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dilly53 posted on Mar 29, 2009 at 01:16AM
Just wondering If anyone could point me in the right direction of a good series to check out. I feel like ive exhausted all options. No teen dramas please, and nothing that gets canned halfway through.

Here's some stuff Ive already been through once or more..

Sci Fi:

Battlestar Galactica
Stargate Sg-1/Atlantis
Babylon 5 (this is as cheezy as i'll go for sci-fi - no Trek for me)


The Wire
Black Donnely's


Band of Brothers

Ive also tried Dollhouse because im a Whedon fan when he's not making things aimed at a strictly female demographic, but dollhouse feels like one of those. I also don't like Heroes.

I realize I'm not leaving a lot of options, but any help would be great! thanks guys.
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hace más de un año spikes_girl said…
It's too bad you don't like Star Trek, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine are amazing...

Well if you're a Whedon fan but don't like it when it's all female ass-kickers, I'd go for Buffy's spin-off, Angel. There are strong female leads, but you don't want a show that represents women badly do you? And since there's no slayer (except for a couple guest star eps) it's not all about the power and women and feminism, in my opinion it's darker and maybe a tad on the more serious side, with the story line (it's still got PLENTY of Whedon humor). I might try that :)
hace más de un año fargo1 said…
Ever heard of the show House? It's a medical drama on FOX. But it's also really funny, and it has an awesome cast! The main guy Dr. Greg House is a misanthropic narcissist that's addicted to Vicodin. So far it's on its way to season 6, and doing really well. I doubt House will be going off air any time soon. You might also like the show Lie to Me. It's a brand new show that just finished its first season, but the ratings are looking good. It's coming back for a second season in september. Mainly, it's about a team of professionals who read people to tell if they are lying or not. It's really cool. So yeah, try out House and Lie to Me. I got addicted to both just by watching one episode.
hace más de un año courtney7488 said…
You should check out Fringe. It was created by JJ Abrams, who also created Lost. The main character is a female FBI agent named Olivia. However, there are two other characters who steal the show (in my opinion)- Walter, a crazy scientist, and his son Peter. It just finished its first season, and will be returning for a second season in September. Like Lost, there are mysteries to be solved, but it's not as confusing and has a few great standalone episodes. The pilot episode is great; some of the episodes after that are kind of slow, but the show definitely got better as the season went on. The last few episodes, especially the season finale, are amazing!
hace más de un año HaleyDewit said…
One Tree Hill
The OC
Kyle XY
Prison Break
House MD