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Breaking Dawn
HoneyMoon Night
I carried Bella in my arms,through the door.Bella in a silk dress,Alice had picked out as a going away dress.Blue silk.Beautiful.She was nervous i could tell.We were in Isle Esme.An island Carsisle gave to Esme as a gift.I set her on her feet.I went in the bedroom and put the laugage down.She stood there looking around.I came back in the room.
''Before we do this,i was wondering if tu wanted to go for a midnight swim with me?'' i asked her.
''Ok.''she replyed.her voice nervous.
''It was a long flight,you might want to take a human minuto o two.'' i suggested.She took a deep breathe. ''Yeah.''
''Don't take to long Mrs.Cullen.''i whispered in her ear.Then i went out the door.Letting her take a human minute.I took off my clothes,and laid them on a tree.I went into the water.I didn't go deep.Just my waist down was in the water.The water was warm.I thought she'd like that best.She never liked the cold,because before she moved to Forks,she lived in Pheonix,Arizona.It only rained three o four times a year.And it never snowed.She got used to it,but she never liked it.
I replayed the Wedding in my head,how she looked when she walked down the aisle,to how she kissed me at the end,to when we walked through the door.The truth was,i was just as nervous as her.This was the deal.If she married me,then we would this.I was stronger than her.No matter how many times we have gone through it over and over again.That it wasen't seguro untill she was changed into one of my own.If i hurt her tonight.I don't known what i would do...I stared at the moon.Round,big,and as pale as me.The water was smooth but it crashed on me like i was a rock.The water was black againest the moonlight.Her scent came out.lilac,chocolate,canilla,cinnamon,orange blossom,rose,tulips,so many diffrent scents going through my head but known of them matched hers.She came into the water.She was beside me now.My gaze never left the moon. ''Beautiful.'' she whispered she followed my gaze toward the moon. ''It's okay.'' i said,not impressed.
''But not with tu standing here in comparison.''
She smiled at me.She place her hand on my chest,over my unbeating heart.If only i was human...''If i hurt you,you must tell me.'' i told her. she nodded. ''Don't be afraid.We belong together.'' she said.I looked down at her.We smiled at each other.And went into the house...
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