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posted by 20cosmogirl
Desio988 wrote this on vampirediaries.net and i think they makes some good points.
Stefans not copying Damon. Paul isn't copying Ian. They are both amazing actors with different approaches/styles to different characters.

Sidenote: Does anyone remember the episode in season 2. Where STEFAN had the room
full of girls to feed on? That was Stefan's thing, not Damons.

k, everything I'm bout to say, has a perameter. The parameter is....when they are evil. So only concentrate on when they are evil. Not when they are good.

They have two different approaches to this "being bad" thing. Here's the reason why....
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posted by DelenaLove1
Ever wondered what the characters of TVD would sound like giving voicemails? Here’s your chance to find out!

Damon: Hello, you’ve reached Damon Salvatore. I am not available at the moment. I’m chasing my brother’s girl, at the grill drowning in my sorrows, o I’m fucking and abusing girls to get my mind off Elena. Please leave a message and I’ll kill- I mean call tu later. *beep*

Stefan: Hello, you’ve reached 1-900-PUSSY-VAMPIRE. I’m not available at the moment. I’m too busy either brooding over the fact that my balls left me and I’m less of a man then my brother is o I’m...
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Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an manzana, apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed

You dicho mover on
Where do I go
I guess segundo best
Is all I will know

Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of tu
What tu would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes

You're like an Indian summer
In the middle of winter
Like a hard dulces
With a surprise center
How do I get better
Once I've had the best
You dicho there's
Tons of pescado in the water
So the waters I will test

He kissed my lips
I taste your...
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    Both launching adelante, hacia adelante for the entrance of the tomb, Elena and Stefan were really moving. Damon was standing beyond the threshold with his breath caught in his throat. His brother could very well kill the amor of his life.
    And then, Stefan caught her.
    Elena’s eyes locked with his and terror was starting to over take her más than before. There was no telling what he would do to her. After all, she hadn’t earned anything other than this from him. She had not dado him a reason to mostrar her mercy but in his eyes that’s...
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Katherine sat opposite me with a confused look on her face opposite me. She glanced up and stared hard at my face.
“Those vampiros won’t find us straight away, but when they do…” I shuddered along with the other three. “What can we do?” she dicho as she buried her face in her knees.
“I think I know someone who can help us,” Damon dicho wonderingly. “Katherine, I think it would be much easier if you…stayed here, rather than come with us,” he added. She stood up angrily.
“Why? I have every right to walk outside!” she dicho as she clenched her fists.
“Katherine, tu look...
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Klaus walked over the street, dialing a number. He looked furious as he held his phone against his ear.
Rebekah’s phone buzzed and she rolled her eyes when she recognized her caller.
“Nik, what?" she asked annoyed.
“Funny, I was about to ask tu the same question” Klaus replied. “I can’t find Tyler anywhere. Do tu know where he is?”
“No, Klaus, I don’t know where your little perra is” Rebekah replied. “Now, for once in your life, do as I say and stay inside. Lock the doors and the windows and watch American Horror Story o something”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,...
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Matt tried to get the front door open, but failed, while Bonnie tried to call someone. When after her sixth attempt no one had picked up, she had to fight the urge to throw her cell into the wall. She turned to Keith. “Can tu try the phone, please?” she asked a little irritated. Keith was just sitting there, being useless. Keith stood slowly and walked to the phone. He picked up the horn, but heard nothing. “The phone’s dead” he noted, sounding not very surprised. He walked back to Bonnie. Matt had gone upstairs to see if he could open one of the windows.
“Maybe we should stay...
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Tyler left his house and saw Veronica standing on the doorstep. He was surprised to see her, but acted it was pleasant.
“Hey, I didn’t expect to see tu here” he dicho as he walked to her. He gave her a kiss on the lips and though she didn’t turn away, he could still feel her abstention. “Something wrong?” he asked suspicious.
Veronica didn’t answer.
“Walk with me?” she simply requested and she started walking, Tyler siguiente to her. “I’ve been thinking” she started after a few minutos of quietly walking. “You’re a high school kid and I’m 23 years old and I know that’s...
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The siguiente morning

Damon and Elena were lying asleep when someone rang the bell. Elena was fast asleep, so Damon sneaked out of cama and put on his pants from the día before.
“Hurry up, Damon. tu don’t want her to bleed to death, do you?”
Damon groaned as he recognized Rebekah’s voice. He walked to the door and opened it and Katherine fell in his arms. She was bleeding from her neck and Damon looked up shocked at the blonde Original, who smirked at him.
“What happened to her?” Damon wanted to know.
“I happened” Elijah answered, stepping forward. “Can we come in?”
“No!” Damon dicho rude.
“I was merely being polite. Of course we can come in. This house is being hosted por vampires, whom cannot possible deny the admission to an Original. So, why don’t tu step aside? We’ve got things to do, plans to make, wars to prepare” Elijah dicho as he walked past Damon.
The sun rays shone through the curtains and illuminated Elena’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and brought her hand to her head. She threw off the sheets and swung her legs over the edge off the bed.
She frowned and rubbed over her arms.
“Are tu cold?” Damon asked, who had woken up as well. He couldn’t see Elena’s face and thus couldn’t know that it wasn’t the temperature in the room that was bothering her. She turned around and Damon flashed to her.
“You’re hurting” he realized worried.
Elena nodded. “Yeah, and I’ll be hurting a lot más since we’re training all...
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It was early morning, Saturday and Liz was gone to the office. Caroline rose from her cama and put on her dressing vestido and slippers.
She walked to the window and opened to let the fresh air ventilate her room.
Bonnie, who was still asleep, felt the cold wind and shivered. She opened her eyes and frowned.
“Sorry” Caroline said. “Sometimes I forget people get cold”
“Don’t worry about it” Bonnie replied, getting up as well. “I used to be a lot colder, when all those spirits where inside me”
“How are things with tu and Elena?” Caroline asked careful. “She didn’t seem to...
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Rachel had made up her mind. Stefan was right. It was not right to turn her back on her family. Veronica wasn’t family. Kelsey and Amber were. And they were supernatural, as was she. Taking Veronica’s side would be like denying her nature and it would be an insult to her children. Gabe had made her a prisoner, had forced her to become this. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her her species had no right to live, that there was no place for them under the sun.
“I’ll do it” she dicho determined. Then, thinking about Veronica if she found out about her betrayal, she felt less confident. “She...
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Olivia switched off the lights and walked outside. She walked around the house and opened the shutters to a shelter. She jumped inside and wanted to chain herself up, when she heard the phone ring.
“Are tu serious?” Olivia groaned. She dropped the chains and ran back inside the house. “What?” she dicho más hostile than she intended.
“Olivia? You’re speaking with Rachel Lindy” Rachel answered.
“Rachel” Olivia replied slowly. “Where have tu been? I’d expected to hear from tu months ago. How’s my daughter doing?”
Rachel closed her eyes, trying to find the right words...
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Rachel paced through her cell, trying to figure out how to get out. Of course that wouldn’t be a problem once the moon was full. Iron bars really wouldn’t hold her back. She could only hope that por that time the building was empty and there would be no…overachievers left. That o she could hope for a miracle.
She got the latter in the shape of…
“Stefan” Rachel sighed.
“You don’t sound too happy to see me” Stefan noticed. “I didn’t realize tu were so comfy in here. tu know what, I’m just going to go, so tu can continue making yourself at home”
He started turning around,...
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The door of the Grill opened and Matt saw Tyler sitting at the bar, besar Veronica. Matt rolled his eyes and turned around to leave again, when Tyler blocked his way.
“Are tu leaving already?” he asked surprised. “Don’t be so stupid, have a drink with us”
Matt glanced at the bar. “You mean with tu and Veronica? Yeah, I think I’m going to pass” He wanted to leave, but Tyler gripped his arm. “Aahh!” Matt exclaimed and looked shocked at Tyler, but he didn’t let go.
“We have to talk. It’s about Caroline” he started. “I need tu to tell her that I amor her. This...
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Katherine was standing in front of Ric’s loft. She was practicing her speech and gathering her courage.
“Come on, Katherine” she told herself. “Just go in there and tell him tu amor him” She pushed the latch down and entered.
“Stefan?” she called.
“I’m in here” Stefan replied from out of the living room. Katherine walked further into the room. Stefan was standing against the closet. He was alone. “I didn’t expect you, but I’m glad you’re here”
“Really?” Katherine asked hopeful. She couched to restore herself. “There’s something I have to tell you”
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The siguiente morning.
A buzzing sound, coming from Caroline’s pedestal cupboard woke her up and she opened her eyes. She took her phone and opened it. She had received a message from an unknown person.
“I know what tu are and we will destroy you” she read aloud. She swung her legs off the cama and searched for her ring. When she had found it she put it on and walked to the window. She shoved the curtain and stared outside.
The sky was grey. It seemed like it was going to rain.
Caroline opened the window and climbed over the edge.
“Game on, bitch” she mumbled, before she jumped and landed gracefully on the pavers.
Caroline was walking on the parking lot of the school. Her conversation with Matt had lasted longer than either of them had expected. She recognized Tyler’s voice, but didn’t bother to turn around. When she reached her car and opened the door Tyler rushed to her and slammed the door.
“Tyler!” Caroline exclaimed reproaching.
“I’m sorry” Tyler said. He took a deep breath. “I saw tu talking to Matt” he started.
Caroline quickly turned around. “Oh no. No, no, no, no. tu do not get to play jealous boyfriend. tu had your shot, tu blew it. Now tu can go back to...
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“What the hell are tu doing here?” he asked shaking.
“I’m just paying Elena a visit” Katherine dicho casual. “That’s all”
“How dare tu come around here?” Damon said. “After what tu did? tu attacked Elena, tu almost got me killed”
“I tried to convince tu to drink blood, but Rebekah compelled you” Katherine tried to explain. “Which is why I told tu tu have to drink vervain again”
“I want tu gone” Damon dicho threatening. “I want tu out of our lives, for good”
Katherine shook her head. “You need me, Damon”
“No, I don’t” Damon disagreed. “I...
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Damon got back fast enough to see Caroline close the door behind her. He entered and almost hit the door against Caroline’s head.
“Hey, watch it” she dicho a little jumpy.
“Sorry” Damon growled. “I’m a little tensed” He walked to the bed, where Matt was sitting on a chair.
“Where’s Jeremy?” Elena asked sharp-looking at Damon.
“I left him with that female doctor. She knows him” Damon answered.
Elena smirked. “Well, are tu the caring type” she dicho sarcastic.
“Right now I care más for tu than for your little bro, that’s true” Damon commented, getting mad,...
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