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posted by xoxpoisonxox
I copied the washed away letters into my phone, All i would need is to get outside, just for a minute. Just long enough to hit send, long enough for them to get it. I thought about Jacob again. No, i thought once more. He couldn't be gone!
Once again i sobbed, staining my pants with my tears as they flowed down. I wiped my eyes,

"I need to get out" I Whispered to myself. I eyed the crowbar that laid in the farthest corner of the room. If i could just pry it open..

I slowly made my way to the corner and carefully picked up the heavy metal bar. My arms felt like noodles as i held the object. I...
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 Renesmee and Jacob
Renesmee and Jacob
hola everybody this my new story based on this image.In the image its Renesmee and Jacob so its about them but jacob only changes into his human foros every so often.And yes renesmsee's a half vampire in this, so is her famliey is vampiros of course.So Jacob after renesmee was born jacob left and didn't come back ever to see the cullen's.And the volturi never came to see the cullens. So I hope tu like it <3.

~~~~~~~The lobo And The Little Girl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter one lost and found.

Renesmee's POV.

Today looked like the perfect día for a walk in the woods.The sun was shining not...
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posted by LexisFaith
Mason had started school a few weeks hace and was basking in the moment. The día he came inicial from his first día he proceeded to tell Edward and I exactly how his día went, which lasted all through dinner.

Bella and I had been inicial for half an hora when Mason walked in the house and ran straight up stairs. Something was wrong. His normal routin consisted of comming in, slamming the door, dropping his backpack off at the foot of the stairs, and greeting us for his afternoon snack.

"I'll go check on him." I kissed Edward's cheek and bounded up the stairs to Mason's room. I gave his door a few light...
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I waited for my dad to go to sleep. I heard him snore, so I tip-toed down stairs , my shoes in hand and crept out the door. I left a note on the fridge in case I wasn't here when he woke up for work. I told him I went for a run.
I walked down to Seth's house;he was waiting for me outside. I gave him a hug and a kiss. He pulled on my hand and tugged me into the forest. We stopped in a area without a lot of trees. He let go of my hand and walked across the field. I looked at him, confusion decorating my features.
"Don't worry, just stay here and I will be right back." I nodded my head. He went...
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posted by xroylex
as i aprouched the car i could hear jacob mutter to himself
"should of stayed, what would sam think? i am the worst excuse for werewolf"
"jacob are tu ok?" i asked as i climbed in
"are tu ok? dont ask me i should of stayed its my job to protect humans humans like tu from them" he spat the word. best tell him now before he hates me.
"jacob i can handle my self i am not what tu think i am"
"no your más your smart funny and beautiful nessie and i amor you" he leaned in and i couldnt stop him onse he started when he did start so before his lips could touch mine
"i am half vampire" he stopped...
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