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posted by thrillergirl18
Don the Lennon glasses. Sean Lennon is normally seen in the classic circle-rimmed spectacles. Picture Harry Potter meets John Lennon. This the first key for anyone who wants to dress like him.

Dress like Sean Lennon por wearing smart-looking suits without a tie. He tends to leave his collar open under the sport coat. tu can try the look with a tie, but he tends to only wear a tie if he has the vest on under the suit's coat.

Go casual with a printed vintage t-shirt and corduroy o dress pants. tu can also wear band tees to dress like Sean Lennon.

Wear fun colored shirts with your suit choices....
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posted by thrillergirl18
Sean Lennon was born on October 9,1975 to John and Yoko Lennon. Sean was born on his fathers 35th birthday. John Lennon decided to leave the música business to become a house dad. Doting his son until his death in December 8,1980. Sean remember his fathers shooting. John was shot por a deranged fan outside the Dakota, an apartment building in Manhattan where the Lennons lived.

"I remember when my dad died," Sean told New York Magazine in 1998. "You don't really miss anything specific. tu just miss them breathing, just being there. I miss the way his skin felt, the sound of his voice. Him tucking me in at night."