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Aburame Shibi
Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shibi=A type of tile, also a location

Aburame Shino
Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shino=Potentially meant to be same kanji as in "shinobi"

Akadou Yoroi
Name Meaning: Akadou="Red Body"; Yoroi="Armor"

Name Meaning: Aka in kanji can mean "light" o "red"; Hoshi="Star"

Akimichi Chouji
Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou="Butterfly" ji=can mean child o love

Akimichi Chouza
Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou=Butterfly za=can mean sitting down o seat

Name Meaning: Ayame=An iris flower, a pattern and a name

Name Meaning: Similar...
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10. Gaara & Matsuri
The first couple on my list, I haven't even really been properly introduced to yet. From what I can gather, Matsuri is one of Gaara's fangirls in Shippuden and ends up becoming his student. It's a little weird to like a mentor/student relationship as a couple, but for these two it just seems to work. The age difference isn't that different, is it? Gaara's only 17-ish, while Matsuri is like 12. Only 5 years! And Matsuri definitely has a major crush on Gaara, and I could see Gaara liking her back. This couple is just super sweet and I amor them. Still, it does seem to be...
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