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STUPID SCHOOL! Jeez. Ok, I'm doing my best, ok? I think I'm losing my touch. If tu guys think so, plz tell me, school is brainwashing me.

Edward's POV You guys want that right?

"B-Bella?" I said, shocked.
Bella, o Vicky turned around, and had an agonized expression on her face.
"I'm sorry." she whispered.
She ran out of the building in a hurry, but no one in my family bothered to catch her, we were too shocked.
"What just happened?" Emmett asked, breaking the silence across the whole cafeteria.
"How could I have not see this?" Alice whispered. Jasper kissed her forhead in reassurance.

"I should...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
After Daniel left I wondered where he went off to. And why did he leave? What did Daniel see that made him freak out the way he did? All these preguntas ran through my mind like crazy. "Seth do tu know anything about what is going on? What's Daniel up to?" I asked. "Ya I do. but I can't tell you. You'll find our sooner o later." Seth mumbled. "Ugh. Fine. But I'm not going anywhere tell I know what it is that is going on. No matter what." I said. "Oh we'll see about. That tu know how Daniel is." Seth said. "Ya sure whatever." I replied.

10 minutos later Daniel came back. But not empty handed....
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Sorry this took so long, a friend came over. I'm making this in a library's computer. ^_^

Bella's POV

There's no más goodness in my corazón anymore. Now, my obligation is to get rid of Edward and Renesmee, I want to rule here, alone. Down here, the main fuente of fuego and heat made my element of fuego 10 times más powerful than up on the surface. I shot them again, and I hit the stone wall. I want them to leave, o I want them dead.

Edward's POV

"Bella! Please listen to me!" I screamed at her.
Before she answered, she shot lightning at us.
She moved into her defence crouch, and growled at me...
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I've been getting petitions written out all over my email, facebook page (email), and EVERYWHERE for me to come back writing. Sheesh, is it just me o is this like crazed o something? Well, gotta say, it got me motivated....

Well, I gotta say, tu guys are special (THAT'S FOR SURE) I'll be TRYING to write again, but not every day, maybe once o twice a week, alright? But I'm still not going to continue Deal?

Then I shall announce....


I have read over 300 stories and I'm improving my ways of escritura here, to get some taste of
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Ok, change of plans. Tommorrow, there will be no Evening Star. I'm sorry! Thanks to a bet I made with renesmeblack a couple minutos ago, I will be posting 10 Bella's Life chapters tommorrow *groans*. Well, everyone brace yourselves, for a load of aritcles tommorrow....

Bella's POV

"I don't know where to begin." I admitted.
"How about tu start where tu thought your sister was dead." Alice suggested.
"That's a good starting point." I said. Then I repeated my flashback:
"I was 14 years old. And things were perfect. Until my mom told me the news..."

"Yes Bella?" Renee answered.
"Where is Alexia?"...
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 Bella's prom dress
Bella's prom dress
Ok, 2 of 10. I don't know where this will end up, let's see. Shall we?

Bella's POV

I looked at the picture. My hair was a lighter tone of brown compared to now. My hair is also very straight and the length reached around the center of my back. I did a simple smile, but it didn't mostrar my teeth. There were small cicles under my eyes, but were barely noticable because I covered them with make-up. My skin was pale, but not as pale as now. I wore a dress that my friends got for me on my 15th birthday. It was baby blue, and it was strap-less. It went down to my ankles. I realized that I was actually...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
When I woke up the siguiente día I found myself in my room, in Charlie's house. I wasn't the only in my room. Edward and Bella were both standing in the right-left corner of my room. Just staring with suspicion, anger, worried and relief in their eyes. I knew was in big trouble. Great just what I need. I tell that they wanted to know why I ran away for a año and 5 months with even calling. What was I going to tell them? How was I going to explain it to them? "I ran away because I'm running from the Volturi. After Jacob found out that I'm from here. I'm actually from the future, and oh ya did I...
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I miss escritura soooo much! Sorry! School is getting ahead of me! ^_^

Chapter 16: Alliance

“Bella?” I called to her as she paused at the parte superior, arriba of the porch steps.

She turned to face me as I jumped up the stairs to meet her. I took her into my arms again, besar her once more. I let my lips convey just how much I loved her, no matter what happened later, and she responded enthusiastically. She seemed taken aback por the passion of the kiss when we finally pulled away, but didn’t comentario on it.

“Let’s get this stupid party over with,” she muttered while staring at the ground.

I grabbed her...
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This is VERY long since I'm posting the whole Chapter 4. LOL. Enjoy. ^_^

Chapter 4: Nature

As I had expected, Bella demanded a meeting with my family shortly after our incident with the dog in the parking lot. Luckily, I had seen this coming (confirmed por Alice, of course), and had gotten to my family first. I had convinced them all that Bella’s change could not happen while she was in a state of panic. Giving up your mortality was not a decision to take lightly, and doing it because tu are afraid is not the right decision. They agreed with me wholeheartedly, and I was grateful.

The meeting...
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4 of 10. 6 más to go! ^_^

Bella's POV

Driving across Phoenix gave me so many memories. We drove in silence. I wonder what Edward was thinking about.
"Bella?" he whispered.
"Yes?" I whispered back.
"Is something wrong?" he asked.
There actually was. One memory of this place, was very sad, full of surprises, and it's unpleasant. Just remembering this makes me want to cry. Thought as a vampire, I couldn't.
I didn't answer, but my grip on the steering wheel was tighter. I knew he could tell I didn't want to talk about it, and didn't try to force it out of me. Good choice.

We arrived at Tonto National...
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Last one for today! Goodnight! =D

Bella's POV

Driving around Phoenix was almost involuntary. I memorized most of the streets, and thanks to my vamparic reflexes, we were already on the calle of Charlie's and Renee's house. We are headed to the hotel, but I felt like passing around our neighborhood. It gave me so many memories. Then I heard a familiar voice.
"Bella?" Abby said.
Oh crap. An old friend of mine, who caused me to do drugs, Abby. I turned my head to the window, and saw her smoking a cigarette.
"Who's she?" Edward, Alice, and Leah asked.
I didn't answer. Abby moved towards the car,...
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This is a vista previa of the Eclipse in Edward's POV that;s OFFICIALY coming out in July, but I can't help myself, here's a vista previa of Everlasting Choice. Hope you'll like it. =D

I'm glad that I came back to Forks. Bella is with me again after months of agony and loss. I can tell she's the same way with me. Life seemed to go back to normal, but now Bella had to become one of us, so she wouldn't be killed. We still have to keep a lookout for Victoria's return. Even graduation is coming up. These things are overwhelming Bella, but I promise that we don't have to worry about it.

But I realized when I left Bella, I left her broken, shattered into pieces. I had paid the consequences for the largest mistake on my very long life... Bella's best friend, werewolf, one of the legendary enemies of the vampires, Jacob Black.
Here's the last one for tu today. ^_^

Bella's POV

Then I heard my whole family gasped.
I can hear my father... Charle.
"Bella. We can't hear Charlie. How can you?" Edward asked.
"Maybe because I'm the Chosen One..." I whispered.
Then Charlie's voice appeared again.
"Bella. To let the rest of the Cullens see me, blow air in my direction." Charlie's voice said.
I was confused, but I blowed air in the direction of the voice.

Then I saw Charlie.. looking almost the same the last time I saw him. He's just pale, and I can almost see through him. I heard the family gasp again, and Renesmee got scared...
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“Run, Blair, run,” I heard my mother scream. I didn't seem far away, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. hola didn't I pass that door like two minutos hace I thought. “ Mom, I'm running trying to find you, but where are you? I can't see anything it's to dark.” tu know how tu get this sick feeling when tu know something bad is about to happen. Well thats the feeling I have right now and it stinks. Out of the blue I heard a voice saying, “run, Blair,run, your momma needs you.” No, where's my mom tu horrible monster what have tu done to her?!” I round the corner...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
1 año and 5 months later....

I was running away from my problems por running from Forks. I didn't know where we were going. All I could think about was Jacob. I had told him everything, and even showed everything about the future I came from. mostrando him every thing made him realize that what Daniel and I was telling him the truth about every single thing. He might have already told the pack about what we told him. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was Jacob. The expression he had after I told him my secret. He looked upset but also relived to finally know what was going on.

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Alright, I'm soooo sorry, it's been too long. I've also seen that some of u guys decided to leave this behind, and I fully understand that. I'm not a patient person either. But for those who are, I thank you, and I'll REALLY try my best to work it up. LOL. Thanks :) Oh PS: Happy Halloween!

Bella's POV

There was a couple minutos of awkward silence.
I turned around slowly, nervous for their reactions.
They all had expressions of shock and some had anger and betrayal.
"I knew that tu guys were vampiros from the beginning. Though, apart from all the other vampiros I met, tu had oro eyes. I stick...
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*snif* This is the last chapter of Bella's Life. I know that most of tu guys will hunt me down in Chicago area to convince me to write more. I feel like I'm loosing a child... (despite the fact I'm actually 12) Now I'm sobbing, jeez, I'm such a dork.

Bella's POV

We headed back to Forks, along with Renee, Charlie, and Anthony. Since then, Alice and Esme had been preparing with wedding. I sware that everytime Edward looks at Alice, he was grinning. That soooo can't be good......

Wedding Day: June 3

"Come on!!!!" Alice yelled across the room.
"The wedding isn't until a few hours Alice!"...
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Sorry I didn't write Switched sooner.... but here's the siguiente chapter! ^_^


Edward's POV

Location: Forks, Washington

Occupation: Student at Fork's High

Forks, Washington. So this is where we are moving. It's such a small town. But on the other hand, there isn't so much sunlight here. We could go out during the day, without getting ourselves exposed.
"So where are we staying?" Alice asked.
"We are going to stay in a house." Carlisle said.
"Right near the forest."
"So we are really trying to blend in, aren't we.." Rosalie muttered.
We are doing más than that. We are enrolling...
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COMPLETE chapter 5! Enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 5: Switzerland

Bella seemed distracted as she drove back towards Forks, no doubt lost in thought about that mutt. She didn’t notice at first when my silver Volvo pulled up inches behind her bumper, but eventually she glanced in her review mirror, and her corazón soared. She knew Alice had called, and she knew I was probably angry. I assumed that when she saw I was behind her, she would pull over, but she continued driving, purposefully averting her eyes from my stare in her mirror. She obviously wasn’t ready to face me yet, which was just as well as I...
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