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pyton posted on Sep 18, 2009 at 06:15PM
So i was thinking that people could help eachother here by posting pics of jewelry used on supernatural and where to buy it.

I really want something from supernatural but i really dont know what to get and im probably not the only one with the same problem. Am i right?

So come on people, help eachother out here!

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hace más de un año vichen said…
Great idea :D I know its a lot on ebay but you're maybe thinking about online stores and stuff like that right?

And post the names of the jewelry and stuff right?
If thats what you mean i'll help you (:
hace más de un año vichen said…
On this side : link

They have almost everything; i mean they have
Dean's ring
Dean's season 1 bracelet
Dean's amulet
Sam's bracelet (which you can by almost everywhere - hehe)
Dean's season 2 bracelet
Mary Winchester's bracelet

And some fan stuff (:
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hace más de un año willow362 said…
This is a wicked idea, I have been searching forever for some of the jewellery worn by the ladies of supernatural forever! Especially Meg and Ruby, all players! I would be so greatful if somebody could help out with their pendants?
hace más de un año Origbobby said…
Very nice idea. So, let's dig in with something a little rare. A special amulet that seems to belong to Jenny Klein in the episode "Shut up, Dr. Phil," Season 7, Episode 5. Sam is seen holding it while looking around the office as Dean distracts Don. Images would be wonderful...