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nooooob posted on Apr 15, 2010 at 06:59AM
The tv show, 'charmed' based on 3 adult witches helping to save the world from being overcome by demons and warlocks i believe is a positive influence on todays society. The horror genre is used to promote good morals the witches have throughout the series include family is everything and taking a stand to what you believe in and whats right. Good always defeats evil. the tv show is also defying traditional steriotypical roles as the protagonists are 3 powerful, feminine women saving the world

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hace más de un año kellmac21 said…
I actually find charmed to be extremely the opposite of having a good moral. It tells people to use violence and its a completely ridiculous plot. There is no such thing as magic, demons, witches or wizards. What is this telling children? What if they were to believe in this because it is too real to them? It might affect children's imaginaries. That is morally incorrect!
hace más de un año mittl said…
i think that it is a very exciting show with lots of good and bad people who have superpowers
hace más de un año sarahmeagan said…
I love Charmed! How can you not love it? It allows us all to escape to a world where all this magic exists... isn't that what tv is for? To escape and be entertained? Charmed is good for both of these things. I agree with you, the three women put themselves in danger to do what they think is right.... Charmed is everything good!
hace más de un año nooooob said…
imaginations are good for children, they are always going to see good vs evil in WHATEVER they watch, why not have a good moral behind the storyline aswell? Charmed is a good tv show and everyone loves magic and fantasising, why not make a fictional show based on good morals?!
hace más de un año kellmac21 said…
It may be exciting, but its exciting for all the wrong reasons.
Magic = Fake
Violence = Immoral
Demons and Witches = Down right ridiculous.

It's not right, its not ethical, I think charmed is a really bad show and its not just bad because of what I said, it's bad all round. Acting, Effects, You name it.
It's terrible.
hace más de un año mittl said…
OHHEEMMMGEEE !! charmed is like my life I LOVE CHARMED !! it makes me feel like human but in a SUPERNATURAL WAY, a bit like im alive but im not. I THINK that i can really relate to charmed because well i think the characters resemble me in many ways. where do i begin
hace más de un año rooey_no12 said…
charmed sucks ass
i dont like it becase its crap and all that.
its a piss weak and shithouse supernatural, and supernatural has enough demons and vampires and witches and shit for everyone.and its not crap.
charmed takes it up the arse :D
hace más de un año failzorgz said…
i think charmed appeals to the central aspect of superiority and the persona develops through strong emotions and responces
hace más de un año kellmac21 said…
rooey_no12 has his facts right.
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hace más de un año rooey_no12 said…
damn straight
mittl sounds like she takes it up the arse too ;)
thats all
hace más de un año kellmac21 said…
One last thing, charmed is bad,
it isn't even good, it inspires violence?
wow, that is really good for a show.