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 barbie as Rapunzel is kinda nice but she’s a plain jane.
Barbie as Rapunzel is kinda nice but she’s a plain jane.
As much as I amor enredados I have decided to compare it to the Mattel version so please enjoy and hope tu like it.

The Charcthers

Mattel Version: Rapunzel in this version loves painting and she has beautiful long blonde hair. Her personality is nice and sweet and her style is pretty much ok I guess. She is living with Gothel and her German rat(well it looked like a rata to me maybe it was an otter).Her father is a king and her mother died.

Stefan: This guy looked very girly too me I dunno he didn’t have any sex appeal at all he was so wooden. He of course is a prince who has 4 small sisters and...
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Ok tengo una gran aglomeración masiva de este tipo que me hizo reír, y hasta me hizo llorar. Esto es lo que me gusta de su ego y su verdadero ser. Nombre: Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez Edad: 22 Fecha de nacimiento: 14 de diciembre 1990 Signo Zodiacal: Zagitario Favoritos: escuchar musica, fotografias y videos, cantar, salir en familia. gusta: El odio, la gente molesta, cantando y bailando (cuando su Jose Cordero odia a cantar y bailar), la lora (Lorena pero más tarde le gusta), el interés amoroso: las mujeres. Acerca de Jose Cordero Lo primero es el alter ego de Jose Cordero. Su un arrogante...
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The kingdom awoke on a bright, warm morning, to the sound of the bells, ringing out their song from the chapel. The citizens of the kingdom set about their daily lives, fishing, baking, making their living any way they could. One citizen in particular, a gypsy named Clopin, was an entertainer and now held a puppet mostrar for the children of the kingdom.
"Ah, listen," he dicho as the bells rang through the air. "They're beautiful, no? So many colores of sound, so many changing moods… Because tu know… they don't ring por themselves…"
"They don't?" Clopin's puppet asked, his squeaky voice even...
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I know its not out yet until January 28th 2011 but I have a funny feeling that this might be a great flick and here is why:

#1 Alan Menken doing the música for Tangled

#2 Looks to be a good plot only it’s a tiny bit like shrek in a way.

#3 Rapunzel could be my new princess(I dunno)

#4 That Flynn Rider guy looks cute.

#5 First CGI fairytale from Disney.

#6 amor fairytales

Some facts

* Kirsten Chesworth was suppose to voice Rapunzel but Mandy Moore got the part shortly after

* música is por Alan Menken

* First CGI fairytale from Walt disney Pictures ever.
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