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Spongebob Squarepants the Little Nereid

The episode opens up to the beautiful surroundings of Bikini Bottom.
French Narrator: “Ah there’s nothing like a quiet, peaceful and normal día in Bikini Bottom, as local marine life go about their normal and tranquil routine without any unexpected….
The narrator gets interrupted when a mysterious object with a feminine shape is hurtling towards the area.
French Narrator (surprised): “Oh it appears I’ve spoken too soon, let’s hope it does not hit something important!”
Now the mysterious object kept on hurdling towards Bikini Bottom, luckily for...
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Credits goes to NesquickP
I really enjoyed lectura this Fanfic, it's a worth lectura for.
Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom
I made this series a long time hace and forgot about it. So im re- uploading the series and will post as many new chapters as i can! This story has a lot of themes and story similar to Gravity Falls. It will have some similar plot points of other Spongebob episodes but with my own twist on the series with a mysterious turn! Hope tu all enjoy!

Legend of Bikini Bottom

Act 1

Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom

"Whoever dicho 'the less tu know, the better you're off' must of never...
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