Tekken-HWOARANG Hwoarang cosplay

Kamikenny posted on Dec 23, 2011 at 02:39PM
Hi guys, I plan to make a Hwoarang cosplay soon, but, I'm having trouble with the dobok(kimono) to buy. I already have one, but some tkd logos are fixed on the back.

I'd like to cosplay his tekken 6 costume, but I didn't found pictures of the back of this costume... Could you help me? Do I absolutely need a white one, or if it is just written Taekwondo is it good?

(sorry for my bad English, living in Belgium ^^)

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hace más de un año Kamikenny said…
Still need some help... guys?
hace más de un año mcdowkristin1 said…
what about hwoarang