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We've Been Evicted

Here's the Situation: My School Orchestra has been evicted from their room.

Reason being, one choir kid fell off the risers and broke their elbow. Now the orchestra and the choir are switching rooms to solve the problem.

Crazy right?

Below is a map of my school's theater/music department. As a member of the orchestra I can say as a fact that, we nearly fill the entire orchestra room. I've been inside of the choir room and it is a third in size compared to the orchestra room.

Our Orchestra, not combined with the band kids, has 40 kids in it (No exaggeration). The choir is new at our school and half the kids in there are taking it for an easy A.

Yes, we can fit the orchestra students inside the choir room to play their instruments but, we would be terribly squished. Also we won't have any el espacio to put our instruments o items. (cello and bajo racks, viola/violin lockers, speakers o the conductors podium.)

The room switch wasn't the orchestra conductors idea but, unfortunately the decision is already final.

What do tu think?
Do tu think this is fair?
What would tu do different? o Just comentarios are fine.

Side Notes:
Over to the side of the theater are two rooms(300-302) separated por a muro not needed to hold up the ceiling. In the future the plan is to knock down that muro and make a new room.

As a positive bonus from being evicted, the Orchestra is going to receive a drum machine (it makes beats), an electric bass, a flat screen T.V. (instead of a projector) and some other electronics. (the conductor didn't remember what else)
 We've Been Evicted
 AkiraTaifu posted hace más de un año
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