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Roc:really wow ur easy.....uh i mean okayyy! *mumbles akward*
Tassy:yeah i betta be oakYy!
Narroter: then baq 2 prince n naes room wat will prince ask nae!?!
Prince:Nae are yu wi-fi cuz im tryin 2 build a connection
Nae:woownice pick up line bro do yu kno mi password!
Nae:i amor yu but, lets go 2 sleep u gt a interview in da mornin!
Narroter:they go 2 sleep be" the interview ill put the girls interview out fits and the boys 2!
Keisha:*bangin pans and pots*Boys get up and girls!
Prodigy:5 más minutes
Keisha:we aint got tht type of time!
Rest of mb:okay!
Roc:*thinkin* how am i goin...
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asiah:o-m-g i amor you
me:roc invited me because he likes me is all
asiah:so the hell what, me and rayo, ray are gonna be perfect
me:*raises eyebrow* does he even know tu like him
asiah:of course
me:can ya'll please act like normal people and not
try to catch attention
asiah:i don't even know why i'm getting my hopes up boys don't like girls lie me
me:what are tu talking about
asiah:i'm not stupid i know those boys don't mess with me cause they like me.....that was in like 6th grade
me:i know.........but those boys are jerks. I've been knowing mb a mes and i can tell that...
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 Drew Brown
Drew Brown
Recap-After Domo(You)and Roc got FREAKY DEAKY on us(Iamoo)y'all took all asses to sleep........smh(nastee asses)

Next Day......
Roc:Hey Wake up*waking u up*Domo Babiee
Domo:30 más hours plz*puts almohada over face*
Roc:*jumps on u*
Domo:*jumps up*oww!!!!!!!!!!!boii why u do dat
Roc:bcoz it's time to wake up and get readii 4 ur concert
Domo:Roc Royal
Domo:u know what
Domo:i dicho the concierto ddnt start till like 7:00 till 8:30 nigga
Roc:but ur outfits and sht
Domo:if i get up will u get out and close the door
Roc:*smirks*okaii*gets up&leaves room*
Domo:juss 2 easy*falls back 2 sleep*
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Don't most boys get mad when girls talk about Mindless Behavior around them? I think that they get mad because most of them don't look as good as any of them.I also think they do this because M.B. can have just about any girl they want at that momment.Most of the boys that get mad usually have a crush on the girl that is talking bout M.B., o they go out with the girl.Somtimes they get mad because they wish they where them for all of the reasons above.So siguiente time a boy get mad when tu talk about Mindless Behavior, keep this in mind.
* Phone convo*

Yn: hello

Roc: hola babe tu busy tonight

Yn: no why???

Roc: I wanted to know if tu wanna walk on the beach.

Yn: awe romantic I will amor that what time.??

Roc: 7

Yn: no prob bye hun

Roc: bye

Yn pov

Me: rosado, rosa dress no

Croped parte superior, arriba with skinny jeans no

Shorts with sweater and tank parte superior, arriba with converse

Gold earings nope

Silver hopes yes


Beep beep

Me: he's here


Roc: hola sexy

Yn: *blushing*

Roc: tu ready

Yn: yh

When they arrive......

They couldn't stop talking they went to a dulces store
rides and more.

. * when they arrive home.......

They watch cine talk más laugh
and they had más special...
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 me smilin'
me smilin'
So on the way inicial they keep askin' me what happened,then I cracked.

Me:so,yo point is
Me:well now leave me alone bout it please
Ciara:o well bye guys
Me & Abby:bye

After we at my house I gave Princeton a hug and a kiss,and he gave me a kiss and hug too.

Me:love u babe,had fun @ the mall
Princeton:goodnight,sleep tight
Me:i won't be able to
Princeton:y........oooooooooo I see wat u mean,u want me to stay
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IN PART 9: .....taja nd tamara left the tour bus....for a few days....tajas mamma went on a business trip....taja nd tamara went to tha tour bus nd found out that tess had gave rayo, ray tha business.....taja pulled tess to tha side nd assed how that happend when tess said....
Tess: me nd rayo, ray was inicial alone for a little minuto nd we started talking nd then i looked into his perfect eyes nd then..... well i touched his soft face .....then i moved my hand to my mouth nd smiled.....ray took his hand then put it on my chin nd lifted my face then we made eye contact again.....then i leaned in for a kiss......we...
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Girls:*huddle up* should we get freaky with them since they did sumtin nice 4 us....yea
Tassy:c'mon boys *they follow the girls up stairs*
Nae:we are gonna twerk for yall*music link
after tht
Prince:whoa i cnt breathe *starts breathin hard*
Ray: *gets a boner*
Roc: i gotta go chilll out real quick
Geek:i think tht was a good gift
Nadi:yea i think they like it
Boyz:LIKEE we fell in amor wit it!!!

the nxt day
Nadi:guys u kno there a carnival in town today
Ray:oh really wanna go yall
Nae: link
Geek: link
Tassy: link
Nadi: link
Boyz: yall look good
Girlz: thank yu
they drove 2 the carnival
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Narroter:first Tassy's date=)
Waiter:hello-wait ur roc royal i love- i mean my daughter loves tu
Tassy:umm...hi mesa, tabla 4 2
waiter:wat oh yeah right over here
Waiter:im be over in a bit
Narroter:in a bit after the waiter seats everyone then she comes baq to their table
Roc: waiter waiter
Waiter: yeah im here oh and yes
Roc:Tassy yu cn order 1st
Tassy:kk ill take the chicken ensalada with cesar ranch!
Roc:ill have tht 2 but ranch dressin not cesar though!
Narroter: then she comes out with they fodd and sumtin on her mind
Waiter: here is your comida *kisses roc*
Tassy:uh uh oh no try again boo boo *steps out of her asiento and beats her butt lol*
WAiter:me casa sue casa *fake smiles*
Tassy:yeah it better be tht me cacsa sheit
Narroter:they eat leaves and doesnt give the waiter a tip duh*\

part 8 comin soon nxt is Nae's fecha srr its so short im sick but i still gave yall a story! its kinda boring though!
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