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A playable female protagonist in KH? Unheard of! In my humble opinion, Kairi should have been playable in KHII from the moment she was granted the all-mighty strength of the keyblade, though I recall that she knew how to raise a weapon about as efficiently as one would a baseball bat, so it might have been for the best.

I’ve gone a long ways now in Aqua’s story…and the gameplay is sensational. I’ve always been partial to flashy, dramatic bouts of magic as an offensive tool, but anterior KHs never tapped into it with much depth – tu could clear an army if Sora spammed Thundaga. There...
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*Current Time*

Taken off guard por the sudden attack, Axel, and Roxas struggled to get their footing. Axel was being forced to the ground por Riku, while Sora thrust Roxas into the air. Sora quickly finished off Roxas who was still in midair as he grabbed the front of his waistband pulled down so his feet would go straight through Sora’s legs. As Roxas slid through Sora’s legs the waistband of his Kingdom Hearts Two briefs, (Had this on it back and front Pic ) shot up into his balls causing him to scream. With all the force behind it the underwear ripped clean off, and left Roxas to recover....
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