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cine Out of my parte superior, arriba 10 favorito! British actresses, which is your favorite? (in no particular order)

28 fans picked:
emma watson
audrey hepburn
kate winslet
helena bonham carter
Julie Andrews
lily collins
Rebecca Mader
Angela Lansbury
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Emma Rigby
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Lily James
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 KataraLover posted hace más de un año
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KataraLover picked audrey hepburn:
I admire how dedicated she was to other people who were in need, especially young and poor children that were suffering like she did when she was a child. She has my upmost respect as a human being and is just amazing! She has a nice singing voice (nothing special though), is a great actress, and one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen. But I ADORE all of them!
posted hace más de un año.
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jollyjojo picked kate winslet:
1. Kate Winslet
2. Audrey Hepburn
3. Julie Andrews
4. Emma Watson
posted hace más de un año.
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Lackson4ever85 picked emma watson:
1 Emma
2. Helena
3 Julie
4 Kate
5 Angela

this 5 i love so much don't like rest
posted hace más de un año.
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jessfan picked emma watson:
Emma Watson. <333
posted hace más de un año.