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posted by Andjelija
Grofica Andjelija Maksimovi', Grof Igor MAksimovic(Rescator), Marta someone daughter. Ivan I Tihomir Maksimovic, hugenoti, pravoslavci, Indijanci, animals...
The "Get to Know your Character" game is something I came up with when I started escritura fanfictions. I was always worried about characterization, especially when I was using Canon characters, so I decided to lista their personalities, quirks, fears, etc. The más defined the character was the easier it was to write them. Eventually the game became a lot of fun, and I've found it's just as useful when RPing.

The game is easy. All tu do is fill out the chart below, and then post. Sometimes tu even learn things about your character tu didn't know, and it helps others gain a better understanding...
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posted by Tigerslily
 me as a full med. cat
me as a full med. cat
tu may just know me as the med. cat but what many of tu don't know is my life story

I was born a rouge, and my mom was named Daisy, i was named lily when i opened my eyes she saw my different color eyes.

Rouges and loners would of murdered me if they had seen my eyes, becuase they belived that it was a sign of weakness.

Afeird for my life, margarita took me away to the west. She came across Stormstar and explained, she ask Stormstar to keep my name.

When i was brought to the camp Bulefire took care of me since she already had Foxkit, when we became apperetices we shared a metor,Wavestorm, but then after two moons of training i became a med. cat, now im Lilybreeze

That's my storie
posted by Ninano1998
sharpclaw~ warrior
claw~ apprentice
no scratch~ elder
healer~ medicine cat
leader~ flashstar

*in this "tribe" there is no names such as flare"KIT" and flare"PAW" this tribet takes care of one a nother but has different rules then most clans. here there are no borders and no dupty.*
members of the tribe:
leader: flashstar
healer: echo( sharpclaw)

~ krestalclaw,dark grey tom with black stripes and black paws
~ nightdust, a beautiful dark ginger she cat with sprinkled yelowish spots and tail striped with white
~ lillydraft, a white she cat with dark brown spots
~ scareleaf, a grey tom...
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posted by Moonstorm100
 Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
I walk calmly through the forest, my pads brushing lightly against the smooth leaves. Leafbare had recently came to an end and new leaf had already showed signs of its new life. I could hear birds canto in the trees, mice scuffling under the leaves, squirrels leaping through the trees-
Then i heard a "hiss" behind me.
I glanced back and saw four gatos glaring at me, there pelaje, piel bristling, and there claws unsheathered. Two were warriors, while the other two were apprentaces, i guessed they were mentors with there apprentaces.
I barley reacted, just lifted my paw and gave it a couple of licks....
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posted by ThunderCat
I faced the brown-and-gray fluffy she-cat, my first bristled the she-cay reacted the same way.
"What are tu doing on JayClan territory?!" The she-cat repeated. "Wh-who are you" I asked, trying to hind the fear in my voice.
"Im Falconwing, the JayClan medicane cat!" The fluffy she-cat hissed. For the first time i realized she smelled like herbs! "So?" Falconwing prompted, "who are you, kit?"
"I-Im no kit! Im P-Parchpaw! A new apprentace of StormClan and daughter of great leader, Stormstar!" I half hissed, half shrieked.

"Then tu will be much easier to take down!" I heard a hiss in the undergrowth,...
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posted by Ferndapple13
I opened my eyes at midnight, to see Lilybreeze standing over me. "Its time" she announced, I nodded and followed her to the Moonstone.

As we arrived, I touched my nose to it and fell asleep. I woke up in the Stormclan camp, with all the gatos of Starclan surrounding me. First Wavestorm, who was an elder in Stormclan who had died, stepped up. Then a cat called Skyhawk stepped up, he told me that he was once a member of Stormclan. After Skyhawk, an cat named Thistetail stepped up. Then, Nightstar, who was Stormstars mate came up. Afer Nightstar, a beautiful she-cat named Silvercloud came to me,...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Duskbreak walked through the camp, it was an early dawn-breaking morning. Shadows peirced through the trees and the dark blue sky fadded into a milkey yellow. Duskbreak watched the sunrise, his tail twitching as he glared towards the firey sky.
Duskbreak twitched his right ear as he heard the pitter-patter of paw steps por the warriors den. He lifted his nose to the air and took and deep breath, breathing in the scent of the coming cat and realized it was not one, but two cats. Duskbreak nodded for them to come over, and waited as they approached.
One was a small gray tabby with blue eyes,...
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posted by Moonstorm100
blackness engulfed Stormstar as an image appeared before her. She was standing near the river, on the pebles of the shore. Everything was blurry then from a distance, she saw a blurry vision of a giant bird of prey! It was twice the size of any cat but it was to far and blurry for her to understand what kind of bird it was.
"Stormstar! Stormstar are tu listening?" Mistyflower's voice interupted Stomstars thoughts and her eyes flew open!
She was standing, in the center of Stormclan camp. Her clanmates surrounded her as they waited for Mistyflower to assign them to a patrol. She could just...
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posted by Moonstorm100
 Parchpaws determination
Parchpaws determination
"You cant be serious!" Wavestorm exclaimed, the pelaje, piel on her neck bristling.
It was a crystal clear night in StarClan and all the past StormClan gatos had gathered on the prey-rich healthy green césped, hierba to speak of somthing Parchheart had announced earlier.
"Why shouldnt she?" Thistletail, the moody grudge of StarClan, challenged. "after all, she left StormClan way to early! Think of what she left behind! Her clan, her life, her loved one......" Thistletail trailed off as his memory flashed back to Moonwing and Fernflight, the two she-cats that had loved him más then life, but he hadnt been around...
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Here I'll tell tu ALL of the FIRST and LAST parts of the warrior names A-Z. Theres a lot of them! Here they are:


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Alternate titles:Conversations that Prove Thorntail is a Prick and Blackpelt has the Most Patience // Conversations that Prove Blackpelt Deserves All the amor // Conversations that Prove Thorntail is the Most Sarcastic // Conversations that Prove Thorntail's Crusing for a Bruising


"Wait, where's Crowpaw?!" - Thornpaw

He's fine. My brother is his new mentor so they're out training. - Blackpelt

"Crowpaw's new mentor is your gay excuse for a brother. Brilliant" - Thornpaw (StormClan's Reborn, page 116)


"Sorry, I forgot we've already established that YOU'RE the gay one" - Thornpaw

"I'm not gay!"...
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posted by TalaLeisu
Weaselscuffle looked around the clearing. It was a bright moonlit night. The starshine was lighting the clearing and a soft breeze murmured the air. The brown warrior sat in the center of a large sandy circulo, círculo and was surrounded por what appeared to be ranks of StarClan cats.

But this was not StarClan. This was a very different Clan of stars. This was SoulClan, the beloved ancestors of what Clans? He looked around.

In front of him sat a large white she-cat with ice blue eyes. Beside her on her right was a small brown and white tom. siguiente to her on her left was a large brown tom. On his left was...
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posted by Tigerslily
Lilypaw was walking towards the full moon, she was supposed to make it to the large river if she was to meet the great forest cat. Starclan told her to seek the river under the full moon. She had left the clan last night not knowing how far she would have to walk. She decided not to tell the whole clan just Stormstar, Mistyflower, and Fernkit. Finnly she reached the big river. “Hello, Lilypaw” dicho a mystic, powerful voice. Then out of the shadows stepped a large cat 3 times bigger then a tom, he had a dusty brown spotted cat with deep gray eyes and short black tipped tail. I’m Moontail...
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posted by iluvtony96
I'm sorry but tu guys because of all tu have done and all tu have become im leaving. i refuse to be a part of this clan! tu guys appoint a brand new warrior fresh out of her ceremony to be a warroir!! no offense to tu fernflight but this...this is an outrage!! i mean tu guys cant just do this and then the way tu let the apprentices talk and the way they disrespect thier pier and thier elders!! its wrong! emberpaw is the most rude disrespectful cat i have ever encoountered!! adn the way stormstar was actign lately? she was an oppressive cruel selfish leader! i just...i feel this clan has left its morals to go to hell!
posted by TeamPeeta649
Goodbye my love, my best friend, the father of my kits. I amor tu and miss tu with all of my heart. No one can ever replace you. My corazón is forever shattered. I will never be the same. If there was anyway, anyway at all, that I could bring tu back I would do it, I would give anything. I am sorry I couldn't save tu in time. Please forgive me. It is hard for me to continue my life without tu in it. I don't know if I can do it. tu were the one that kept me going every day. The kits miss tu too. Our family doesn't feel complete without tu here. There was no one in the world quit like you....
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posted by Moonstorm100
Herds of many gatos tip toe in the shadows from the east. The crescent moon shines above but no stars are watching tonight.
The cat leading the others, leaps on a boulder, and sniffs the air. He was a black tom with white spots. Then he turns back to the clan. "hurry! Its this way!"
The leader jumps down from the boulder and charges for the lake, with the clan following.
As they reach the lake, they stop infront of a giant oak tree, the leader stops and sniffs the air again, then he signals to the clan to slacken as well.
The toms eyes lit with fuego as he turned to his followers. "Berrystar!"...
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posted by Moonstorm100
 confusion is polluting my mind; Is StormClan really meant to survive? o will fall under disloyaty.......
confusion is polluting my mind; Is StormClan really meant to survive? Or will fall under disloyaty.......
Stormstar glances around the clearing, in defiant. She notices that her worse fears are almost true. Most of the clan had fled to MidnightClan, either that, o just desserted us out of disloyalty.
But deep in her heart, hope still brimes. If it wasn't for the loyalty of deputy Bluefire, apprentace Tanglepaw, and warrior Fireheart, the clan would be abandon, por the same gatos who swore to keep there loyalty pure.
Stormstar was impressed with Bluefire, even though MidnightClan was SSSSSSOOOOO successful and she had manfy things to do after school AND on other clans, she had still managed to...
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posted by TalaLeisu
I followed her into the hospital. She hated hospitals. I knew it from the moment they had had to study the dots on her lower stomach oh so many years ago. Soyala didn't like doctors' offices. It was not something I could blame her for. Who would be mad at someone for loathing the places that had made a careful study of her most private parts of life when she was such a young age? But that wasn't something that she would talk about. She was just herself, and that was okay.

But lately she wasn't herself. Lately...lately she had been someone I didn't know. Someone I didn't recognize. Soyala had...
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posted by Pennypatch321
Sandpelt had been out of LavaClan for a few days now. She had had a dream about Heatherpaw, and started her trek to StormClan. Kelsey and lobo had come with her for lobo wanted to see Dogtail again and Kelsy wanted to travel with Wolf.

Sandpelt could see the edge of StormClan territory now, and she ran as fast as her legs would take her. She crossed the border and kept running, lobo and Kelsey right behind her. They headed straight for the camp, and once they got their, Sandpelt slowed down a bit and burst through the camp entrance. Some gatos from StormClan glared at them and hissed, while...
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