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Cast Off The Nighted Stars (2010)
The Season Of All Natures (2010)
My Lady Of Graces (2010)
Lover’s Eyes (2009)
The Tenth muse (2009)
Gentle Heir (2009)
The Madness of My corazón (2009)
Empress muse (2009)
Lady Chapel (2009)
Windows Bring Forth My Soul (2009)
Curse the Stars (2008)
Burn Me to amor (2008)
Sweetly Musing (2008)
O’ Blessed Nightingale (2008)
The Millennium Project-Book (2008)
A enamorados Passion-Book (2007)
The amor Divine-Book (2006)
Theological Immortal Romance –Book (2005)
The 10 Journeys (2004)
My Divine Goddess (2004)
Immortal Beloved (2003)
Garden of Sweet amor (2003)
Good Night, My Lady (1999)...
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How long have tu been escritura poetry?
I have been escritura for 15 years.

How long does it take tu to write a book?
Theological Immortal Romance (An Elysian amor Story) the first book I sold took me 5 mes to write. When I wrote The amor Divine I had 12 mes to complete that book and a Lover‘s Passions. The project I’m working on now will be another 5 mes write.

Where do your ideas come from?
My ideas as well as my escritura come from my actual romantic experiences and true events in my life.

How do tu handle your research?
Well like I dicho in the anterior answer my ideas, and my escritura come...
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Kevin Brian Wright was born in [Ridgewood] Brooklyn, New York in Whykolff Heights Medical Center on 03 November, 1974. His parents, Richard and Dorothea Wright then moved to a private residents in Queens where he was raised and attending the finest learning institutions.

At the early age of nine he developed a natural gift for escritura poesía - especially in the romantic genre. His first poem of note: was…Bid Me Love…” One of his youthful poems of literary merit, written for his high-school sweetheart. Through the years he nursed his ambitions to become a principle romantic figure in literature....
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 Envelope with royal sello
Envelope with royal seal
por Nicole Levy,
Chronicle Contributor

The lyrical stylings of nationally acclaimed poet Kevin Brian Wright of Glendale have romanced even British queen Elizabeth II herself. The poem Wright composed for the queen in 2008, entitled “O’ Blessed Nightingale,” is today displayed as a personal keepsake of her majesty in Balmoral Castle. lectura the lyric, I imagined that Elizabeth had cast her regal person as that blessed nightingale for whom “the thunder…trembles, / When she beat her majestic wings in flight / Composing that choral symphony that softly serenades / The tranquil night, with...
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