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TimberHumphrey dicho …
personally, i think it's interesting to see James Wan branching out into making action cine publicado hace 3 horas
TimberHumphrey dicho …
Wish Upon was fucking terrible! well i guess that's what tu get from the director of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Annabelle publicado hace 3 horas
Angelpup101 dicho …
Why are so people amor My Little Pony? What's the huge formula behind the fandom? I watched a few and the characters just annoy me but I do like how it has a story for a little kids show. publicado hace 2 días
QueenWhiskey comentó…
It depends on who u ask. Some like it for the art style some like the stories. Others may like the Characters hace 2 días
Kishin_Kira comentó…
I think its because of the modern twist to characters with outdated personalities. arco iris dash in the older series was más of a professional party/event planner and now shes the lesbian tomboy. I'm only saying this because my cousin loved MLP as a kid and I've seen a few of the newer series due to babysitting younger family. I'm in no way a fan at all XD hace 5 horas