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I didn't write this. I found it link

I don't know if you've noticed, but a healthy percentage of the otherwise perfectly sane women in this country have gone into heat over Snape.

Snape, for those of tu have been living under a toadstool and aren't familiar with him, is the baddie wizard in the Harry Potter series. He's the surly Potions Master, and his primary function is to look puckery and to simmer with barely-contained hatred everytime he sees Harry Potter.

Sexy Snape is played in the film por Alan Rickman. Since I live with a horny Alan Rickman fan, I'm already aware that AR has a devoted...
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter series


Befuddled and Thunderstruck

When an unfamiliar owl arrived at Hogwarts three weeks prior to the start of school, no one noticed.

When Headmaster Dumbledore read the message the unfamiliar owl had delivered, the place was in an uproar. The professors worried about the outcome. The professors tried to reason amongst themselves about this unexpected news. The professors successfully managed to keep this surprise a secret from one certain professor, whom they knew would be greatly affected por this information. The only other individual the professors...
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 We know tu deserved better.
We know you deserved better.
Yes this is where I rant about how stupid it was for him to have died the way he did and then some. Maybe when I look back I'll realize that perhaps I'm being overzealous, but tu know what too bad. Rowling killed my favorito! character and she didn't do it the right way. I know its her book and her characters and her plot, but she can't pull that card when it comes to Snape.

I figured that he was going to die. Dreaded it, but I just figured that with a character like that he wouldn't have much to go for. After all he was the man who killed Dumbledore and even if he had survived the ordeal there...
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