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posted by girly_girl
 The lovely Lea!
The lovely Lea!
Just a magazine articulo I found about
The A-z of Lea Michele:

A is for acting:
Lea began to perform on stage at the tender age of nine, despite the fact that she doesn’t come from a showbiz background. ‘ I amor the theatre,’ she says. ‘It’s the air that I breath!’

B is for Broadway:
Its where she started and while she loves being on tv, Lea’s corazón belongs to the New York Stage. ‘I want to play every musical role there is!’ she declares. Ambitious much?!

C is for Cory Monteith:
Lea is rumoured to be cultivating a comance with Cory, the hottie who plays Finn, but in reality, she’s...
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I complied a list of every song Rachel has sang in every episode in Season 1!

- On my Own
- Sit down you're rocking the boat {with New Directions}
- You're the one that I want {with ND}
- Don't stop believing {with ND}

- Le Freak {with ND}
- Gold Digger {with ND}
- Push It {with ND}
- Take a bow

Rachel didn't sing in this episode!

- Taking Chances

The Rhodes not Taken:
- Maybe this time {with April Rhodes}
- Cabaret
- Somebody to love {with ND}

Vitamin D:
- Halo/Walking on Sunshine {with ND Girls}

- Ride wit me {with ND}
- No Air {with...
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