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TimberHumphrey dicho …
according to A&O 2's IMDb page, aside from originally being planned as a theatrical sequel, A&O 2 was also meant to be the ONLY sequel in the franchise. and ya know what? that's what should've happened! why brutally torture a franchise that wasn't great in the first place (despite its potential) por giving it horrendous sequel after horrendous sequel? they should've just stuck por their original plans and call it a day. but apparently, some idiot exec over at Lionsgate was WAY too desperate publicado hace 1 hora
TimberHumphrey comentó…
either that, o Tom Kane just kept pumping out all these atrocious scripts for the sake of making a buck, and Lionsgate just couldn't say no to them hace 1 hora
KnudsonBlitz dicho …
What does it mean If fanpop sent me a message saying that my image has been flagged because it’s broken content? publicado hace 20 horas
Chidori1334 comentó…
I have no idea, but that sounds scary on whoever did it hace 4 horas
runt-the-omega dicho …
so how has everyone been while i was away? publicado hace 20 horas