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I pretty much have made an articulo like this for every character I ever loved. Plus for this fandom I realized that Morgause isn't really all that popular...I mean I haven't seen much hate either but she simply isn't that popular. Back on the favorito! character encuesta a whopping 1% of voters dicho she was her favorito! so I kind of wanted to state why I liked her so much. So here we go;

What a better way to introduce an articulo about why I like a character than to mention how much I loved dicho characters introduction. Excuse my language but Morgause's entrance was completely badass. When she first...
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A full 50 minuto six part video on the Making of the most magical BBC family drama, Merlin. Full of information on the sets, locations, special effects, and interviews with the cast. A must watch for Merlin fans.
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