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This michael jackson foto might contain camisa de entrenamiento and sudadera.

posted by MJDirtyDiana829
Later that night, Michael sat alone in his living room at the newly crisened Neverland Valley Ranch. He sat thinking in front of the fire, tracing a long finger lazily around the rim of his wine glass. Actually, he wasn't getting much thinking done at all. The only thought he'd been able to entertain was his and Mark's scene earlier.

Michael had come inicial and, after dinner, promptly attacked the wine cellar. He was not upset with himself for behaving the way he had, but he did want to calm down. He kept anaylizing everything that had happened and was expecting himself to find fault with something,...
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 Michael in cama thinking about him and Holly's kiss
Michael in bed thinking about him and Holly's kiss
As soon as Kevin and Michael get into Kevins car, he starts lecturing Michael. "You listen to me mike don't tu dare get yourself into a position that tu can't get out of, tu unerstand me!" "Kevin would tu quit your worrying I wouldn't do anything, besides she was my girlfriend for how many years." "Yes but tu can't act like that tu have to pretend tu don't know a lot about her, tu got me?" "Yes!" Michael says annoyed. "Mike i'm only saying this for your own good. Besides I have to keep your hormones in check." Michael looks at Kevin in shock, "Hey I have good control over my hormones!"...
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A few weeks have passed and I was stuck in bed. I was expecting a check-up real soon. When I had gotten out of the hospital a few weeks ago, Michael and I thought about it and decided to try a third time for a child. I had a feeling something happened this time. My check-up was in a couple of hours, so I was kinda sorta getting things together...and trying to be calm. When I had called the hospital, they dicho that someone should be with me to be sure I was comfortable in the room. So I had told Michael about it and he dicho that he'd be there with me, since he had a feeling he should be there....
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The siguiente couple weeks were torture for Michael. Every time he kissed Ashley, he wanted to go further. He knew it was wrong, but there will come a night...where he will want to make amor to her...and Ashley knew it. It was torture for her, too. While she was in the lair, dancing, one particular thought came to her mind.
'I want out of this torture...but how can I get out of this?!' She thought.
It had hit her like a ton of bricks. She had to be severely sick to get out of dancing.
'Now how am I gonna get really sick?? Hm...'
Once she stopped dancing, her sister looked at her, her eyebrow of evil...
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Three weeks have now gone por and it is only 2 short days before the Zimmerman family arrives to Neverland. As the time approaches, Ali along with michael's family become really nervous about what michael could be getting himself into. Ali is over at michael's inicial helping him getting things ready for when the family arrives, here she begins to express her concerns.

"Michael do tu really think tu should be inviting some strange family into your home?" Ali asked as she helped michael straighten up one of the many guest rooms. "Ali what have i told you, nothing is going to happen." michael reassured...
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posted by Mjhumannature7
I got bored so im escritura this story hope u like it :)

During Bad era
Alice is a 20 years old women. She had a boyfriend but he always hit her actually he rape her. She never wants a boyfriend to abuse her. She wants him take care of her and never to hurt her.

Michael is 29 years old men. He had girlfriends but they wasnt what he was looking for. He wants a women who understand him and who cares for him.

Michael dicho " lets take a break okay 5 min break "
the people was looking at him like if he was stupid. Michael dicho it again " stop looking at me and take a freaking break " then Michael...
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 Michael's car, 1965 mustango, mustang
Michael's car, 1965 mustang
Nicole felt like there was some hope once michael dicho those words. "Well...where would tu take me?" Nicole sniffled. "Somewhere far away.....now stay here...im going to make sure Mitch is still asleep." Michael dicho as he made his way up the stairs quickly and quietly. After about 5 minutos Michael came back downstairs in the basement with a duffle bag on his shoulder. "Come on lets go." Michael gently grabbed Nicole's arm and lead her up the stairs towards the front door. "Wait..i have one más thing to grab sit tight." Michael walked over to the cocina and opened a cookie jar, he then...
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"N...Nicole" Nicole studdered. "Thats a nice name."Michael smiled. "Thanks." Nicole replied as she pulled the blanket tight around her body. "Hey are tu hungry?" Michael asked. "I..I guess i could use a little snack o two." Nicole replied. "Well, ok.....I'll be right back." Michael got up and quickly made he way back upstairs. "Who is this man?" Nicole thought. "What happened to the man that raped her? Is he gone? Did this nice man tie him up o kill him?" So many preguntas ran through Nicole's head. Soon Michael began to make his way back into the basement, as he made he way downstairs Nicole...
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The siguiente Day
Michael got ready in a hurry, excited about mostrando Saronia around his home.
He ran to the granero and opened the large doors.
Light shone in, causing Saronia to jump up and back into a dark area.
"Oh c'mon sleepy head!! Its time to ride!!" Michael exclaimed happily.
He opened her stall and let her out, throwing a mat onto her back.
She looked at him.
"What?" He asked. She just shook her head.
He then strapped the saddle on her and put the rest of the riding gear onto her.
She seemed to be fine with all of it and just stood there calmly.
"Alright. Now, lets see how tu react then."
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posted by streetwalker189
It was the año 1987 when Michael Jackson was still working on the bad era. Michael and his backup dancers were rehearsing bad then frank walked in then michael told his backup dancers to wait then michael went over to frank . There was a girl with frank . Frank told michael that this was his new backup dancer . Then michael introduced his self to Jenifer. Then michael dicho that she can be the girl he chases in the video twymmf. After 2 weeks of rehearsing michael got to know Jenifer . After the dancers went for the día michael caught up to jenifer they dicho good bye to each other then jenifer went home. soon as jenifer left michael felt something like mariposas in his stomach then he knew that he was in love. to be continued....
 what he was wearing when he took Aislinn to work.
what he was wearing when he took Aislinn to work.
The siguiente day
Michael woke up and looked at Aislinn. He smiled at her and moved her hair out of her face. She opened her eyes and say Michael right siguiente to her, smiling. "Morning, beautiful." He told her and she giggled slightly. "Morning, Michael." She looked closely at him and she didn't see a camisa, camiseta on him. She blushed. "Did we..." Michael chuckled and shook his head. "No we didn't. I was getting hot and took it off in the middle of the night." She sighed in relief. "For a minuto I thought we had done that. It scared me." Michael hugged her and she hugged back. "There's no need to be scared,...
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"Come on big bro...its not all that dangerous..besides everyone is doing it." Ali said. "Even Miley cyrus has a youtube channel." Michael sighed. "Alright ill get a youtube account." Michael said. "Yes!" Ali exclaimed. "But... tu have to promise me tu wont go bragging about it to anyone..got it?" Michael dicho sternly. Ali nodded as she hopped off the stool. "Where are tu going?" Michael asked. "Im going to start your youtube account." Ali said. "Wait for me..dont get started without me." Michael replied as he got off the taburete and began to put up the leftovers of their snack. "Ok ill just...
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When Breanna got home, she was not surprised to see that Ayanna and Jason were besar passionately on the couch. Michael must be psychic., she thought and cleared her throat. Ayanna blushed and stared at her sister.

"Well, it looks like tu two are back together.", Breanna said.

"Yep,and before tu even ask the wedding is back on.", dicho Ayanna.

"That's great. I'm so happy for tu guys."

Ayanna hugged her sister. "Thanks, Bre.", she dicho and smiled.

"For what? What did I do?", asked Breanna.

"You talked some sense into me and made me realize that I really do amor Jason. I can't picture my life without...
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posted by msmj2012
"Ayanna, tu don't have to tell Mom that tu are pregnant.", dicho Breanna.

"Are tu crazy? I can't keep this from Mom!"

"Why do tu have to tell her?"

"Because she will kill me if she's finds out from somebody else, Breanna. tu must have forgotten about the "birds and bees talk",said Ayanna, using her fingers to emphasize her words, when we were kids."

"Newsflash, tu are not a kid anymore. tu are a grown culo woman, capable of making her own decisions and tu need to stop actuación like Lil Miss Perfect all of the time."

Ayanna stared at Breanna.

"Are tu really going to give up the amor of your life...
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posted by msmj2012
 Yummy and Sexy
Yummy and Sexy
Before they went their separate ways,Michael and Breanna exchanged phone numbers. He had to go to rehearsal because he was working a new song called "Dirty Diana." She went to the gym. When she got there, she began to take out all her aggression and frustrations on the punching bag. Why did seem like that she could never please her mother? Nothing that she did was good enough for Mrs. Davis and it had always been that way since she and Ayanna were kids.

Breanna and Ayanna were twins, but they were different as night and day. Ayanna was a little Miss Perfect, who rarely got into trouble a leader,...
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posted by msmj2012
For the first time in 6 months, jazmín woke up with a smile on her face. Like Michael, she had a peaceful sleep and she had dreamed about him too. When she saw the rose, she smiled and blew it a kiss because she remembered that Michael had dado it to her to cheer up. It had defintely worked because she could not stop thinking about him. Then she remembered that she would never see him again and the thought depressed her briefly. But she decided to accept it and mover on with her life. She walked into the cocina and fixed some cereal to eat. As she ate her breakfast, she thought about Michael...
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American autor and entrepreneur Gotham Chopra has revealed in his new book that it was his beloved pet pooch Cleo that helped late Michael Jackson overcome his fear of dogs.

The socialite visited the King of pop at his Neverland Ranch inicial with his father Deepak one weekend and, not knowing about the superstar's fear, took his canine friend with him.

In his new book Walking Wisdom, Chopra recalls, "Michael's fear of perros was well documented, attributed to the fact his father had had violent fighting perros when Michael was a kid.

"Alas, what hadn't been written about was his change of heart. I'm not going to speculate that Michael ever did get over his fear of dogs, but I can say that he did get a dog - several, if memory serves - over the years for his kids," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

"I like to think that... Cleo had a lasting impression on him, and for a brief time, turned into friendship," he added.
[Verse 2:]
She told me her name was Billie Jean and she caused a scene.
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one, oó,
((Who would dance on the floor in the round.)) Oó!

[Bridge 1:]
People always told me, "Be careful what tu do. Dah!
Don’t go aroun' breakin' young girl’s hearts."
And mother always told me, "Ah, be careful who tu love,
And be careful what tu do 'cause a lie becomes the truth."

((Dah-Billie Jean is not my lover, oó,))
((She’s just a girl)) who claims that I am the one.
(Ooo, baby,)
((But the kid is not my son.)) Ooo! Oó!
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Interview with a Michael Jackson fan

And this is the moment……….Here it is a great interview with some really passionated and mostly REAL fans of Michael…….I will write their respuestas exactly how they’ve wrote them….no corrections no changes………….I hope tu enjoy and may share your thoughts in comments…..!!!!!!!

And these are the choosen:

Ok let’s start….
(in order to understand who says what I’ll put a number in front of them,like upper from 1-6 starting with Tatajackson…)

What do tu amor about Michael?...
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posted by Esmiralda14
Another día has gone
I'm still all alone
How could this be
You're not here with me
You never dicho goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did tu have to go
And leave my world so cold

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did amor slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That tu are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

But tu are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But tu are not alone

'Lone, 'lone
Why, 'lone

Just the other night
I thought I heard tu cry
Asking me to come
And hold tu in my arms
I can hear your prayers
Your burdens I will bear...
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