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Monster High: Great Scarrier arrecife
posted by koolkat909
Rochelle Goyle
Parents: Daughter of The Gargoyles
Age: 415
Killer Style: Being from Paris, I amor to mix the rot iron and stained glass together. It gives my look a certain timless quality, Does it not?
Freaky Flaw: I am very protective of my friends and sometimes I get in the way when they do not have a need for my protection. I also have tu say..."Chip on the sholder"
favorito! Color: Grey
favorito! Food: Hard rock candy
favorito! Activity: Sculpting
favorito! School Subject:Architecture. I have spent much time on and around buildings.
Least favorito! Subject: Swimming. I sink like a stone
Pet: A gargoyle griffin. She is called Roux and she is mine from the time she was hatched
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