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RiverIce posted on Sep 16, 2011 at 11:42PM
ppl live in the forest, and they can be like creatures (werewolves, witches, dragon/human, ect.)

heres mai characters:

im only using, Kelsey, and Lenny.
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hace más de un año RiverIce said…
Kelsey went to Lenny
"Hey, do you have any catch? I'm getting hungry."
"No, let's go hunting though, before it gets late." he responds.
"Yeah, I'm in the mood for Squirrel."
"Squirrel? I'm in the mood for bear!" he licks his lips.
"Don't get your hops up." she mumbles.
"Hey! I can catch bear and you know it!"
"Yeah right!"
they both turn into wolves and run into the forest.
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
friends with Kelsey and Lenny
can turn into a dragon
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
I chewed on a bear I caught. (dragon form)
hace más de un año RiverIce said…
they see Afria.
"Wow! where'd you get it?" asked Kelsey as Lenny goes to catch a bunny (one of kelsey and lenny's favorite catch)
"look what i got, kelsey! BUNNEY!" he holds the bunny in his teeth as the juice runs down his chin.
"kewl look Afria got bear!"
"HOLY CRAP! yum! :P"
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
"You can have some!" I said. I would smile but a dragon smile looks creepy. "As for where I got it-thats top secret!"
hace más de un año RiverIce said…
they laugh.
Kelsey and Lenny gnawed on the juicy skin of the bear.
"mmmnnn!" Lenny said taking a bite out of the bear.
"This is freakin amazing!!!"
"I know rite?" said Kelsey
"the only down side is that the fur is everywhere on a bear, but ill just spit out whtevr i get that isnt edible." Lenny said, spitting out fur.
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
"I save that. Its very warm to make clothes or a blanket." (Afria is kinda like a modern day indian/native american whatever you wanna call it but still in some ways shes not) I gnawed on a big bone getting all the meat of.
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
Dragon form
 Dragon form
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
Human (the girl in this picture not the dragon :) )
 Human (the girl in this picture not the dragon :) )
hace más de un año RiverIce said…
"Yeah, that's what I do, but apparently, Lennnnnyyy, doesn't see, that fur can acually help and make stuff!"
"It isn't my fault!!!" he whines.
"Stop whining!" she said taking a chunk out of the bear.
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
I laughed. Then I remembered my brother.....he ran away after a fight with our dad.....we found his bloody carcass a few days later.........I felt tears rising to my eyes......
hace más de un año RiverIce said…
this is wht they both look like in a wolf form
 this is wht they both look like in a lobo form
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
awesome! It looks creepy but its eyes look like a puppy's! Cute!
hace más de un año RiverIce said…
ikr? anyways

kelsey: What's wrong?
Lenny: Yeah did my fat sister eat that chunk you wanted?
Kelsey: *bites Lenny's neck* Shut up.
Lenny: *Howls* ow! that hurrrtt!
Kelsey: Shut UP!
hace más de un año MCF2000 said…
I laughed. "No it's nothing you did Kelsey, or you Lenny. Just remembering something."
hace más de un año jnrm said…
Turns into a Vampire
Friends with everyone