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posted by Rob_patt_fan
hey... so this is my new story... I don't like the other one! So... I started this one! don't forget 2 comentario and rate!

Something was missing. Something big, like my heart! I couldn't find it. I got up from my own screams. I couldn't breathe. He wasn't there to hold me in his cold hands. He wasn't there anymore. I doubted if he would ever come back. I was thinking of everything I could do to get to him. Tears came down of my face and dropped on my almohada as I tried to stand up and go to the bathroom. Charlie was already downstairs so I hurried and made him breakfast. I didn't eat anything like the past 6 months and I could say that he was mad.

"Bella, I'm gonna send tu home! That's it!"

I burst into tears as he dicho the words.

"But... tu can't do this! tu just can't..."

Subs didn't let me talk. Charlie was red and he was looking straight into my eyes.

"Bella, Renee can take good care of you! Honestly, everyday of this 6 months you're mopping around, doing everything but in face doing NOTHING!"

"He's gone! I know tu liked him very much but isn't this too much?!"

I screamed:

"No... for your information DAD, it's NOT!"

I took my backpack and got out of the house. It was raining already. When I saw the clouds, I suddenly smiled. He liked the weather like this... I guess!

"Hey, Bella!"

Mike and Jessica called my name when I was getting out of my car.

"Did tu study Math?! We have an exam!"

I nodded without thinking to math. We gave the test and then it was time for biology class. His asiento was empty.

After school, I went shopping for a pair of jeans. His favorito! color was blue, so I wanted a pair of blue jeans.

I was on my way to inicial when I saw Cullen's house road. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I would die there when I see their rooms empty. with no COLD ONES!

I turned around and decided to go home. I wanted to be strong. But... who was there for me to make me be strong for him?! As I went in my room I recognized something under the carpet of my room. I went closer and got the papers out from there. The título was:

"Last part of me"
posted by iluvtheshow
"Harper! Aren't tu happy she's eating with us?" Gwen asked happily. Harper shot her sister a glare. "It shouldn't be a big deal that your step-mother decides to eat with you." Harper spit out, looking back at the book she was reading. Gwen's face fell. She didn't care what Harper thought, she was going to make the best of this. Their step-mother, Lyn, hadn't eaten with them in 2 months. Gwen walked down the hall toward the kitchen, her sister's words echoing in her head.

Chapter 1 *Gwen*

Divorce. God, I HATE that word. It's like something something toxic. Something that can ruin lives...
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posted by DietCokeGirl
I wrote this about my (now ex) boyfriend, but still felt something about the poem, if not him. I'd amor some criticism on it (hopefully constructive) :).

Treacle dripping from our scars
Pooling on a jagged floor
tu are gone, still I know
From clustered trees and homemade vows

That we are one. And as tu lead
Your life of promise, graft and need
Know that we are one the same
Intertwined are corazón at name.

tu may notice that only the segundo verse rhymes, this is an attempt to mostrar the idea of a one-sided relationship in its form in it's one-sided rhyme scheme. This is probably quite stupid- let me know.
“Train us? For what?” Opal Asked. Grito didn’t say anything; he started pointing, first at himself then to Marley, Alec, Mia then Opal. “Train us to fight of creatures” dicho Mia. Grito nodded, and then he looked at the fairy on his shoulder. The fairy nodded and flew up into the air and created a square in the air, like a movie screen. On it pictures of demons and humans being attack appeared, much to the four friends’ disgust. “What the hell is going on here?” Alec Asked. “This is why I was sent to train you, so this stops happening to innocent humans” dicho Grito. “When...
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“Opal... Who is this man” Marley Asked. Opal just noticed the two boys standing there herself, but soon understood, for their vampiric powers were far beyond hers. “I’m guessing this is that pure-blood bastard releasing all that power before” dicho Alec. Marley grabbed Opal por the parte superior, arriba and pulled her to her feet. “Damn you! tu bit her didn’t you?” Shouted Marley. The man put his hand back to his side. “Sigh”. “This is so much trouble” dicho the Man. Before Alec could say a word, the man elbowed him straight in the face. Alec slid for about three metres and then rolled...
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“Damn nobody in sight yet, I hope Marley and Alec are doing ok” dicho Opal. As she jumped from place to place she saw a young girl between the ages of 17-20, Opal didn’t even speak, and she didn’t need too. The girl was alone so Opal jumped behind her and as the girl turned Opal dug her fangs right into the girl’s neck. At first the girl’s eyes lit up with shock but then eased down into a deep sleep. Opal’s eyes turned the rose colour it does and when she was finished she through the girl to the ground, it has been too long since she drank so she didn’t really care about anything...
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♥ I've always mused about this significant quandary!
Here are some of the provided words that are in the English Dictionary and no other words rhyme with them.

It is sometimes dicho that the words:

orange, purple, and silver ♥ are the only words which rhyme with no other words.

♥ Non-rhyming English words of two syllables o fewer







different (whether pronounced as two- o three-syllable word)




justice (only rhymes with proper nouns)







aceituna, oliva

naranja (only rhymes with proper nouns)


pingüino, pingüino de


promise (only rhymes with proper nouns)





added by vampiress015
Very funny... because we all used to think that's how things worked.
jackson pearce
posted by whitelion
love, a word that can bring much joy o much pain
it can put the corazón at ease o under strain
and as that word to each other we spoke
it made our hearts complete and not broke

a feeling unlike any other i felt
as tu heavenly eyes made my corazón melt
tu were always the one, i could tell
cause from the moment i saw tu in amor i fell

the words to describe tu a poet can never posses
tu were always the one that was hard to impress
tu wanted más than poesía and flores could give
because only on true amor your corazón could live

to capture my corazón for tu it only took
one moment one smile and one unforgettable look
This is the other version I thought of. Honestly I like the other one better but it's good to think of two versions for a chapter. I think this version is shorter because I didn't want them to have the same dialogue.

I drag Elliot outside with such great force that he almost ran into me outside. I stop and let go with his arm
"What the hell was that all about? What is wrong with you?" I demand glaring at him
"Wrong with me? What is wrong with you?" he damands
"What do tu mean?"
"I saw tu in there drooling over serge like he was a plate of nachos,"
"Yeah so? I like him and he likes me....
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I woke up, still in Ethan’s arms; my face was up against his chest. I slowly moved up, Ethan noticed this, he let go of me. I got up and walked over to the cocina table. Why was I in Ethan’s arms? But then I remembered. ‘Adam.......he’s dead’ Dawns words came to my head. I nearly fell down again, but arms caught me. “Whoa....come on” Ethan dicho pulling me back to the couch. I was now sitting on the couch, Ethan sat beside me. “How did he....?” I asked. I sounded angry but I wasn’t I just couldn’t feel anything else. “We don’t know” Ethan answered me. He was trying...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
Just a poem. I hope it isn't much of a bother to rate.

I dream of all things

Uncertain of dark deeds and pasts

Within these thoughts as dark as sea

When once those wings of black

Hung over all

Shadowing but of the wretched white

That blinds me of all beauty.

I dream of all things

From happiness to highs

Let down these pills

o I’m gone, retreat inside my mind

Where none but the darkest thoughts

Swallowing twilight

I dream of all things

From the stories told por hidden scars

Unable to mostrar themselves

Under this intense scrutiny

That makes up this world’s attire

To the times that I could be happy

Without a drug to create

The much-needed illusion...

I dream of all things
No matter of their contents
Because, well,
Nightmares are still dreams.
posted by A_Sirens_Call
A sirens call

CHAPTER ONE::: Shyness

It is the first día back, I really did not think of anything interesting happening, it was all new and strange after the holidays nothing would surprise me. Our little group of six did not have any specific relations towards outsiders we tried to keep contact with the human race to a minimum considering we are no longer human. After that experiment from the mad scientist - Doctor John Hallwain – trying to clone us making marginal errors then tried a different experiment but that is all I know and that was gathered por Annabelle who could read minds and was...
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Ladies and gentlemen, writers of all ages (especially teens/preteens) and species (except mosquitoes), welcome! I'm bored, have a writer's block made of concrete and am feeling particularly resentful towards the curse known as textese/chatspeak. (Seriously, whatever happened to good ol' morse code?) So I decided the best way to give my escritura a rest is to help out with yours! Aren't I generous? :)

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I am not an expert por any means. I'm not a escritura guru o a master advice-giver-person. I am simply a fellow writer who wants to pass on what she's learned;...
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posted by Buggie111
I wrote this yesterday when me and my boyfriend had a big fight and it's a fight that may go on for a long time. I know I am young to write something like this but, I guess it helps. Plus If tu don't like it just tell me, ok?

The Power of Words
tu and I had this big long fight,
It felt like the storm during the night.
It was verry sad and cold,

My friends had to like tu a lot
and tu felt like I forgot,
forgot about you.
But I had a prodject due.

tu think you're mr. I'm so cool
but tu used to act like a ghool.
Not to the people tu love,
to the sensetive people like a dove.

How we spoke with eachother,
made tu feel much better.
But the fight we had,
tu dicho was nothing but it was bad.

See ya pal we're ova,
take the cell tu gave me and do me a fava.
Just don't ever,
Talk to me again!
posted by Pushkin319
Remember that tu want to make a good impression and that the presentation of your manuscript is the first step. When you're preparing a manuscript, whether it's an article, a short story, o a novel, there are certain styles that make your piece stand out. tu want it to look professional—not like the large percentage of manuscripts that appear as if the writer took no care at all in the presentation.

Writers disagree on whether editors really care about the typeface and the line spacing and whether the manuscript follows a certain style o format. Some editors don't care about these things,...
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No one please make this your own book cause im already doing that and im posting this up casue im gonna see what other people think about it.

In the secret, almost spirit world of Viver (pronounced like viper), there is this very abberant boy name Eduardo. He was the disgrace of everyone in SA1 (secret area 1). He would get in fights from toddlers to the eddlers. Anyone who fought with him (Eduardo started the fights), would get in trouble. One time he fought with the most smartest kid in all of Viver. The leaders of SA1 decided that the smartest kid would be banished (by banished in their world...
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Chapter 1- Star
On a warm summers evening, (all that once upon a time thing makes me feel sick, I swear) the secret Hultimore calle was silent, with exceptions of course. The crunch of gravel under the feet of a lonely traveller was amiss.
The One.
People would do anything to be away from him. This man was different. He was the type of person that hated to be thought the same as anyone else so he made sure everyone knew he was different from every single being, he was most powerful. But that was about to change.
Carol Beech was expecting a baby in any minute. She was sat in a red armchair...
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“Even as a child I had a wild imagination. A younger child, I should say. I’m only sixteen now, so I could be considered a child to some. Oh, por the way, my name is Sarah Way. I live in a small town called Ammarion. It’s a growing town found in Idaho. It’s in Idaho, if that tells tu anything.” Sarah began. “I’m here to tell tu my story. I know tu are skeptical about magic, but tu won’t be after hearing my story.”
    I’d like to drag tu back in time with me. We only need to go back to last summer. School had just gotten out and I had ample plans...
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posted by kayleebabee
umm hola guys sorry i have not publicado anything in so long I got major escritura block and had to wait untill all of my expertise came back to me.

I seek a release
from the pain that I feel
Inside my corazón there is only
Anger, betrayal and sadness!

Lonliness is a terrible thing
with no-one to see the state that Im in
my head is spinning think im gonna be sick
oh please god
send me someone I can relate to

I cant trust my mum shes to far gone
cant trust my dad hes just an culo
If i cant trust my family who can i trust?

Inside my chest is a hole
where my corazón once was
My mum cruelly tore it out
and then stamped all over it!
I was only a child
burdened with adult responsibilities!

and inside that hole
If tu can see past all of the scars
tu will see my suppresed heart!
posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 18
I opened my eyes I was not were I was before I fainted I was somewhere dark I could recognize the scents I was in italy!how did I get here
-oh dear Bella tu finally are awake!we didn’t know if we will see tu vampire alive again!
He came closer looking at my shocked and confused face then alec came in
-oh Bella your awake!
He came closer and hugged me like he was my best friend o something I didn’t want to offend him so I hugged him back
-what's going on?
I asked as I was pushing alec away
-oh Bella tu were sleeping here for 100 years!and now tu finally woke!
-i fainted for a 100...
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