero flew over and at that...
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ya guys know what i want? i want there to be a t-shirt that says: "I was there for the totally awesome Alpha and Omega franchise". i wanna get that shit, cause it's real! Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave. oh yeah. after almost 7 long months of waiting and praying, it's finally here. that's what i'm talking about! so Alpha and Omega 4 is the fourth movie in the classic Alpha and Omega saga - in case tu couldn't guess from the título - and in this movie, we're introduced to this creepy-ass cave in the middle of Shadow Forest that's supposedly haunted por a ghost. yeah, one look...
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Anders woke up to find that his parents were already up and about. He stood up and started to stretch and shake himself awake.

"Did tu sleep well?" Kate asked once she noticed him awake.

"What are we going to do today?"

"Yup, same old Anders, Business as usual." Humphrey chuckled as Kate giving a slight smile answered Anders' question. "Me and Humphrey are going to meet with Garth, Lilly, and the others to discuss what needs to take place at the moment. Right now some of the Alphas are looking for comida and shelter."

"What do tu need me to do?"

"I need tu to take it easy today. tu had a long...
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The four of us were alarmed, looking in every of their body movements thinking where to go for.
Adol was ready, but he had that same fear all over his face.
If he doesn’t straightened up he’s gonna face another scar on him.
‘C’mon! I wanna mostrar these cowards who they’re dealing with!’
Mark shouted, the other one (Joseph) had that crazy look in his eye.
Adol stuttered his breathing; his body was as still as ice.
Adol’s paralyzed.
‘Adol, what’s wrong.’ I questioned.
I already know why he’s paralyzed- I just have to hear him spit it.
‘BEGIN!’ Trainor shouted, but as...
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Chapter 4 continued


"I hate this pack," Rick dicho as he lays down siguiente to a birch tree. And trys to rub his ear.
  "they are to harsh, and they all know that my area of hunting is in the worst part of the forest. Nothings there, the only thing I saw in my area was a squrell, nothing else," he told himself.
  "what do they know, what do they know-"

  "nothing," a voice said…
posted by lux2
Chapter 4

Lux steps out of his guarida, den and takes a deep breath. He sighs, shakes his head and walks to the cave. Lenney and Shadow were already there waiting for him.
  "did tu realy need to sleep In till twelve," Lenney dicho as he turns around and starts to push the rock. Lux joins in.
The boulder slams agenst the wall. 

  "ok now let me jump up there," Lenney said. He jumps on the boulder and jumped again but couldn't reach the branch.
  "wait see if tu can jump to that branch over there," Lux yelled as he points at the branch. 
  "ok I'll try," Lenney dicho as he prepairs...
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A week went por and the pups were playing tackle tag while Hutch, Kate, Eve, Lily, and Humphrey watched from the entrance of Hutch and Kate's guarida, den Eve:" oh I remember that you, Hutch, and Humphrey used to play that when tu were pups" Hutch:" if only we were pups again" dicho smiling from the memory.
Hutchinson:" come on dad come play tackle with" Roxy:" yeah come play with us" as they did a playing stance Hutch:" oh alright I'm coming" Kate:" how sweet" Hutch went over and kissed Kate then ran towards the pups Hutch:" ok who's it?" Billy went up siguiente to Hutch and dicho " tu are" tackling him...
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I looked at him. He looked like he was very serious.
"what made the sun rise from the west? How did the moon make that face?"
"it is from us. We. We're planning this for several years. When the eclipse happened, the moon released this chemical energy. It's called Vittus. There are three different kinds of this Vittus. The first one, Vittus. That is a chemical in the air that can shut down any electrical system with no possible way to bring it back. No cell phones, flashlights, cars, TV, lights. Nothing. The segundo one, Vittus V2O. That is a chemical that allows fuego to burn and water to evaporate,...
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The drips of pellucid water dripped on continuously all día and night, m right ear flopped and buzzed almost half an hora o so.
I stretched and yawned while I was still laying on the ground.
I rosed with an ache, popping my neck sideways.
The sun was barely rising as it’s heat started flowing inside the cave.
Damn it made me feel drowsy, wanting to go back to bed, well…in a cave; though what’s the difference.
I twisted my body to get a good glance over at Tesla, but she wasn’t there; neither her cover nor journal.
I forgot, she volunteered as a(n) councils apprentice which...
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posted by Omega90
It was a stand-off between me and the mysterious black wolf.We circled around the fuego very slowly,anticipating who would strike first.Lucky to say,this wasn't the first showdown I've been in."C'mon,make your mover Loner!"he taunted.I would have charged if it were insulting,so I remained silent.I was holding my breath so I could here shifting of his paws,but it was a little difficult over the crackling of embers."You know that you've gotten yourself in a bad mess.So,I will give tu a count to three,and tu better be gone por then."I warned him."One.Two.Three!"He lunged at me on three,but I suspected...
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posted by Spottedtail139
I am Ayra a young strong girl lobo I'm a lone lobo I amor being on

my own just me and nature I was stalking moose and yes I'm

strong enough to hunt a fully grown I was leaping towards the

moose when a Black lobo with gray streaks and brown eyes leap

towards the moose and missed " Get away lone" I growled.

" I'm sorry I don't mean to" He stumbled.

" tu messed up my catch" I was about to attack him when he

looked right in my eyes and don't flinch and I was impressed so I

decided not attack " I'm Jet" he dicho with a smile I smiled back I

like this lobo he's nice " I'm Ayra so what are tu doin...
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King got up on his feet and turned, staring angrily at the group. “I have unfinished business.” King growled. He stalked towards Runt who cowered behind Humphrey and Kate. The two lobo parents bared their teeth and snarled at the incoming rogue. Kate’s pelaje, piel bristled as she faced Humphrey. “Get our pups out of here. I’ll take him myself. NOW.” She commanded the Omega. Humphrey nodded and turned, walking ahead of the pups and critters as they quickly followed.

The two Alphas faced off. Kate stood her ground as King started moving closer, clearly unafraid. The former rogue pack leader...
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Yes as the título implies, some people are starting to have doubts about whether the 5th addition to Alpha and Omega is actually going to be released. Well I know it's going to come out (when I don't know) but here are some possible reasons:
One reason could be that the company wants to keep things secretive to surprise the audience. Take for instance nintendo and the game Zelda Wii U(not final name) that's expected to be released this year. They have only publicado one real trailer and 4 screenshots from dicho trailer in the four-year development cycle. This shows that they really want to surprise...
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