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one día sonic,shadow was visiting silver.silver was
laying of his bed,itchen all over,sonic,shadow was
lauhing at silver.silver dicho what's so funny dude silver tu have the chicken pox silver.silver no
wonder i'm itching all over. i need someone to take
care of me.sonic dicho me,blaze,shadow will take care
of you.silver dicho thanks sonic dicho your welcome.
but tu can't scatch silver dicho awwww but i itchy sonic now go to sleep silver. silver dicho ok later blaze came to take care of silver and was a sleep.
blaze fell a sleep,sonic went in too silver room,he found blaze a sleep with silver,when shadow came into silver room,shadow dicho awwww that's so cute,shadow to a picture of silver,blaze sleeping togeter,silver,blaze woke up,silver dicho get out guys i trying to sleep sonic dicho i bount tu chicken sopa a week later silver was better agian
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1. Say that tu are in the side of evil.

2. Pay Scourge to say that he would fecha them if he were gay.

3. Say that Silver is a dweeb.

4. kiss them all on their mouths and say that they taste good.

5. Jump in the back of a car and when they all jump in, say this is your car.

6. Say that Blaze, Sally, and Rouge are gay.

7. Give them all high-fives if they lose a race.

8. Eat a chili dog in front of their faces and say, "Sorry, none is left for you!"

9. Play punk rock music.

10. Say that Big was being a peepy-Tom in the boy's bathroom.
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