Leyton Family<3 {LPF Character Countdown ; Round 9 ; FINAL ROUND} Atie ; pick the character who tu think is LEAST like her!

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Izzie Stevens {Grey's Anatomy}
Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}
 XxXrachellXxX posted hace más de un año
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mooshka picked Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}:
I see Izzie in Atie:)
posted hace más de un año.
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Nicolas97 picked Izzie Stevens {Grey's Anatomy}:
I see Atie more as an Izzie but in my eyes IZZIE IS MARIA!
Anyway, Atie is a lot like Elena, like A LOT so I think she will be happy!
posted hace más de un año.
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turnaism picked Izzie Stevens {Grey's Anatomy}:
Man this was hard to pick!
posted hace más de un año.