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Ok.....this is my first post. Tell me what you think :

"Come on" said Annabeth.

I stepped through the boundaries of the camp. I felt so left out. Everyone else felt so comfortable, and I just felt.. out of place.

"Hey, everyone, we got a new camper".

Everyone immediately stopped. Everyone started crowding me, and picking at my hair and clothes.

A girl stepped out of the crowd and said, "SHUT UP!".

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Victoria Carlucci" I responded.

"Um....Annabeth, can I uh....go somewhere else?

"Sure, I'll take you to the Archery Course" she said.

We walked over to a field with at least forty targets.

"Are you any good?" she asked.

I nodded and picked up the nearest bow I could find. My mom owns an archery shop, so I've spent alot of time around bows, arrows, finger tabs, arm guards and targets. I sucked my gut in, knocked the bow, and let the arrow fly. It hit the center and went flying out the back of the target. Annabeths jaw dropped.

"Oh my gods! You're amazing!"

"Oh! I forgot!" she said.

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to a small, red cabin.

"Um...why is there a boar's head over the door?" I asked.

I turned around, but no one was there. Out of curiosity, I walked in to the cabin.


"You like it?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin. A rather heavy girl walked out of the corner of the room. Her hideous face was like poison to my eyes.

"I'm Clarisse La Rue, and I'm your half sister."

"Uh high. I'm Victoria."

Out of nowhere, she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out of the cabin.

"I get a bad vibe from you ,Victoria." she said.

"You seem too calm, and for that, you're gonna pay!"

She shoved me over to a bunch of stalls. She kicked one open, and pushed me in. Clarisse pulled my hair back so tight, I was worried it was going to fall out, and pushed my head in to the toilet. And that's, when I exploded. Everything inside of me that would make me feel even the smallest bit of pity for her, disappeared.

"You did not just do that!" I screamed.

I grabbed around her neck, kneed her in the back of her leg, and slammed her head against the stall door. I picked her up with one hand, opened the stall door, and threw her across the floor. Full of fury, I walked to the stall, ripped the toilet out of the wall, and dropped on Clarisse's back.

"Now, you'll think twice before you dunk me in the toilet".

To be Continued
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